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90 Birthday Wishes For Sister To Express Unconditional Love

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sister is a blessing from God himself and her birthday is very special. Whether you are a brother or a protective sister, you must love your siblings. Write a lovely birthday card with special birthday wishes to your sister. It is the least we can do for our sisters that are soon to leave us after their marriages. Give special greetings to special people in your life and your sister is one of them. That funny relationship that you share with your sister is special. You will remember all those childhood memories in your older age, and you will realize that these were some priceless moments.

Weather, your sister, shows you love or temporary hatred because of jealousy, she will always have unconditional love for you deep inside her. She just won’t admit it. Your sister is your first best friend. She knows all your secrets and instantly sees through any facade you can put up. Wish your sister a happy birthday in the sweetest way possible with our happy birthday Sister Wishes.


Happy Birthday Sister

You have not only been my sister but also my second mother, best friend, and support pillar. I am thankful to God that he blessed me with a sister like you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister


You are the most annoying person to ever exist in my life, but I still love you to the moon and back. I hope you know that! Happy birthday, idiot!

Birthday Wishes For Sister


Happy birthday, sister. You are my number one supporter. I am glad that I have someone like you to lean on whenever I am unhappy. Thank you for everything.


Happy birthday to someone who means the world to me! I don’t know what I would do without you. You are growing into a beautiful person with a kind heart, and I am so glad to be your sister.


On your special day, I would like to thank you for having my back each time I get into trouble. Thank you for saving me from my mother’s scoldings every time. Happy birthday, beautiful.


You are someone who guides me to be a good person just like you. You help me get better as a human being and show me the right path. Thank you, sister, and happy birthday.


Happy birthday to my beautiful sister. I love you so much. Sending you love and warm wishes on your special day. I hope to see you soon because I miss you, love.

Birthday Wishes For Sister


My good wishes and prayers are always with you, sweetie. You have always been such a good and supportive sister to me. Happy birthday, love. Have a good one!


Happiest birthday, sis. I hope life treats you well and blesses you with all the things that you deserve. Never forget that you deserve much love and happiness in life.


To my dearest sister, happy birthday. You have always protected me from any harm and damage. Every time I get sad, you are the first person that comes to mind. I love you.


Sister Birthday Wishes

My childhood would have been utterly boring without you. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, dear sister.


Having a sister like you makes me appreciate that perfect childhood we shared together. We fought, and we get over. You have always been a real friend to me. Happy Birthday.


Sister is angels in human form. They are more beautiful from within than from the outside. Their heart is pure, and they only think of your betterment. I wish my sister a very happy birthday.


You have always given me the best possible advice. You have guided me to my path without letting me fell astray. I will always appreciate what you have done for me and always thank you for being there when I needed you the most. I love you, sis. Happy Birthday!


Sisters are like jewels, and they are priceless. One must be smart enough to realize that.
Happy Birthday, sis.


I won’t ever forget all the fights we had, but after all these I want you to know that I will always love you unconditionally. You are my sister and my only real friend. Just keep in mind that I miss our childhood together. I love you, sis. May you have a very happy life ahead. Happy Birthday!


Sisters are God’s way of reminding us that pain in this world exists, and so does healers.
Happy Birthday!



You must be familiar with the term BFF. It means Best Friend Forever. But have you ever wondered what SBFD means? It means Sister is Best Friend in a Disguise. Happy birthday!


Sadness, heartbreaks, loneliness, fear and insecurity. All these are adamant feelings which we hate, but all these have one thing in common. They can be healed by a little love from a sister like you.
I love you, sis, Happy birthday


Having a sister like you, makes my wardrobe trendier, heartbreaks easier and schools beautiful in this life. My life can not get any better than this. I love you, sister; I love you so much. Happy Birthday.


Today is a special day when one of the most loving people in my life was born. I can not thank God for giving me such a beautiful and caring sister in this life. I am very grateful to have you. May we both live long like this. Happy Birthday!


Do you know, we are exactly like earrings. If one is lost, the how incomplete and useless the other earring would be!
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


None of us is perfect, but our imperfections make us perfect siblings. Happy birthday to my dear sister. I love you so much!


Dear sis, you are like a treasure box in which all of my precious and priceless childhood memories are stored, and they will be stored in you for a lifetime. I miss our childhood. Happy Birthday Sister 🙂


Some people want respect in their life, others want admiration, some jealousy, some competition and some want unconditional love in their life. But you want all these things:-p
Wishing you a very happy birthday!



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When I look at the mirror, I see you in myself, and when I look at you, i see myself in you. This is how much messed up our lives are.
We are meant to be together. I love you, my sis. Happy birthday!


The list of the richest people alive is totally wrong. I consider myself the richest of them all because I have a sister like you. You are my treasure. I love you and always will be. Happy Birthday!


