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30 Best Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends SMS

Here we have a good collection of wedding anniversary wishes for friends SMS. You can find what you need here and can share it on everywhere you want.



Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Happy marriage anniversary, my friends. May the precious love between you two always bloom in grace. You both make such a wonderful pair. I hope it always remains that way.


You have been my favorite couple since day one. You both really prove that true love exists. I still have a complaint: you make me feel so single. Haha! Happy anniversary,friends.


Happy marriage anniversary, love birds! So, is the love life still interesting like a teenager even after you are married? I think it is by the way your smile glows.


You have successfully completed another year of being together in love. I hope it was wonderful. Happy marriage anniversary, guys. I am so happy for you.


Happy anniversary to this lovely couple. Thank you for setting an example of how true love works. We all look forward to having a love life just as beautiful as yours.


A relationship is built with trust, love, and effort. And a strong marriage is made when you know how to balance all three. You have been doing an excellent job on it. Happy anniversary friends.



I couldn’t be any happier hearing about the completion of another year together. You guys are adorable, and I always wish to handle love as carefully as you do. Happy marriage anniversary friends.


Happy marriage anniversary, gorgeous. I can still see the same love in your eyes. It sparkles with such intensity that it makes the stars incapable of being this beautiful.


Love is beautiful, and you guys prove it. The happiness that comes out in you when you look at each other says it all. Happy marriage anniversary. Always stay blessed.


Happy anniversary to you both. You always have my blessing. May the bond you share keep getting stronger. I hope to always see you happy in love.

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Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends Sms

The special day is back again. The day that you two both took your vows. I am happy to see that you both have the same love you had on your wedding day. A very happy anniversary my friends.



I am hoping that the love you two shared is as strong as it was years ago because it brought you happiness, joy, and much love. This anniversary, I celebrate with you.


Best wishes go to you guys on this special day that your love will remain life long. I am very happy to see you both together. Happy Anniversary.


May the love between you last a lifetime. As you are the perfect pair I have ever seen. May you live a long loving life. Happy Anniversary.


Wishing you a good loving life on your first anniversary. You know a determined man like you can achieve a great deal in this life. Always keep your family a top priority. Best wishes for a very happy anniversary.


All I ever wanted for you two to be happy since college. I am very happy to see that the love between you two is still as strong as years back and wish you very happy anniversary lovers. I miss you both.


Wishing you a very happy anniversary, may you find love, trust, joy and companionship for all years to come in your marriage.


Marriage is the relation between man and wife in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual and the obligation reciprocal. Happy Anniversary Friend.


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Wedding Anniversary Sms Messages for Friends



Nothing in this world could be as wonderful as the love you’ve given me. Your lοve makes my days sο very bright, just knοwing you are mine with me. Happy Anniversary.


I want to send you a very big anniversary card and gift for your 15th anniversary of a successful marriage. This is once in a lifetime experience. Happy Anniversary.


I wish to the most beautiful couple in all the wand, May yοur anniversary be happy and memorable. Happy anniversary.


On this special day, hοld your hands and take a sacred vοw, Τhat you will always Βe there for each other just like yοu have been till now! Happy Marriage anniversary!


Married life agrees with you, and I wish the best for both οf you! Thanks fοr being Μy friends! Happy Marriage anniversary!

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Anniversary Quotes For Friends

It seems like every time you look at each other, you fall in love all over again. It is magical how love works. Happy marriage anniversary, love birds.


Looking at how happy you are, I guess everyone wishes to find their soulmate. Your happiness shows how the love between you two is growing. Happy anniversary.


I have always said to myself that life is too short to worry about relationship problems. But as I see you both in love, I think it is all worth it. Happy marriage anniversary.


Happiness begins to follow you when you fall for the right person. And I am happy that you did. Happy marriage anniversary. I hope you will always be lucky in love.


Let all your worries aside and celebrate because it is my best friend’s wedding anniversary! Cheers to another year of making memories together! Stay blessed!