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70 Cute Baby Shower Quotes and Messages

Baby Shower Quotes and Messages

We probably need to look into the history of how the term ‘baby showers’ came to be. Babies? Check. Shower? Not part of the agenda. Nevertheless, these events mark a special occasion in every married couples’ calendars as they welcome their newborn baby into the world. In a baby shower, you can expect gifts celebrating a woman’s new life as a mother, and the safe delivery of yet another beloved baby in an expanding family.


baby shower quotes and messages

Some parents might find their upcoming journey exciting and enjoyable, while others might struggle with all the changes that it brings to their lifestyles. Actually, who are we kidding? It’s always a roller coaster ride; only that it gets more intense after your baby is delivered! Whichever it might be, there are bound to be some interesting people at a baby shower that will spice up the event with quirky quotes and messages! Not sure what to write on your card to welcome the new family member? Here are some examples that you can write in fancy calligraphy on your card to present to the parents.


Right on the doorstep of the rest of the rest of your life as a mother, may you enjoy every blessing this life has to offer, and have a happy baby shower!


May this be the baby shower of your dreams and may you enjoy all privileges and benefits of being a mother! You are in for a fun ride!


You are a marvelous mama, and I wish you and your bundle of joy have a blast at this precious thing called life.


May this baby be the blessing you were waiting for! There is no person who will be a better mama than yourself! Lots of love on your baby shower!


I know you will give this baby every ounce of love within you, and you deserve this happiness coming your way! Have a blast on your baby shower!


Congratulations on your baby news! If there was one person you could teach a baby of love and kindness, it most definitely you! Have a great time on your baby shower!


There is no bigger miracle than the miracle of life! I wish you a smooth ride with plenty of moments worth remembering!


baby shower quotes

If love had a definition, it would be the relationship between a mother and a baby. You will be a natural and I wish you nothing but happiness!


To give a birth to your baby is to forever implant a piece of yourself into another person. Here is to the most magical role ever! Happy baby shower!


Here is to raising your baby to be as kind, as patient and as loving as you are! Enjoy the ride, it’s totally worth it!


A baby shower is a lovely announcement of love and harmony! May your baby ever feel the love you give it!


I promise, once that little angel comes to this world, you will feel complete and fearless! Have a wonderful baby shower and get ready for this unique adventure!


Enjoy the magic a baby introduces to your life! May your days be filled with laughter, peace and happy memories to cherish forever!


When this baby arrives, you will learn the epitome of unconditional love! May this baby shower be the best memory of your pregnancy!


On days like these, you learn the value of love and life! Once your baby is here, you will never be the same, and that is the most beautiful thing in the world! Enjoy!


A baby shower is a celebration of the mother, who will have nothing but wonderful times together with her munchkin! Let’s celebrate youth, change and the power of love!


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New Baby Shower Quotes

Happy baby shower my dearest! The heavens have sent you a one-of-a-kind gift, so go have the time of your life!


The power of love gets into another dimension with the arrival of this bundle of joy! May your days be breezy and your evenings peaceful! Happy baby shower!


Little baby, may all the joys this world has to offer, find their way to your life! May you feel loved, blessed and forever happy!


Precious angel baby, may the road to fulfillment be full of love, joy and happy moments! You have the perfect family to love you forever!


Welcome true devotion and love and find all joys life can give you! This baby shower is a celebration of you!


It is hard to speak of happiness until you meet your little one! Have a blessed baby shower and nothing short of staggering memories ahead!


On this day, let your hearts be filled with love, and welcome this cutie into the world with plenty of smiles and love!


Dear baby, life is a beautiful journey and I hope you experience it in all the right ways! Find luck, laughter,and hope and be happy every single day!


To the most loving parents on Earth: I wish you an abundance of love and happiness in your life and lots of vivid memories of your baby!


May laughter echo in your home and may it forever be filled with love for your miracle baby! Happy baby shower!


Let this extraordinary experience make you better people than you thought you could be! A baby coming to your life is one of the greatest gifts to ever receive- make the most of it!


It won’t be easy, but you get the chance to raise a spectacular human being, who is also courageous, hopeful and deliriously happy! May this be your favorite pregnancy moment!


I am proud to say this baby will have the best parents in the whole entire world! Their love is second to none! Happy baby shower!


It is a dream to have this baby meet people who will love it until the end of time, and teach it of support, kindness, courage and dreaming big! May you have the best baby shower ever!

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Amazing Baby Shower Quotes & Wishes

Hey there, little one! May the journey into this world be filled with grace, love, joy and eternal happiness!


On this baby shower, I wish you nothing short of magical moments with your precious baby and plenty of love in the future!


Prepare yourself for a lifetime of laughter, adventures,and surprises in the most special way! A baby is one of the most precious gifts on Earth, so make the most of it.


The glory of welcoming a baby into this world is incomparable to anything else! You are about to have the time of your life! Happy baby shower!


On this baby shower, look back on these nine months as a true blessing, and get ready to jump into the wonderful world of parenting! It is so worth it!