Everything between us matches so perfectly that this sibling relationship is in perfect rhythm, and this relationship is like a perfect rhyme. Happy Birthday to the best sister ever!


Even though I am pretty stupid and always end up looking like a fool but I still want to do everything you can do. You are my guide in this life. My perfect and cool sister. I love you. Happy birthday!


In my life’s kaleidoscope, you create the most beautiful patterns with the most beautiful and vibrant colors.
A very Happy Birthday to my dear sister.


Birthday Message For Sister

My loving, caring, crazy and over-protective sister. I wish you a very happy birthday. My life without you would have been awkward and boring.



Even when everyone else will turn their backs on me, My beautiful and ideal sister would always be there for me. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!


When no one else showed his/her concern towards me, you have always been there holding my back. I love you, sister. You are my life. Happy Birthday.


Since you were born, nothing could ever be able to come between us. Not even a single fight. We might have argued sometimes, but every time we get over pretty soon. Our relation is so strong and powerful. May we always remain like this. Happy Birthday to the best sister in this world.


A sister is better than any best friend or a lover. She will always think of the best for his brother. She will always guide him on the right path.  Happy birthday to that precious sister!


Since when I was a kid, I was not very bright and social. I didn’t get to make many friends. All the friendship I ever knew was of yours. You always make me feel someone special and created confidence in me. You are the reason for my success. I can not appreciate or thank you in this life alone.
Happy Birthday to the best sister in this world. I am very lucky always to have you by my side.


I am your sister, and I admit I steal many things from you. But today is your birthday, so it is a perfect time to return the favor by giving a little gift to you. 🙂
Happy Birthday!



I can not thank you enough for what you have done for all my life. You are the only one who understands me and you have supported me, in every choice I want to make with my life. I love you so much for this!
Happy birthday to a cute and beautiful sister.


Imagine the world without this morning dew and this beautiful sunlight. That would have been my life without my sister. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, Many happy returns of the day!


A sister is something that will always fight you in front of everyone else; she will argue with you and mock you, but whatever she might do, she’ll be the only to stand beside you when you are left alone.
Happy Birthday to such sister. Many Happy Returns of the day!


Obviously, I love your birthdays, because with each passing year you grow older, and I get to wear your clothes. :-p
Happy birthday, love!


Whenever I have been tested to withstand the difficulties of life, my sister’s hug vanishes all my worries.
Cheers to an ideal sister. Happy Birthday!


I won’t ever forget all the fights we had, but after all these I want you to know that I will always love you unconditionally. You are my sister and my only real friend. Just keep in mind that I miss our childhood together. I love you, sis. May you have a very happy life ahead. Happy Birthday!


You have always given me the best possible advice. You have guided me to my path without letting me fell astray. I will always appreciate what you have done for me and always thank you for being there when I needed you the most. I love you, sis. Happy Birthday!


Have you ever wondered why I always get a hug from you whenever I get to do something important? Because you are my lucky charm and me, believe in you. 🙂
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

Nothing is more irritating to know that I can not keep a secret from you. You always know what’s up. But due to this, you have always solved my problems without me knowing or at least tried to. You are the best sister one could have. I wish you a very happy birthday my dear. Many happy returns of the day.


I am always excited about your birthday because you share most of your birthday gifts with me. You are so loving and caring. Wishing my sister a very happy birthday!



To a sweet sister who has always put her problems aside and help me in mine. A sister that always makes sure I get to eat the best part and a sister that is one in a million. Happy Birthday!


Not having many friends was my real problem but I never felt alone because you were always by my side. You are more to me than just a sister or a friend. You are my mother, brother, father everything. In a nutshell, You are my family. I love you. Happy Birthday.


On this particular occasion, I wish you a very very very happy birthday!
You are one in a million, and you deserve to know that 🙂


I may have eaten your cupcakes every time and secretly read your messages to your boyfriend. But I want you to know that I will always stand by your side when you needed me most.
Many happy returns of the day!


It was not a secret that I was always jealous of your beauty and your popularity. Well, certainly I admit this because I was looking up to as my ideal. You are so cool, and I love you. Happy birthday!


I always hated to have a twin sister, but as time passes I came to understand your importance. You were a blessing sent by God himself. Even though we fought a lot, you have always backed me up in the darkest hour. I love my twin sister.
Happy birthday!



After growing up, I realized how much you have cared for me and loved me. If I knew it in my childhood, I would have kissed you and hugged you every time I see you.
Happy Birthday to the best sister.


Happy Birthday to a sister who is one in a million, caring and smart little sister. I love you. Your innocence is what fades my pain away. Happy Birthday!


I will always remember our childhood fights; they were simply adorable. It was fun growing up with you. I miss those moments. Happy birthday.


