150+ Attractive Good Morning Quotes to Start a New Day

by drasson

Best Good Morning Quotes

Are you looking for inspirational and motivational good morning quotes? Then you have come to the right place. This post is full of motivational quotes and important sayings. Literally, everything that makes you jump out of your bed actively. You might want to share these quotes with your friends or you might want to share them on your social circle example, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. Inspire everyone  to chase the best in their life and for such success, an early morning is very important. As a famous saying is ” Early to bed, Early to rise – Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise ” Have a wonderful day.

good morning quotes

Success comes to those who have the determination and a strong will to win over anything. I wish you a very happy good morning.


Self Confidence is like a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Never start a day without it. Good Morning.


This message is to tell you that, you are a very talented, young and full of energy. You can achieve anything in this world once you have determined. Good Morning.

funny good morning quotes


Don’t open your eyes with the regrets of yesterday. Think about today. This is your day. Think about what you can achieve today.


Wake up, the morning blessings are on the door. You just have to pick them up.


If you don’t wake up right now with your full might, you will never be able to achieve that dream you saw last night.


A night is dark and full of terrors but look, this dark is fading away and after every dark night, their is a shinny beautiful morning.


One of the most important aspect of life is this withering away of the darkness and the rising of the sun. Good morning to you.


With every morning comes another chance for you to prove yourself. To make your dreams come true. Get up and seize that chance.

good morning quotes


The biggest inspiration for a person is to be an inspirational figure for others. So get up and live an inspirational life.


The biggest sources of motivation are your own dreams, so dream big and motivate yourself to win your dreams for yourself.


Even the tiniest of the thoughts can achieve bigger success. All you have to do is to get up and start working for it, rather than sleeping and wasting precious time.


Never blame God for not showering his blessings upon you. His biggest blessing is a new morning every single day. Get up and make the most out of it.

good morning love quotes


Good Morning – this is not just a greeting. It signifies a hope and motivation that God has given you another chance to prove yourself.


Never complain about the yesterday, Look for your future and work hard to make your present successful. Make your tomorrow better by making most of your today. Good Morning.


Dream big, but never ruin your dreams by sleeping big too. Your dreams might never see the light of the day. Get up early and start doing something for them, rather than just dreaming. Good Morning.


Say good bye to sorrow and forget about tomorrow. You are living in a present and get up to make most of it.


While lying on a bed, stop thinking of a sleep and start thinking of how much you can do. Good Morning friend.


You certainly can sleep and do nothing today and have an uncertain tomorrow. Rather, you can get up and do something and have a brighter tomorrow.


A man is one who dream something big and then achieve that dream by working for it. We all dream big, but laziness conquers most of us.


Success can not be measured by how big and beautiful you can dream. But Success is measured by how much you worked for that dream to make it a reality.

good morning quotes for him


When you get out of your bed, always wear a smile on your face and determination in your mind to be able to do something big enough to prove your existence in this world. Good morning.


You can get up early to gather your success or you can sleep a while longer to chase a failure. Your life depends upon your moves, you know.


For getting up early, you don’t need motivational quotes or inspirational sayings. Just take a minute to imagine what if your dreams can not be accomplished?


Every morning comes with an opportunity. One should be determined enough to grab his opportunity rather than sleeping all day long. Good Morning!


Every morning is a sort of God’s way of telling you that your purpose in this life is yet to be fulfilled.  One should be smart enough to realize that.
Good Morning !


With every new morning, you gets another chance to clear your regrets.  Morning !


Early to bed, Early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise! Good morning.


To be a great person in your life, you have to do great deeds and one of them is to wake up early in the morning.


In every morning we get two choices, dreaming or doing. The choice between dreaming and doing is the one which marks a significant difference between failure and success respectively. Good Morning!

good morning beautiful quotes


Get up early and let the blessings of morning rays light a strong fire in you to achieve great things in this life.


Opportunities and success knocks on every door. Most of us lay asleep while others seize them. And these opportunities simple passes by. Good Morning.


Respect your dreams, get up early and do something about them. Life is a competition. Some work really hard for their dreams while others keep sleeping embracing their failure.

  Wish You a Very Happy Early Good Morning.


This dark of night will change into the light of the day without any effort on your part. But this is the only help you are gonna get from Mother Nature. To achieve greatness and to succeed, your efforts begins now.