Let yourself be taught of love, and let your baby show you ways to appreciate life, you never knew existed. This experience will be an ever-lasting one! Enjoy it and happy baby shower!


Little one, as soon as you see the world you live in, you will be filled with hopefulness! Know that your star shines brightly, and know that you are forever loved!


Dear baby, I cannot wait to meet you and show you all the fun and adventures of this world! Your family has been long waiting for this moment, so let’s celebrate life and love today!


This baby shower will remain to be a sweet reminder of your pregnancy and anticipation to meet your little one! May the love you feel multiply by a billion once your baby arrives!


Learning to trust and be patient is difficult until now, but once you hold your baby in your arms, nothing but pure love will prevail! Happy baby shower!


You will sure make cute babies and I cannot wait to meet this precious little one! The love you’’ feel will be beyond words can explain! Happy baby shower!


I promise you, you are the perfect family to be blessed with the gift of baby! I wish you always cherish and adore your little one as you do now! Happy baby shower!


One day, you will look back on your baby shower, and you will understand the love everyone has for your family and this bundle of joy! May the angels always guide your way!


Dear baby, I wish you are fearless in life, hopeful in your heart, and strong in your will to succeed! Find love, tolerance,and kindness and enrich our lives with your presence!


I wish that this baby shower shows you that Universe has a plan indeed! I also wish you a lifetime of happiness with your bundle of joy and plenty of heart-melting moments!


It is only through the eyes of your child that you are able to reflect on the person you are! That said, your baby will forever reflect love, kindness,and happiness! Enjoy your baby shower, you deserve it!


To understand the most selfless form of love that ever existed, have a look at your baby’s eyes! May this baby shower bring you hopefulness and faith that everything always works out in the end!


Create a world of passion, liveliness, opportunities,and love for your baby! May you teach your little one of adventure, curiosity,and willpower! Enjoy your baby shower!


Loving a child sneaks up on you like a guest you wish you invited but never did! May this baby open the doors to endless laughter and happy memories! Have a great baby shower!


To you, dear baby: I wish you find love everywhere you go and in everything you do! I cannot wait for you to experience life to the fullest! See you soon!


Just before your arrival, it is important to know that you are now loved with all the powers of the Universe itself! Use this love to make life’s journey the best experience ever!


Just as you thought you had given all the love a person can give, here comes your baby, opening the horizons towards eternal gratefulness and bliss! Happy baby shower!


Your child’s arrival is a gateway to eternal love and ultimate happiness! Have a great baby shower and get ready for your most important role yet!


It excites me to see your family thrilled about your newest addition! Let this baby shower surround you with love and happiness all the way!


It’s a parents’ job to love their child more than anything else in the world. It is a child’s job to captivate his or her parents’ hearts just enough to make them do so! Happy baby shower!


Sending nothing but wishes of joy and love to you and your family! This baby shower is a long-awaited announcement on a miracle waiting to happen! Have a blast on your baby shower!


A baby girl makes a family whole and warm! Enjoy this blessing and have a great baby shower!


There is no greater gift than the gift of a baby boy! May you give him all your love and devotion! Happy baby shower!


From soft kisses to eternal hugs and never-ending happiness, your baby is bound to revolutionize your lives! Have a great time on your baby shower!


It is almost time to meet this little one, and let me tell you, there are no parents more deserving of this baby than you two! Have a fabulous baby shower!

baby shower quotes and wishes




Baby Shower Messages and Quotes

We’re so happy that a new member of our family is on the way to come into our lives. It’s a great thing to be a part of the celebration prior to the baby’s arrival! Many congratulations to the would be parents!


Congratulations on your baby shower! It’s wonderful to share this joys with you. Thanks to God for granting the child the gift of life. I’m sure, you’ll spend the best moments of life with your baby.


This is the magical moment for any parents to wait for their child’s arrival into the earth because a child is like the blessings from God. May this bundle of joy remains forever in your life!


Happy baby shower! I know both of you will be one of the best parents and hope that you’ll enjoy the new addition of life. Know that no matter what I’ll always be with you and your baby.


Today, we are here to celebrate a new life. Warmest congratulations to the future parents and their family! Make a lot of beautiful memories because it will remain forever in your mind. May God bless you with a healthy child!


It’s a very special day today because we are celebrating the arrival of a new blessing. We are already loving this baby who’s still in its mother’s womb. May God protect the baby and it’s mom from all the bad things!


Today the stars are shining brightly, because a baby is coming into this world like a bullet train. And I look forward to meeting this little angel soon. God bless you both!


Babies are like the angel that comes to the earth from the heaven. They are the best gift that God give to any parents. May this new life be showering with blessings forever! Congratulations both of you!


What would be the greatest thing for a mom to give her baby the first shelter in her belly! Many congratulations, the future mom! No doubt that your baby is so lucky to have mother like you and this child will be very special for me like its mom.


Congratulations to the new parents! I hope this baby will bring lots of happiness and joys. May God help the new mom and the child at the time of its arrival and everything goes smoothly!