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Card Quotes – Card Lovers Quotes

Quotes About Cards

Life is a game of cards and it is up to you how you deal with it and how you play it.


We are the players of cards in our lives and once we have cards in our hands, we should know how to play in order to win the game.


Many people do not grow up at all, they just get older. This is just because they do not know how to play right move to go on in life.

card quotes


You can not go right in life until you deal with the cards the best way you can.- Card Quotes


Life is not just about having good cards in your hand, it is about how you play those cards.


The cards you are dealt with cannot be changed, you just have to play the game wisely afterwards.


There is some curse in everyone’s life, because of those bad cards that were given by life. But it’s never too late to mend. Play your best with the cards you have and make your life better.- Quotes about cards


I do not take my wallet with me. I always have my cards in my pocket and cash in my shoes.


Not only good cards are important, you must know how to play them.


Card Lovers Quotes

When you find a Queen in your life, respect her and love her because you do not get her every time. Don’t shuffle the cards again because you can get a joker this time. – Card Quotes


Every Queen must find a King who love her and protect her.



All men are like a complete deck of cards, you rarely find a king but there are many jacks.


There will be only 5 kings in the whole world in coming years. The King of England and the four Kings in the deck of cards.


Playing cards is like handling your life. If you play right moves, you win the game.


You are free to play the cards of your life and if you play them right, you are a hero.


Many people do not play the right moves in life. But they can mend it by reshullfing the cards and playing right moves.


Your cards are in your hand and you are free to play them the way you want.


You have to take decisions on your own. If you play the right cards at right time, the game is yours…