The path to your destiny will be much easier if you don’t carry the weight of your past on your shoulders while travelling. Forget about everything. Every morning gives you a new chance. Seize it !!

Wishing you a very happy Good Morning, friend !


Morning is literally the most important part of the day. Because it is nearly obvious that your whole day depends on how you spend your early morning.


You early morning often tells how you are going to have your rest of the day. Keep it in mind.
Wishing you a very happy good morning!

good morning quotes


A Prayer can be called as the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening – Mahatma Gandhi.


Some say to achieve the blessings of the day, one should go on an early morning walk.
Good Morning!


Whenever you are broken from all the mishap of this life. You shout, you throw away things, you misbehave, you give up. Then in the night you go to your bed and sleep while dreaming. In the next morning, you are like brand new, you pick yourself up again and start working. This is how much blessed a morning is. We just need to sit back and realize this.
While i wish you a very happy inspirational Good Morning.


One said life is too short. He panicked and was afraid and he said i want more! The other said, get up Early in the Morning.


In your early youth. You love nights. But when you are growing up, you came to realize the more and more significance of early mornings and you start loving them. Good Morning to you and your family.


When you wake up early in the morning. You realize how lucky you are to be alive. To be able to feel this warmth of the sun and hear the sound of birds chirping. The significance of life is visible only in an early morning rise. Good Morning, Fellow!


With every early morning, comes new thoughts to start over the wretched life and new strength to be able to bear any uncertain mishap or problems.


If you lose even an hour of the early morning. you are going to spend all day looking up to it. Wishing you an early good morning.


Be determined enough to start over every single morning.



Every morning is a God’s gift to us. We are the ones who are unfamiliar with his blessings.


Good Morning Inspirational Quotes

Whenever you are broken from all the mishap of this life. You shout, you throw away things, you misbehave, you give up. Then in the night you go to your bed and sleep while dreaming. In the next morning, you are like brand new, you pick yourself up again and start working. This is how much blessed a morning is. We just need to sit back and realize this.
While i wish you a very happy inspirational Good Morning.


The biggest inspiration for a person is to be an inspirational figure for others. So get up and live an inspirational life. Good Morning


Every morning is a Beautiful Morning  – Terri Guillemets.


Another key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have their breakfast. — Robert Brault


The opportunities for ones life are exactly like a sun rise. If you want too long, they simply pass by. Good morning.

good morning quotes for her


There has never been any problem or a night that could be able to defeat a fresh morning.


In every Morning, i wake up with a smile and realizes, there are 24 new hours for me this day and another chance to prove myself and so i start working and making most out of my day.
Wishing you a good morning.


Every morning i wake up early in the morning and sip my coffee while looking at my lush gardens holding a newspaper. I think how lucky i am to be able to live in this moments while others are unfamiliar with such feeling.


The happiness of ones life depends upon the quality of his thoughts. And a fresh morning is a perfect time to think out ways of facing every problem you might have.


With every new morning comes, new strength and new ideas.



Say your prayers by getting up early in the morning. You just live in a new day. Maybe some of us can not.

Good morning


To be a great person in your life, you have to do great deeds and one of them is to wake up early in the morning.


Opportunities and success knocks on every door. Most of us lay asleep while others seize them. And these opportunities simple passes by. Good Morning.

good morning quotes for her


Every morning brings new potential.


Have you ever heard of a frog who dreamed of becoming a king and then became one? Frog might be an early riser !!!


Every early morning i feel really blessed. Everything looks so beautiful. It’s magical. To be able to live in this moments is being lucky. Good Morning !


I can not explain the blessings of an early morning. One who lived in that moment know its importance. Good Morning !!!


Do you know the joy of being in the woods in an early morning? Well, now might be a good time to experience that. Get up and get going !!!


In Early morning, God’s mercy can be felt in the fresh air.


An early morning is the most inspirational thing for me!
Might as well for you too, if you try to find it.
Good Morning !


I don’t want to miss the first light of the sun. I know its significance because i am an early riser.
Good Morning !!


Ever wonder, how a good idea can keep you awake in the morning ?


Has anyone ever thought about competing with the birds in an early morning rise ?
Well, certainly i did.
Good Morning !!!


The morning sunlight and the chirping of the birds is the best show for me. I would rather watch this than watching TV.

good morning quotes


If you are really bored with your life, i would prefer walking in the woods in an early morning!


