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80 Best Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary – Quotes And Wishes

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 40th anniversary to the perfect match. Today is the day where the flashbacks make its way to your memories about how and when it all started. Congratulations!



Falling in love is easy. But keeping each other happy in love is a tough job. You both look so happy together and you make the tough look so easy. Congratulations on completing 40 years of togetherness.



We are all so very proud of you two for setting such a magical example of love. Happy anniversary to you both. It is a pleasure for all of us to see how love works.



Congratulations on completing 40 years of love together. What a lovely couple you make! May you always remain this happy with each other. We adore you.


Happy anniversary to the love birds. A love so pure like yours is hard to find and impossible to get. I hope you know that your love is an inspiration for all of us.


Happy anniversary. Every relationship has its fights and arguments. But that does not mean it won’t work. And you are the perfect example of it. You make it look really easy.


It is believed that when our soul is sent to this Earth, we spend our lives trying to find our other half. Isn’t that a beautiful tale of love? Happy anniversary. Your love was made in heaven.



Congratulations on completing 40 years of love, commitment, happiness, and arguments. Your love makes me jealous and wants me to find a soul mate too. I wish everyone can find a love as beautiful as yours.


Relationships are like roller coasters. Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. There are sad moments but there are also happy moments that make everything worth it. Happy anniversary to the couple who knows the best.


An old fashioned love like yours full of love letters and gorgeous flowers is hard to find. And it’s harder to make a relationship work, but you two do it so perfectly. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple.


Happy 40th wedding anniversary. I have always looked forward to seeing your relationship glow. I am happy that you are growing and glowing in each other’s love.



40 years of life together must have been full of adventures, ups, and downs. Happy anniversary to this lovely couple. May you be together till the end of time.


It is never too old to celebrate love. 40 years of togetherness is a day of grand celebration. It proves that your love is real enough to hold on to each other despite all the problems and misunderstandings.


Happy 40th-anniversary guys. Thank you for never failing to prove how beautiful love can be if you handle it well. You have mastered the art of making each other happy.


With so much love in your heart, I am sure that you both will be together for eternity. I think you’re a match made by God Himself since you two are so compatible. Happy 40th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad

40th Wedding Anniversary

You have been the strongest support for each other; without one, the other cannot function well. Happy 40th wedding anniversary. We love how adorable you look together.



Your love gives me hope about how genuine feelings still exist in the world full of lies. Happy 40th wedding anniversary lovelies. It is such a great day for a celebration.


I feel lucky to have known a couple who has nothing but unconditional love for each other in their hearts. It is such a pleasure to know how strong your love is. Happy anniversary.


Happy 40th anniversary to the love birds. I wonder what it takes to have a relationship like yours. Is it the strong desire to be together forever or the unconditional love and support?



Love needs a lot of patience and sacrifice. You both are warriors to have fought all the obstacles that came on the way of a journey of love. Happy 40th wedding anniversary loves.


It must feel wonderful to take care of the one you love so dearly. You guys are lucky to have fallen in love with each other. I wish you nothing but more happiness. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.


40 years ago, a girl so beautiful walked down the aisle with eyes full of dreams to fulfill her dreams of getting old with the man she loved. 40 years later, their life is still a fairytale. Happy wedding anniversary.


Finding someone you are compatible with is like climbing a mountain. Only with a lot of patience, hard work, and commitment can you reach the top. You two belong together. Happy 40th anniversary.



Congratulations on completing 40 years of love and happiness. A love story like yours is only found in movies. Your love is one in a million. I hope you always remain happy with each other.


Happiness is finding the one you love and getting to spend the rest of your life with him/her. You are blessed to have such luck. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes for Husband

40th Anniversary

Nothing is as precious as your love. No gem is as valuable as your love. Everyone adores your relationship and are pleased to attend your 40th anniversary of togetherness. Happy anniversary.



People say that if love is true then it can be seen or felt without saying a word. Your love shines in your eyes when you look at each other. Happy 40th anniversary.


Happy 40th anniversary. It is such a pleasure to know someone who has nothing but unconditional love and support for his beloved in his heart. May you always be happy with each other.


Happy anniversary guys. You have lived in happiness and love for 40 years with each other. What could a person ask for more than spending years with someone they love? Cheers!



Congratulations on completing 40 years of love together. It is a great responsibility to handle love with so much care and affection. You did it and I am so proud of you.

Amazing 50th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 40th anniversary

1. Happy 40th anniversary loves. I can see how happy you both are on completing years of life together with your beloveds. The smile on your face and the love in your eyes says it all.



2. Cheers to 40 years of celebrating love together. Happy anniversary to the lovely couple that everyone adores. You have shown us what true love is.


3. I wish you a happy anniversary with all the love and pureness of my heart. You have completed 40 years together. Congratulations and have a great celebration!


4. It must have felt amazing realizing how much you have grown in love. Happy 40th wedding anniversary. I hope you always keep each other happy the same way.



5. Happy 40th anniversary to the love birds. Your love is forever the ruler of our hearts. Keep creating a beautiful history together. May lord bless you both. Cheers!


6. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple on their happy 40th anniversary. I pray the coming years in your life to be full of glory!

Happy 40th Anniversary


7. Congratulations, I am delighted to see your love. On your 40th anniversary, the Almighty will shower you with blessings from above.



8. Sending warm wishes to the most stunning couple of the day. We are here to celebrate your special day with fun.



9. We wish you a bucket of love and happiness. Stay by each other in moments of sadness. Enjoy your 40th marriage anniversary with a beautiful smile and your magnificent dress.

happy 40th wedding anniversary quotes


10. I wish you a happy 40th anniversary in this beautiful phase of your life. You are such a handsome husband adorning by your side your pretty wife!

