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60 Cute Birthday Captions for Instagram

In the social media age, till we don’t post birthday pictures on instagram, we cannot call it a birthday. To level up your Instagram game, pair these birthday captions for Instagram with your fetching pictures.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but can you take it as an excuse to not caption your pictures? No, right! Plus, you need captions to add a touch of humor, sarcasm or savageness (as it’s your birthday) to let others know how you’re feeling or how your day went! Captioning is a tough task. If you wish to avoid long paragraphs but still wish to say everything you wish to, we got you or should we say, these captions got you!


Birthday Instagram Captions

1.  Another year of being freakishly good.

birthday Instagram captions


2. Update: Today is the birthday of the born savage.

birthday Instagram captions


3. It takes practice to look like this. It took me_ your age_ years.

birthday Instagram captions


4. Sun-kissed pictures are the gift from the sun for me to finish another 365 days around him.

birthday Instagram captions


5. Did hydrate to get ready for the birthday glow.

birthday Instagram captions


6. Growing older, keeping the inner child alive.


7. As I don’t look my age, I forgive y’all for guessing it all wrong. I’m turning _____  today.


8. The only day of the year I wake up feeling excited.


birthday Instagram captions


9. Today is the day to be a little extra.


10. The only thing I do on my birthday is get wasted.


11. Age number: 35. The age I act: 18.


12. Let’s celebrate the day of the year that gives significance to my existence.

birthday Instagram captions


13. Today the town becomes a terrain of celebration; happy birthday to me.


14. Today, nothing is enough or extra. Everything that makes me happy is perfect.


15. Growing without any hints of maturing.


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Instagram Birthday Captions For Yourself

1. Am I too old to be excited about my birthday? I hope I’m not.

Instagram birthday captions for yourself


2. The only task on my to-do list today is to have fun.


3. The insane in me is always alive on my birthday.


4. This time the wish list is long. I hope God is ready.

Instagram birthday captions for yourself


5. Glam up, get wasted, and eat everything on the menu.  -birthday plan.


6 I’ll show my appreciation to Jesus by drinking that whole tequila. Cheers to my birthday.


7. Today, an angel with hints of the devil was born.

Instagram birthday captions for yourself


8. I have a hunch that today is going to be the best day of my life.


9. No tissues, no tears. Only tequila and tiara for me today


10. Strict no-nos today for y’all are to forget the dress code and presents.


11. All set to raise the bar with bundles of glow.

Instagram birthday captions for yourself


12. Only becoming more myself as I grow.


13. Without birthdays, life would be boring. At least mine would be. Happy birthday to me.


14. Out in nature, I celebrate my day and birds sing birthday songs.


15. Time to be dramatic and chaotic before I start a new chapter of my life.


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Instagram Birthday Captions for Friend

1. You’re that one sane friend that an insane person like me needs. Thank you for existing and happy birthday.

Instagram birthday captions for Friend


2. Happy birthday. My only task today is to stop you from tweeting while drunk.


3. To the friend to whom I owe myself, a happy birthday.


4. You need to live long because you make my life bearable. Happy birthday, friend.


5. Cheers to another year of me tolerating you with a happy face.


Instagram Birthday Captions for Boyfriend

1. Happy birthday to the man who has ticked all the boxes of my unrealistic desires.

Instagram birthday captions for Boyfriend


2. To the man who has pulled me out of the pool of insecurities to love myself more, Happy birthday.


3. To my strongest man with a puppy heart, happy birthday.


4. To the future father of my future four babies, happy birthday.


5. Happy birthday to the man who’s stuck in an infinite loop of love with me.


Instagram Captions For Girlfriend

1. Happiest birthday to the prettiest woman who has conquered my heart.

Instagram birthday captions For Girlfriend


2. See yourself with my eyes and you’ll see the most gorgeous woman, happy birthday, babe.


3. To the woman who made a wise choice a year ago by swiping me right, happy birthday.


4. You still make my heart race when you get all dolled up. Happy birthday, love.


5. I’m in love with you and the version of me when I’m around you. Happy birthday, honey.


Instagram Captions for Husband’s Birthday

1. Whoever says the perfect man doesn’t exist hasn’t met you yet. To my perfect husband, happiest birthday.

Instagram captions for husband's birthday


2. To the best companion with many added benefits, happy birthday.


3. Neither life nor I can be dry when I have you. Happy birthday, honey.


4. Today is my turn to spoil you. Are you all set to get spoiled? Happy birthday, hubby.


5. To the husband who acts so much like will smith at oscar in real life, happy birthday.


Instagram Captions For Wife’s Birthday

1. To the wife who’s like a moon brings the tides of love into the ocean of my life, happiest birthday.

Instagram captions for Wife’s birthday


2. I figured the wifey material in you the day I met you. Lucky me. Happy birthday.


3. To the wife I cannot function without, happy birthday; love you.


4. You’re the super mama, I and our kid, both need and love. Happy birthday.


5. To the woman without whom my life would be a wrecked ship, happy birthday.


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Funny Birthday Instagram Captions

1. I’m unstoppable today when it comes to eating cakes and drinking margaritas.

funny birthday Instagram captions


2. Today is the day I can freely be a trouble for others without feeling guilty.


3. It’s your birthday, but I don’t support the idea of doing every illegal act today.


4. God is truly kind, otherwise who would invest in you this long? But happy birthday.


5. It’s your birthday and the biggest task for me is to handle you with care. Good luck to me.


As this covers birthday captions for Instagram for yourself and others, saving them to save time that otherwise goes wasted in the flurry-scrolling on the internet would be beneficial. It’s your birthday or of a close one, then save these captions and save yourself from scratching your head and spending countless time surfing. It doesn’t, however, mean to compromise. Don’t let anything be unsaid. Don’t let any emotions or feelings stay hidden on your or close ones’ birthday. Let these captions help you speak your mind and heart.