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50 Best Falling In Love Quotes To Express Unspoken Love

Falling In Love Quotes

No quotes about falling in love could have prepared me for you. I was not ready to fall for you, and yet I did. That turned out to be the best thing that happened to me in my life.

Falling For You Quotes


The feeling of falling in love was so beautiful. It came as a surprise, and there was no warning before it happened. It’s like I’m looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses.

Falling For Someone Quotes


I fell for you, and I have been in love with you since then. Trust me, many more would have had those little crushes for you too – you’re just too shy to notice it all.


You remember how people say that it’s called ‘falling in love’ because you just fall for someone unexpectedly, I personally understand that after I met you.


When I fell for you, I started feeling scared. I didn’t know if the feelings were going to go away, or what will happen if I tell you about it. Here I am, taking the leap, fingers crossed.

Falling For You Quotes


Maybe you shouldn’t be treating me so nicely. I won’t know what to do if I really fall for you one day, and by then you might not want to be around me anymore.


We all start with falling for someone before we start being in love with said person. There’s also the last stage, where we fall out of love – but I hope that it will never happen for us.


I have always believed that a successful relationship or even a marriage will require this secret ingredient – to fall in love with the same person, every single day.

Falling In Love Quotes


I have always been scared of falling in love, because of 90% of the time, things will start going wrong from that point onwards.


We can all fall in love, but what are the chances of that same person falling for us at the same time? That is why I can never tell you my true feelings.

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Falling In Love With You Quotes

You can have your ideals, but the truth is that you won’t fall for someone who meets all these criteria – it will always be someone unexpected, perhaps even the complete opposite of your ideals.

Falling In Love Quotes


It’s easier to just lock yourself up and be away from people than to fall for someone who might not even return your feelings at all. It’s easier that way.


They do call it falling in love, and not stepping into love. The thing that they didn’t warn you was how difficult it was to get out once you have fallen in love.


Falling for someone is a unique experience. It’s better to fall deep and hard in love with a single person rather than falling to 50 different people, just a little bit every time.

Falling For You Quotes


I’m starting to believe that when we fall for someone, we are just falling for the better parts of ourselves that we wish we were.


Falling For You Quotes

I knew that I was falling for you when you started becoming the first thought in my mind when I wake up, and the last thought that I bring with me as I go to sleep.

Falling For You Quotes


Falling for you was easy – perhaps even way too easy. You were all I had in my mind, and I don’t think I will want to change that for anything else.


I remember the exact day that I fell for you. It was a sunny day, and you were just going about your daily life as you walked down the stairs. You were so beautiful, and I didn’t know why.


It was only when I met you that I learned exactly why people called it falling in love. I did not expect you to enter my life, much less to fall for you – but I did.


I want you to know that you will always be perfect in my eyes. I then saw your imperfections, and I loved you even more.

Falling In Love Quotes


Falling for you was the easiest thing that i have ever done. One gaze at you and I was done for. Now that I can’t get you out of my head, are you going to take responsibility for this?


Ever since I fell for you, you were the only one that I could think of. Day in and day out, I only think of you, and I only see you in my dreams. Is there a remedy for falling for someone?


The truth about falling for you was that it was unexpected. I didn’t know that I was going to fall for you, but one day I just did. A normal day was all it was, yet I fell for your simplicity.

Falling For You Quotes


Falling for you was not exactly a choice that I made, but staying in love with you is. I can swear to you that I will always be in love with you, through the storms and the fires.


You were like the diamond sparkling among the waves of the ocean – My attention was drawn to you immediately, and I knew that I had to have you even if it meant riding the waves.

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Falling For Someone Quotes

I don’t even know when I fell for you. I just learned about you, got to know you better, and suddenly I found myself falling head over heels for you.

Falling In Love Quotes


The instant that I fell for you, I knew that was going to be the end of it for me. I knew that it’s going to be just you in my life for a long, long time. That’s just how amazing you are!


How is it that you’re everything that I’ve ever dreamt of? You are perfection – something that I’ve never thought I’d find, but here you are, and I can’t help falling for you.


I don’t know how to explain this, but I really am falling for you. I’m not sure if what I say will change anything, but a big part of me really wants us to be together.


I’m falling for you, and I can’t stop falling. Every new thing that I learn about you makes me fall for you even more and there’s just no stopping it.

Falling In Love Quotes


I’m terrified. I’m falling for you deeper than I thought I would be. Just what spell did you cast on me to make me fall for you this way?


I was just another normal person until you came into my life. You’re here now, and falling for you makes me feel like an irreplaceable movie star, with you as the leading actress.


It might have been your smile that made me fall for you when we were initially together, but after I got to know you better, your entire self became the reason that I fell for you.

Falling For Someone Quotes


I might not know much, but I do know that I love you so very much. I fell for you, and don’t think that I’ll ever stop falling for you.


Everytime I think of you, my heart starts pumping faster, and I just keep thinking of you even more. I want to see you, yet I’m shy too. Is that what it means to fall for someone?

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I M In Love With You Quotes

I’m in love with you, madly, furiously, and deeply. I don’t know if I’m showing you my love right, or if you can feel the love that I have for you. But I want you to know that I really do love you.

Falling In Love Quotes


It might sound like something a little silly to say because I’m your boyfriend, but I really am in love with you. I love everything that you are and everything else that you represent.


It’s one thing to love you, but it’s another thing altogether to be so in love with you. Even years from today, I will still be in love with you and everything that you are.


I’m so madly in love with you, and I can’t help but to want you to know it everyday. I want to remind you that I’m so in love with you, and you needn’t worry about anything else.

Falling In Love Quotes


When you’re in love with someone, you love everything about them. That’s how I feel about you – your personality, your voice and your kindness. The list will go on if you let


Unique Falling In Love Quotes

There are many reasons why I fell for you, but why is it that my mouth seems to be sewn shut when you ask me for just one reason?

falling in love quotes

I think I fell in love with you because of how you are yourself, perfectly so. You never tried to hide behind a mask, or pretend to be someone you weren’t. That’s what made you so special.

Falling in love is easy, but falling out of love is hard. You’ve been wandering in my mind for days now – are you tired yet?

To be honest, I didn’t expect to fall in love, much less with you. You were someone who I knew was out of my league, and when I realized I fell for you, I had only two words in mind: Oh, no.

falling in love quotes

I don’t think I know much about falling in love. In fact, I still don’t think I know anything about it. What I do know, however, is that I have fallen deeply, helplessly in love with you.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to welcome love or to be afraid of it. It’s just so scary to fall for someone without knowing what’s going to happen next!

Do you think you’ll mind if I tell you that I have fallen for you? I’m not sure what your response would be, but I think I should tell you anyway.

falling in love quotes

Love is a beautiful thing when enjoyed together, but a little scary when you aren’t sure what to expect. Now that I have fallen for you, can you let me know what I should be expecting?

When you fall in love, you probably feel nervous and scared. But you know that at the same time, you are anticipating something. You don’t know what, but the anticipation is right there, looking at you.

falling in love quotes

How do we fall in love so easily? I have fallen for people who I have barely talked to, much less known their name. And yet, it’s just so easy to fall for anyone at all.