Happy 40th Anniversary


11. All I understand is that your anniversary day will come and go. But the bonding you have with your husband will continue to grow. Here is a lovely bouquet of sunflowers. I pray that your love crosses all barriers.



12. I wish you a happy 40th anniversary with joy and laughter. Congrats, you look delightful together. I am honored that I am a part of your 40th anniversary day. Let me shower my best wishes for your 40th wedding anniversary, and I have nothing more to say.

happy 40th wedding anniversary quotes


13. The nuptial bond between the lovebirds grows powerful with each fleeting moment of life! I am surprised our daughter has become an incredible wife. Happy 40th anniversary, dear. Congratulations, as you have spent 60 days together.



14. I wish a happy 40th anniversary to both of you, dear! All I pray is that you stay happily married forever. Today you both look like a Prince and a Fairy. Let me send love to the cute couple on their anniversary!



15. On this private event, I wish you always remain the happiest couple ever and pray that you guys stand by each other. Lord has made us perfect for each other. It seems just yesterday when you came here, leaving your parents unwillingly, and today you have become such an essential member of this family.

sayings for 40th anniversary

40th Anniversary Quote for Husband

1. “Hey love, 40 years flew by, didn’t they? Each moment with you writes another page in our beautiful love story. Cheers to 40 years, my anchor.”

2. “We’ve shared 40 years, and every single day, you give me a fresh reason to fall for you. Here’s to our shared journey and the countless memories ahead.”

3. “Think back to our dreams when we began? Fast forward to now: 40 years in, and our love only grows. Celebrating us today and always.”

4. “We’ve built four decades of memories, shared laughter, and shed tears. Through it all, you’ve stood by me. To 40 years and counting, my love.”


5. “Each day with you is a gift. Even after 40 years, my heart still skips a beat around you. Here’s to our never-ending love story.”

6. “For 40 years, you’ve been my partner in every adventure. Our love story has been nothing short of epic. Eager for our next chapter.”

7. “From that very first date to today, our 40th anniversary, every moment with you sparkles. Here’s to us and the love that only grows.”

8. “People talk about rare, true love. Well, we’ve shown them it’s real. Here’s to 40 years and counting. Celebrating us today.”

9. “In every life I’d live, I’d choose you over and over. Here’s to 40 years of shared love, joy, and growth.”

10. “While every love story is special, ours tops the list. Celebrating 40 years of walking side by side, dreaming together, and building our world. Cheers to us.”

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes To My Wife

1. “Do you remember that little café where we had our first date? Four decades later, and I still get the same butterflies when I look at you. Happy 40th, my love.”

2. “Forty years, and it feels like just yesterday we were dancing in the rain, without a care in the world. To the woman who’s been my sunshine and my umbrella, happy anniversary.”

3. “Every wrinkle, every laugh line tells our story – a tale of love, challenges, and endless support. Here’s to the woman who’s been my anchor for 40 incredible years.”

4. “From our first apartment to watching our kids grow up, every memory with you is etched in my heart. Cheers to 40 years and to the many more chapters waiting to be written.”

5. “Remember that time we got lost on our road trip and ended up having the best night under the stars? Life with you has been one beautiful surprise after another. Happy 40th, darling.”

6. “To the woman who’s seen me at my best and held me at my weakest: 40 years have gone by, but my love for you only grows stronger. Happy anniversary.”

7. “From mixtapes to playlists, from letters to texts, our love has evolved but never changed. Here’s to the past 40 years and to forever with you.”

8. “Every morning for the past 14,600 days, I’ve woken up grateful to have you by my side. Here’s to countless more mornings, my love. Happy 40th.”

9. “The world has changed so much in 40 years, but one thing remains constant – my love for you. To the woman who’s been my everything, happy anniversary.”

10. “From our first dance to our grandkids’ first steps, every moment with you has been magic. Here’s to the woman who made the past 40 years the best of my life.”

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom And Dad

1. “Mom, Dad, do you recall that little park where you’d take evening walks? Forty years on, and the love you share still shines as bright. Happy 40th to the couple who taught me about love.”

2. “Four decades together, and I still see that spark when you both glance at each other. Just like those family picnics under the open sky. Happy anniversary to my pillars of strength.”

3. “Every photo in our family album tells a story of love, challenges, and unity. Here’s to the duo who’ve been each other’s constant for 40 beautiful years.”

4. “From the house you built together to the garden you nurtured, every corner echoes your love. Cheers to 40 years of shared dreams and to many more adventures ahead.”

5. “Remember the tales of your road trips and surprise dates? Your journey has been filled with beautiful detours. Happy 40th, to the couple who still gives us relationship goals.”

6. “To the pair who’ve weathered storms hand in hand and celebrated every rainbow together: 40 years have flown by, but your love remains timeless. Happy anniversary.”

7. “From handwritten notes to calls just to say ‘I love you’, your love story has been my favorite. Here’s to the past 40 years and to countless more chapters waiting to unfold.”

8. “Every holiday, every meal, every laughter-filled moment – you’ve shown us what true love looks like. Here’s to 14,600 days of togetherness and infinite more. Happy 40th.”

9. “The world has witnessed many tales of love, but yours remains unmatched. Four decades of unwavering love and still going strong. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.”

10. “From teaching me my first steps to guiding me through life, you’ve been my role models. Here’s to 40 years of love, lessons, and legacy. Happy anniversary to the heart and soul of our family.”


Final Words

Wow, 40 years of marriage is truly something special! It’s all about sticking together through thick and thin, cherishing memories, and growing stronger together. It’s not just a husband and wife’s journey, but the whole family’s. This isn’t just about counting years; it’s about celebrating a love that never gets old. So, cheers to all the couples out there who’ve shown us what 40 years of real love looks like!