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Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday Messages

You can make your friends’ or loved ones birthday more special by Birthday Wishes. These Happy Birthday Messages are so lovely and you can use them to wish anyone you like to. We have the best collection of birthday wishes and happy birthday messages. Birthday is a very special day in anyone’s life and it can be made more special by using happy birthday messages. You can post these birthday wishes on social media. Making happy birthday cards and writing happy birthday wishes on them is also a better way.


Here is our collection of happy birthday messages:


May you have a wonderful birthday. Celebrate your birthday everyday by happiness and joy. Be happy all the life. Happy Birthday..


I wish that your everyday become special like your birthday. Your life be filled with the warm love or sunshine, the feeling of love, happiness, smiles and cherish moments.


May you have a wonderful and lovely day and may your coming year be filled with the joy and happiness. May you get the long lasting memories in this coming year. And I wish that all your problems go easy and your life become happy. Happy Birthday


I pray to God for your happiness and I wish that your each and every day become happy and special as your birthday. Enjoy and have party. Have a wonderful birthday


Woah! Increase the size of your cake as the number of candles are increasing. Ha Ha.. Happy Birthday


Another year has passed and you are still the same way you were. This means that you are perfect the way you were. I Love You. Happy Birthday. May you have many many more.



I pray to God for your success. Have a smile on your face to emit all the problems of life. May you get every desire completed. Happy Birthday dear. There are many more to come


Hope for the great things and great things will come to you. Hope that this will be the most wonderful and adventurous year of your life. I wish you a good luck. Happy Birthday


Wishing you the most special day of your life. May your everyday become special the same way as this day. May your every wish and desire is completed in this year. Have a splendid birthday and a wonderful year ahead. I wish you success and good luck for future. Happy Birthday. May you have many more


This is the most special day of your life and I pray that every day become like this to you. And you get success all the way. My prayers are always with you. Happy Birthday


You are my best friend I ever had in my life. You were there for me whenever I needed you. You supported me through all ups and downs of life. You always encouraged me in every situation. Happy Birthday Friend.


Birthday Wishes

I hope that you enjoy a lot on your birthday party. May it be fantastic as you deserve nothing less than that. I Love You friend. May your new year comes up with lots of happiness and good news. Happy Birthday



I pray that the coming year be the most happiest year of your life. I wish you all the pleasures and joys in life. May all your dreams come true. Have a fantastic birthday


You are my best friend and I do not have words to wish you on your special day. All I could manage to say is “Be happy always”


I hope that all the great things happens in your life in this coming year. May you get ability to make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday. I wish you many more such special days in your life.


This is the most special day of your life. And on your special day, I wish you the best of luck. May your this day, tomorrow and all the days be blessed. Have a wonderful and fantastic day. Happy birthday to you.


Think positive and eliminate the negative thoughts from your life and then all your days will be like this special day. Have a bang, celebrate your day.


You are getting older day by day but you are not growing up. Ha ha. Happy Birthday friend


You have got so much candles on your cake that now you do not need any torch light to find your own way. HA HA HA. Happy birthday. May you see many more



I have a good news and a bad news for you. The good news is that you look better than before. And the bad news is that you are getting older. Forget about everything and celebrate your day with a great party. Do not forget to invite me. Ha Ha. Happy birthday my friend


I wish to be the greatest of all the friends in the world, but I can not find any way to be better friend than you are. Happy Birthday to my best friend.


Your special day must be off. I need holiday for celebrating it. Happy Birthday


So, it is your birthday and you are allowed to make as many boasts as you want to. Happy birthday. Have a fantastic one and celebrate it in a special way.


The candles on your cake are increasing year by year and I have a suggestion for you. Please buy a bigger cake next time. Ha ha. Celebrate your birthday with a small cake.


It must be challenge for you to blow out all these candles in a single go. Should I call fire department for this? Ha Ha. Happy Birthday. There are still many more to come



I wish you a great year ahead. May you forget all the problems and go one with a new wonderful life. Happy Birthday


May you have a wonderful day and may God gives you everything you want from life. Have a good one


Give yourself the best birthday gift by celebrating your day in a special way. Happy Birthday