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20 Best Birthday Poem For Friend

Birthdays are a special day for all of us and wishing friends with a birthday poem really makes all the difference. It is often said that friends are the family that we choose and therefore it is crucial that we wish on our friend’s birthday every year as it truly shows how much we care for them.

Therefore, imagine the happiness when you wish your friend with a birthday poem that is customized to suit your needs! Here are the best birthday poems for friend collection for you to browse through and pick in order to impress your friend.


Birthday Poem for Friend


Another year of joy, laughter and sorrow;

Passes by, but cheer up,

because your Birthday is tomorrow,

so enjoy and rest

There are only so many days that you get rest

From the test called life!

happy Birthday!



May this birthday see you in a new light;

As a newer, better person, who meets all challenges

In life, head-on and tackles them to the ground

Happy birthday, dear friend!

Live long and prosper and made us proud!



Let us make your birthday, an unforgettable one-

Enjoy ourselves to the full, doing everything that is fun

Count your blessings because you are lucky to have everything in life

I cherish and treasure you as a friend, today, tomorrow, forever


A sweet and delicious cake filled

“Happy Birthday” from me-

With a side of tasty chocolate pie to wish you-

“Many Happy Returns of the Day”

I wish that you enjoy many more birthdays in life-

May God shine his blessings upon you!


I know I have received the greatest gift of all times;

That is the gift of friendship from you-

But today, on your birthday, I am here to celebrate-

Together let us create, memories that will last forever


I know every year I am with you-

On your special day as you are with me on mine;

But I can’t be with you

On your birthday this year; so, I thought of wishing you

Via this poem!

Hope you liked it, dear friend.
Happy Birthday!



Your presence is enough to warm everyone

Around you, including me-

So today on this special occasion; let me;

Treat you to a beautiful celebration,

But obviously I would never say no to a beautiful

Slice of cake from your birthday cake!


Today is your birthday, a wonderful, joyous occasion!

Spread the cheer, happiness and passion-

For birthdays come only once a year-

Keep them close to you heart, they’re very dear!

An eventful year passed by, bits and pieces remain

Trying to hold dear, everything and everyone in your domain


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Happy Birthday Poem for Friend


Each year comes and goes-

Brings with its many flowers and lots of snows;

With every birthday, each year,

I will celebrate it with you, which is clear!

Happy Birthday, friend!

happy birthday poem for friend


You are perhaps one of the best friends that I have-

Because you have always supported me,

Through the thick and thin, the high and low;

Hence, I can never pass the opportunity to do something

Nice on your birthday now, can I? Happy birthday, old friend

Your birthday gift awaits and will be revealed in due time!


Instead of blowing candles on birthdays,

Let us instead, light them up to signify;

Prosperity, knowledge, maturity and growth-

May you become more prosperous as the years move on


Counting blessings of friends and family-

Are far more important than counting the candles on the cake;

Seize every opportunity that comes in your way,

Make everyone, or rather force everyone to understand

That you are a force to reckon with! Loads of love


Only once a year do I get a chance-

To wish you happy birthday, in advance

And to add on to that cheer, I wish that you have

Another great year.

Happy birthday!


Just as every year, it snows, rains, swelters and shines-

Our life has its constant ups and downs as well;

And with these lines, I would like to wish you

A very happy birthday and a fruitful year ahead


I wish you all the best in life, may you grow wise

Prosper, and lovable with every birthday of yours-

You know you are a true gem

May the years be kind to you from now onwards!


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Birthday Poem for Friend Funny


A friend is a forever gift, a gift that-

Keeps on giving and I am lucky to have a;

A friend like you who supports me no matter

What I do.

And on your birthday, I have something

Specially planned for you!


Happy birthday to the best person I know!

Today, it is extremely important for me to show-

How much I value our friendship together!

I am a friend for you for all weather


You were born on this eventful day!

And we humans have so much to do;

Within such a short life span-

But you have managed to achieve a lot

And on your birthday, I hope you achieve more in life!


Burn crackers and light candles

For today is your birthday! A day to rejoice and delight

Forget your problems and live life king size;

Just for today, as you don’t have your birthday every day!

Happy birthday, dear friend!


You deserve the best, in life

Do whatever makes you happy,

Today is your birthday, don’t get sappy

I have some gifts for you, that I hope you like