Eager to see magic ?
Lets go the woods in an early morning together !
Good Morning, either ways!


Good Morning Beautiful Quotes

If you want to see the best part of Mother Nature, You should get up early in the morning.


I just love camping. One reason is that i get to see the best early morning light and sound in open places.
You should try it sometimes.  Good Morning !!!


Every day, get up early like its your last day! Might as well be. We can not change our destiny. Lets just live our lives to the fullest.
Good Morning !!!


I simply want to wake up a better person then i was the night before. That is the way i feel every early morning. It is so pure and powerful.


Whenever i wake up early, i feel like i am the richest person on the whole planet.


Every Morning i feel so young and powerful. I just love this feeling and for this i always rise up early.
Good Morning !!!


Have you ever heard of a frog who dreamed of becoming a king and then became one?
Good Morning !


You just have not a single idea about how i feel when every morning i wake up knowing i am yours and you are mine.


I wake up every morning realizing and then thanking God that you are mine and only mine !
Good Morning my dear !!!


An early morning is a God’s way of saying, go on live another day, make a difference.
Good Morning !!!


Morning greetings doesn’t only say good morning but it means that you are the one that he remembers first thing after waking up.
Good morning !!! Have a nice day


Want to know a formula for a good life?
Never try to defeat anyone rather try to win everyone !
Don’t laugh at anyone but laugh with everyone !

Good Morning and have a nice and wonderful day.


Victory is meant for only those who refuses to stop struggling.
Good Morning and have a nice day!


If you ever want to experience true love, marry to a women who wakes you up early every morning and her is the face you saw first thing – Shayan Ahmed Khan


Always trust a person who is punctual to waking up early in the morning. He knows the significance of his life and others – Shayan Ahmed Khan

Cute Love Quotes




Morning walk is good for health.
And that health is good for you.

Wishing you a Good Morning

good morning quotes for her


Moon shut off his light
Sun blew off his shine
Hen gave his warning
A Happy Good Morning


Always hope for the good to come.
A saying is ” Keep the green tree in your heart and a singing bird will surely come”

Good Morning !


Moon ny off ki ” Lightning “

Sun ny shuru ki ” Shinning “

Murghy ny di hai ” Warning “

Ho gai hai ” Morning “

to main bhi bol du apko



Start a new day with a

clean heart

no worry

no fear

no tear

and a smile 🙂

Good morning !!!


Magic is just a portion of illusion science. Every new idea at first was considered insanity 😉

Good Morning. Start your day with new ideas.


Keep smiling for a lifetime. Even Start your day with a smile. Maybe someone could fall in love with your smile.  Good Morning !!!


Never argue with a stupid person, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
Start a new morning with a nice Quote. Good Morning !!! 🙂


Always hope for the good to come.
A chinese saying is ” Keep the green tree in your heart and a singing bird will surely come”


Every morning is like a painting.

You need a little inspiration to start working

A little smile to brighten up

And a SMS from someone who wants to color your day :-*

Good Morning!!!


Want something you never had?
Start working something you never did before.
Always remember you are born to live
not living because you are born.

Go where you want to be in your life. Not where life takes you. Good Morning and Have a nice day.


Wake up early in the morning. Because “Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”  😀
Good Morning !!!

funny good morning quotes


A New Morning Gives you
New Hope
New Day
New Ideas
New Strength

Make sure to make most of all these blessings
Good Morning 🙂


Most of the times people gets lazy due to all the working in the day. But don’t get lazy and wake up early in the morning to get the best air for the next start of the day.
Good Morning !!!


Hello Dear !!
Its time to wake up. You are missing the best moments of your life. Get up and start going. 😀
Good Morning !!!!


Wishing you a very
& Strong

Good Morning from a lover !!!! 😉


On this beautiful morning. I want to send you a
cup of coffee
with a smile
and a lot of prayers
for your success

May God be with You
Good Morning !!!


To be a successful person in your life.

“Stop wishing and Start doing”

GooD Morning !!!!


May God Bless your all day.
And May your problems vanishes and
May you have a wonderful day 🙂

Good Morning my dear !!!!!


Good Morning Quotes for My Girlfriend

Good morning, the most beautiful girl. I am so lucky to have you in my life and in my entire life I want to wake up every morning with you. Love you…

good morning quotes


Good morning, my girl. Every day I feel that, for you my love is getting brighter than the sunshine.


You lighten up my heart and made my life joyful. My love, wish you a very good morning.


