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20 Farewell Messages For Your Employees To Say Goodbye

What do you say in a farewell message to employees who are leaving? Especially to someone you have never interacted with; because that can often happen in a large corporation.

What happens if a co-worker is laid off or is leaving for any other reason? We’ve got you covered. We’ve included a variety of texts to say farewell to employees, leaving the firm on their terms or for any other cause.

What are some suggestions for composing a farewell note to a co-worker who is leaving the workplace unexpectedly and under challenging circumstances? Keep it sincere, succinct, and to the point. Soberly wish them well for their future endeavors with our specially curated farewell message to employees.


Farewell Messages to Employee

1. During your time here, I’ve learnt a lot from you, dear. I wish you best of luck for your future endeavors, I am confident that you will excel in your new role with valor.

Farewell Message to Employee


2. You are going to be missed terribly. You’ve been a fantastic friend at work besides being a coworker, dearie. We should thank our fortune as it gave us the chance to collaborate, my dear mate. Best wishes for your new venture and the endless experiences ahead.

Farewell Message to Employee


3. I know, for you this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We still can’t believe you’re going to leave us but we can’t go against destiny. Good luck for your new journey, never lose hopes when the paths are thorny.

Farewell Message to Employee


4. You made enormous and extraordinary donations to this organization. I hope you continue to excel in all the work in your upcoming position. Your last day today at work calls for celebration!

Farewell Message to Employee


5. The role of a manager can be challenging, but you have always made it an easy thing. We will never forget your contribution for this organization. Best wishes for your future, now give time to your passion dear!

Farewell Message to Employee


6. Your encouragement and support were unwavering in both the good and bad times. We will remember you for our entire lifetime. Wishing you a fantastic time ahead, when you will sleep peacefully on your bed.


7. Nothing can be compared to the knowledge you shared with us and the things that you achieved. For us, you will always be an incredible employee who will be remembered for his good deeds!


8. It’s been a pleasure working with you bosses like you are pretty rare and few. On behalf of all the teammates and colleagues, I wish you all the best in your future leagues.

Farewell Message to Employee


9. This is not a goodbye because we hope to see you again sometime. Until then remember us and our good old times! People like you worth a thousand dime!


10. I am so excited because now you will live life of your dream, but I am sad because you will be leaving the team. I wish abundance of luck in your next chapter may you taste success there.


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Farewell Messages to An Employee Who is Leaving:

1. You were there with us through all the thick and thin. You have always helped us to win. We may never have tasted success without your hard work, but now live your life on your terms with us wishing you the best of luck.

Farewell message to an employee who is leaving:


2. Although we were colleagues, to me, you will always be my teacher in this league. Learning from you was bliss. You were more than a colleague; you were our elder sis.


3. Seeing your blank chair from my cabin will be a painful vision. But don’t worry I will always respect your decision.  I hope you taste success in your future mission.


4. Thankful is a small word to express your contribution to the company. It is a pleasure to have you on board on this journey. So, while saying goodbye I will try not to cry.


5. Chasing goals and scaling heights become fun when people like you give support on the run. While motivating our team, you taught us to fill our glasses with positivity to the brim.


Farewell Wishes to Employee:

1. Though this goodbye means we are no more colleagues yet we will never break the bond we share in friendships. Hope you achieve success in the future, do not forget to take care.


Farewell wishes to employee


2. As your boss, I might miss the way you work efficiently, but as your colleague, I will miss your warm smile and charming presence that was so lively.


3. Hopefully, your humor and smile brighten someone else’s day as they did to us for years. Farewell, dear, live life without fears!


4. If I try to describe how much you meant to us, words will seem meaningless. We will always cherish the moments of our togetherness. Wishing you a happy, healthy life with a moist eye; this will never be our final goodbye!


5. I have always admired you for being an amazing and hardworking employee. Today I got another reason to praise you after seeing you chasing your dream, dearie. Be a phenomenal person while pursuing your dream. Farewell, my best member of the team!


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It’s still polite to write a farewell message to employees who are departing, even if you don’t know them well, but now you have these fascinating messages that you can use to fulfill the purpose. Sincerely be honest without being excessively sentimental, which might appear superficial! Only mention their efforts and accomplishments if you are cent percent sure they were the ones who worked hard on something – otherwise, your thoughtful note may come off as a dig! You want your farewell message to employees to be meaningful while yet remaining composed and professional. A farewell message will make them feel cherished, and it will also demonstrate that the company values them and has a great company culture.