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Best Inspirational Graduation Quotes

Graduation Quotes

Best Short Graduation quotes – Graduation season is here again and the Grads are being questioned about their future plans. And getting advice’s for selecting their passion. Graduation day is not less than an emotional day for the Grads as well as for their families. This day is to celebrate and enjoy to the fullest. Graduation day is a hope for the future and reflection of the past.

As this is a very exciting time for the Graduates and the families as well. Some people go short on words. For this purpose we are here with some awesome graduation quotes. Now you can wish your brother, sister, any relative or a friend on their graduation day with perfect graduation quotes.
Some inspirational graduation quotes are:

University Graduation Quotes

Education is to get the knowledge of values, not facts.

Do not think that graduation is an end, it’s the begining.

Start where you stand, with all you have and do what you can.
Graduation Quotes and wishes
Education is not to get a good life in future. Education is life itself.

This day is the turning point in life. You are surely going to get more and more good life ahead.

To achieve great things in life, we should also dream, not only act and we should also believe, not only plan.

Your life is only your’s and you are the narrator of the story in it. Adventure ahead is for you to give your full potential to fulfil your purpose.

What we have left behind and what we have in front of us are just nothing compared to what is within us.

Stop regretting and start learning lessons from life.

Be proud of how far you have come. Have faith in yourself that you can achieve more. But enjoying your journey is the most important thing.

The best thing you can do in life is persue your fassion. Follow your fear and overcome it and celebrate your bloopers.

You can do anything in life if you are determined.

This day has come to you with so many opportunities. You are now free to persue your passion and enjoy you life.

This overall journey of study like was hectic though, but you have achieved your desire and you are a graduate now. Have same faith in yourself and you will achieve all the desires in the future. All the best.

What you imagine is the preview of what coming next in your life. You can control your life…

Every person knows something that you don’t. So learn from every person you meet.

Few years from now, the things that you have not done will be disappointing you more than the things you have done. So overcome your fears and bowlines. Get away from the base and try something adventurous. Dream, Explore and Discover new things.

You are educated now and your have your certificate. Dont think of this certificate as key to change your life and future. It’s not less than a ticket to change the world.

Graduation is the best feeling. Education is something that doesn’t only give you the degree, it tells how to be nice and how to deal with the people.

This graduation ceremony doesn’t mean that you have to stop right here. Gain the knowledge wherever you find it.

Graduation Congratulations Messages And Wishes

Graduation Quotes for friends

It is completely impossible to compete in today’s economy without having a college degree. I congratulate you on getting yours.

I congratulate you on this special day. This is the day of your reward when you are achieving a degree of your struggle.

Graduation Quotes

I heartly congratulate you on getting a degree and being an official graduate. Best of luck for the future. May you have all the happiness and comfort in life that you dream for.

You are better than so many people that you are a graduate. Just heard the news of your graduation and feeling so happy for you.

I know this is like a dream come true for you. Have a happy life ahead.

This is the big day in your life. Go on with your passion and make it your profession. I know you will have a good life ahead. Congrats.

Many people are graduating. Some got good grades while others did not. You are that lucky person who has good grades and passionate about your field. Best of luck for your professional life.

Finally the big day is here. You must be very happy that you have got when you have dreamt for. Congratulations on getting a degree…

The essence of knowledge is that it makes you aware of what is happening around you. You are an educated person with a college degree. Lots of congratulations to you for your graduation.

College Graduation Messages

It was not easy for me to graduate. It took me 20 years to stay in a dorm room.

It’s so good to see you in a black gown and cap. You are officially an engineer now. Have a bright future ahead.

Inspirational Graduation Quotes

I always wanted to wear this black cap. Now i am wearing it and it’s good to be here in this ceremony.

I’m not holding just a piece of paper in my hand. It’s the result of the struggle that i have done. I have struggles for so many years to have this piece of paper.

Today is the day when you are getting a degree as a reward of your struggle. Congratulations

Having a degree is not that easy. It costs time, hunger, weekness in the stomach, dizzy head and lots of other not so easy things.

This day is finally here. You should be happy that you are now an educated person. Very much congratulations…

All the beautiful memories of your student life are behind you, all your dreams are in front of you. And all the people who love you are around. This must be a perfect day for you.

It’s not that we need a new year to start something new and different. This is the day when you are graduating. You are going to start your professional life. All the best for your success.

Funny Graduation Quotes

This can be the begining of anything you want.

You have got this degree in your hand and now you can make your future better. You can take a new start of your choice. So step ahead and make your life best.

Many people graduate every year and many get jobs. You are also one of them. Now it is up to you that how you grow in your field and tackle the difficulties.

You got your degree. Many people are very happy for you. There are so many who are jealous of you. Beware of the nightmares in your life and you will surely succeed.

Take all the memories of student life with you and fulfil your dreams. Make new memories. Make your dreams come true. This time is something that you will never get back.

It’s not Monday, neither a new month, nor a new year. It’s a begining of something that totally depends upon you. You can take your life wherever you want.

Dream big and work hard to make them come true. Greet your future.

Dreaming is not illegal. You can dream anything, but now the time has started when you start to work on your dreams to make them come true.

No more happiness can beat this feeling. I love to see you having a degree. May you always be happy in your life.

I pray that you get all the success and happiness in your life. This is a bog day for you. Congratulations.

Life is going to be in routine now. This day is a new begining for all the graduates.

On the day of graduation, reward is given as a result of struggle in the study period. You too are being rewarded by the degree. This piece of paper is not less than a dignity for you. Have a peaceful, blessed and successful life ahead.

Some people do not study, while others go to college to get a degree. You must be thankful that you are in the list of degree holders and educated people. I wish you all the best for future.