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20 Cute & Romantic Birthday Wishes For Soulmate

To have found your soulmate is a divine blessing. So, when you get to celebrate the birthday of your divine partner, use these birthday wishes for soulmate to wish them. As these wishes are written with love, they can only carry forward the love. And when you use them to wish your partner, the bar of love may get a lot higher.

Your soulmate’s birthday might have become a more special day on the calendar than yours. So, on his/her birthday, do not use any dry spells of love. Let these wishes help you convey your love and bridge the distance between your emotions and the words to bring you contentment and your soulmate torrents of happiness.


Birthday Messages for Soulmate

1. Happy birthday to the person whose soul is tied to mine for this and many lifetimes to come. Happy birthday to my soulmate.

happy birthday to my soulmate


2. It’s always been you and will forever be you for who I long to live. Just to be with you, I long to live. Happy birthday to my soulmate.

happy birthday to my soulmate


3. They say we have multiple soulmates but you’re the only soulmate I wish to make memories with and spend the moments of love that I can store in my mind and heart forever. Happy birthday.

happy birthday to my soulmate


4. From the day we met,  you’ve only brought me closer to myself. You’ve shown me the path to my home. You’ve been the one walking it down with me. Thank you and happy birthday.

happy birthday to my soulmate


5. It’s your birthday. It’s the birthday of my soulmate. It sounds as if it’s mine too. So, let’s groove to the double celebration. And happy birthday.

happy birthday to my soulmate


6. You’re the mirror that reflects my love in torrents and to have you by my side is to have a source of abundant love. Be my side for all the years, Happy birthday.


7. Whether you start a new chapter or step into a new role, I’ll be by your side to make it a smooth run. Happy birthday.


8. To have found you is similar to unlocking last chapter of a game. To find the treasure, I just need to love you each day a little more. That I’ll do with pleasure. Happy birthday.

happy birthday to my soulmate


9. Eyes don’t lie and smiles don’t either. Your eyes tell how excited you’re to begin this new chapter and you can tell how happy I’m to be a part of it. Happy birthday.


10. With you, this land becomes the terrain of love on which I’m keen to grow old with you. Cheers to another year. Happy birthday to my soulmate.


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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Soulmate

1. Like a lantern, you’ve brought the radiance with your light and warmth with your love into my life. Thank you and with great delight, I wish you the happiest birthday.

heart touching birthday wishes for soulmate


2. Into the circles of life, I’ve enchanted the loops of love to keep us revolving around each other forever. And no new year can bring you escapism from it. But happy birthday, love.


3. The stars in the sky take away burdens and you like a sun heal my heart by taking away the pain. To that sunlike star, to my soulmate, happiest birthday.


4. I wish you enter this year into the calm water of life and we can then sail through it peacefully with lots of love. Happy birthday.


5. I’m forever here to fill your heart with love and I wish life makes it more happening this year by giving you delightful surprises. Happy birthday, honey.


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Happy Birthday Texts For Soulmate

1. I’m never apart from you. Whether you march into hell to dance with the devil or climb up to heaven to play the harps with angels, I’ll be with you always. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages For Soulmate


2. You’re a perfect blend of all the good things and luck favoured me to have you as a mate of my soul; blessed I’m. Happy birthday to the most precious person, my soulmate.


3. Your kind soul makes the world a better place and the love it carries makes my world a safer, warmer, and the most heavenly place on the earth. Happy birthday to my soulmate.


4. Let’s get in this hot air balloon and fly to the infinite heights of love. Whether we land in an empty desert or on a sunny beach, together, we’ll make it better. Happy birthday.


5. As you blow candles today, I wish the wind of optimism surrounds you and whirls you to the heights of everything good for I wish to see you the happiest. Happy birthday.


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These are the birthday wishes you can use to make your mate of this lifetime realize how you cannot hold back in showing your love. While all the other ways might be great too to showcase your love, nothing can beat the magic that words hold. Even if your love language is not speaking your love, don’t let the birthday wishes get out of your focal point. Never skip on wishing them as the clock shows four zeroes, with wishes that can make their heart and eyes pop when you with clock signify the beginning of their birthday.