Every hour, every minute or every second, I will always love you with all of my heart. Good morning my heart.


I always think of you because I miss you. My love, I miss you because I love you. A very good morning.


Good morning, dear love. I love you and will always be with you even in the life hereafter.

inspirational good morning messages


You made me happy whenever I feel sad and you are the reason I smile. Good morning world’s beautiful girl.


Good Morning Quotes for My Boyfriend

Good morning, darling. Whenever I’m with you, everything becomes beautiful. Love you my life.

good morning quotes


Good morning my love. Have a great day and enjoy as you always do.


Good morning heart. You increased the brightness of my life and made me pure with your love.


Good morning my love. Always let me lose myself in your love.


Your love and inspiration made everything possible in my life. Wish you a very good morning.

motivational good morning quotes


Good Morning Messages

Good morning sweetheart. Whenever I dream about you, the day becomes more lovely and beautiful. Hopefully, today will also be the same.


My queen, good morning. I want you to know that I will love you today, tomorrow and forever my love.

good morning quotes and messages


Good morning my Princess. Always be with me because my day only makes sense when I’m with you.


Good morning darling. You are the most precious gift God has ever given me.


You made me whatever I am today. You completed me with your love. Good morning my love.


Good morning my beautiful bride. Have a wonderful day thinking about me. Love you.


Nobody will never be able to measure my love for you. Good morning Princess.

motivational messages about good morning


Good Morning wishes from 5 experts

The phrase of Nicole Krauss:

“There was once a girl who loved a boy and her smile was a question she wanted to spend her whole life answering” Have a Good Day Honey.

inspirational good morning messages


Nice message of love from Jorge Luis Borges:

I offer you the loyalty of a man who has never been loyal.

I offer you that core of myself that I have saved in some way.

The central heart that does not trade with words, does not traffic with dreams, and is untouched by time, by joy, by adversities. Good day for that Special Person.


Phrase given by Paolo Coelho:

 “I love you because the whole universe conspired to help me find you” Have a beautiful day my life. The best Good Morning for my Bride.


Love message by Julio Cortazar:

“Being with you or not being with you is the measure of my time” Awake, Good Morning Love.

good morning quotes for your loved ones


Good morning wishes from Kamad Kojouri:

“How to explain that you did not exist for me, until you arrived

And now everything that exists in me is you? “

The best Good Morning for my Bride.


Good Morning Messages to Love a Woman

You made me understand the meaning of love. I love you my girl.


Good morning my dear. I will never forget our first date. Love you my love.


I don’t know since when I’ve started loving you friend. But the truth is I love you more than I love myself.


Let me be your special good morning and the bitter goodbye.


My sweetheart, you are the only happiness I think of. Good Morning Sweetie.


Your love for me made me to fall in love with you even more.Good Morning My Love.


Good morning my love. My whole world stops working when you touch my hand.


I can never explain how much importance you have in my life. Always be by my side because I want to wish you good morning every single day.


You have brighten my day like the sun, widen my happiness like the sky and sparkle my night like the stars.

nice good morning messages


Your entrance into my life totally changed me and I love the new me most.


Good Morning Quotes From Movies

Quotes From the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’

 Have a good day the most special person in my life. “I love you exactly how you are.”


Quotes From the movie ‘Sense and Sensibility’

Good morning the love of my life. “My Heart is and always will be yours”.

motivational good morning quotes


Quotes From the movie ‘PS I Love You’

 ‘Good morning my queen. You have made me a man by loving me and that is why I will always thank you.’


Quotes From the movie ‘Her’

 “The heart is not a box that fills up. The heart expands the more we love.” Have a great day my love.


Quotes From the movie ‘As Goods As It Gets’

 “You make me want to be a better man.”

inspiring quotes about good morning  

Good Morning Groups Phrases

 Good morning my family. I don’t know when the best day is for you. But for me, all the days become best when I spend it with you.

nice good morning quotes for your loved ones


Good morning buddies. I’m the luckiest one to have you as my friend. Enjoy the day as always.


Good morning my friends. Without you guys, I’m like the cake without icing.


Have a great day group. You always been with me through my thick and thin and supported my madness. Love you all.


Have a good day buddies. Hope today may turn into an awesome day for us. Love you guys.

good morning quotes that motivates you


Wish you a very good morning family. Warm hugs and kisses for you as they will energize you.


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