Birthday Quotes For Sister

I wish you very happy birthday to the most adorable younger sister ever!
Happy birthday


My sweet sister is a living jewel. She is brighter and shinier than a diamond.
On this special day, I wish her a very happy birthday from the bottoms of my heart.


You are the coolest sister; you always knew when I am mentally tired, and you always tried to cheer me on.
Happy Birthday



This is to wish a special birthday girl in our home. She’s the heart of our family. She’s only who knew how to cheer on everyone even when everyone is so absorbed in life problems. She is my favorite person. Happy Birthday, dear!


My bigger sister is my favorite personality. She is the one to guide me through every obstacle. I love her so much. Wishing her a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my lovely sister. May you live a long life ahead. May you find success in your life and find a loving husband and a loving family.


Happy birthday to the heart of my family. I love you sis 🙂


Isn’t it lovely that even after all these years, we can still remember our childhood and laugh with joy. Thanks for making my childhood wonderful. Have a magnificent life ahead sis. Happy birthday!


I raise this cup of celebration to the one and only person whom I have loved so much. Happy Birthday Little sis, May you live long!



Happy birthday, girl. May your every wish be fulfilled on this special day.


Though your grades were always better than me and so I was always jealous of you, but you have always been a real inspiration to me. I chased after you and today I am a successful person only because of you. I thank you and wish you a very happy birthday.


Do you remember how big a cheater you were, whenever we play? I still do. I remember everything, both good and bad days that we spent together 🙂


Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

After mother, you were the only one to take care of me. You had not brought me up as a bigger sister rather you have been a mother to me when I needed her the most. You are simply amazing. Thank you for whatever you have done for me. Remember that I will always have your back. Happy Birthday to my special sister.


My princess, have a magical birthday.


Happy Birthday to the sister I am proud of. Girl you are the best.


Always face your problems with a smile on your face. Have a wonderful birthday.


Dear sis, always remembers a smile is the best make up for a girl to wear. I am proud of you. May you live long and be able to fulfill all your wishes. A very happy birthday to you.



Dear sis, you have made the best part of my life memorable. I still miss my childhood memories. Wish that time ever came back. Happy birthday!


With every birthday, you grow older. It is a common fact but let me tell you this. You are exactly like wine, and the best wine is the oldest. You are simply getting better and better. 🙂
Happy birthday and love from your brother


We share something that is more precious than love. We share tears and laughter which are the absolute base of love.
Happy Birthday my dear sister. Many love from your one and only brother.


Let you free yourself on this day. Spoil yourself, do whatever you want. It is your day, and you deserve it.
Happy Birthday!



While this day is supposed to be a happier one, I am really sad. I reflect on those beautiful memories, and I realized how much I miss you and how much I have missed being away from you.
You made my life beautiful, my dear sister. Happy Birthday!


This greeting is sent from the deepest corners of my heart, with a load of hugs and kisses. Be Happy on this beautiful day sis. Happy Birthday.


On this special day, I get to eat special food and fresh cakes again. Thanks for being born sis:-D
By the way, happy birthday!


When we were kids, all I could think about on your birthday was the food. Now I realize how important day this is for me as well. You came to my life on this beautiful day, and I thank God for blessing us with such a beautiful gift.
Happy birthday. With loads of love from your brother!


I always hated to have a twin sister, but as time passes I came to understand your importance. You were a blessing sent by God himself. Even though we fought a lot, you have always backed me up in the darkest hour. I love my twin sister.
Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to a special person in my life. We are not just sisters but best friends forever. I love you my dear sister and I always will. Happy Birthday! May you live long and my success be under your feet!


Happy birthday. Just ask me whatever you want in your present. You deserve the best on this day!


Happy Birthday to My Sister

God has made us siblings, but we have become BFF(best friends forever) on our own. Happy Birthday dear sis and my most precious friend.



We may not be able to talk every day anymore, but you are still in my heart the same way you were when we were younger. Happy birthday. On this special day, you deserve a visit. By the time you read this letter, I will be on my way over to you. Be ready 🙂


If I get to choose between all the riches in this world and my beautiful younger sister. I would always choose you. You are the best. I love you. Happy Birthday dear!


We might have our differences over time to time, but I think this is a special occasion to put everything beside us and be ready to make a fresh start. I have done my part now it is up to your whether you want to be my coolest bigger sister or not. Happy Birthday.


Sisters are not only meant to share clothes and makeup kits etc. and other accessories. Sister is meant to share a life together. Many Happy Returns of the day. Happy Birthday. May you live a long life ahead. I will always miss you.


Though I have never happily shared my stuff with you, I have always enjoyed sharing my childhood with such a beautiful sister. You are not only my sister but a best friend. Happy Birthday, and may you always be happy in your life.