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25 Flirty Texts For Her That Will Make her Fall For you

Once upon a time, people love to write love letters to each other. Now, these love letters have transitioned into flirty texts which in a way can be defined as a short meet and greet through words. Technology has taken the front seat in romance. Communication methods have developed over the last decade. Even then, flirting still remains an art that needs to be mastered. What worked a century ago will not work in this generation. This is why we have come with some amazing flirtatious quotes for her that would help you sneak your way into her heart.


Flirty Texts For Her

I want to hold you, touch you, and caress you in all the right ways just to check if you are actually made up of sugar. Because you are super sweet!

Flirty Texts For Her


The moment I met you was the moment I realized that you have exactly the face I have been dreaming of all my life. Being with you feels like a dream. I wonder if I am awake or I am still dreaming.

Flirty Texts For Her


Talking to you gives me all of those teenage feelings of love that tingle my bones. You can be my first love because I will erase every memory of ever being in love in the past.


I think you are someone from the future. Why? Because I see my future in you and I am so glad to have met you in the present because now we can have all the time to know each other.

Flirty Texts For Her


You let me know that you don’t always have to die to go to heaven. Sometimes Angels come down to earth to bless our lives with a little piece of heaven. Thank you for coming in my life.


You stole my heart in a jiffy and I didn’t have much to say about it. But now you are stealing my sleep too. You have invaded my sleep time and it has started to bother me. Why should you steal my sleep when we can do it together?


I had a very strange thought today and it was all about you. I know someone will win you over someday and someday you will want to be with someone. So why not let me try to be that someone and we can see where it goes?

Flirty Texts For Her


I wasn’t sure before but now I am certain that cuteness can kill people. Your cuteness has not only injured my heart but also killed me a thousand times in love. Now there’s only one cure and that is for you to be mine.


Before I met you, I used to think that my heart was made of stone. But I did not even imagine that a beauty like you could melt my heart in a few moments. You need to save my melting heart by giving yours.


What’s so special about dreams? Why do they say that you cannot turn them into a reality? I have been dreaming of holding you in my arms when I want nothing more but to make it real.


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Flirty Text Messages For Her

Your beautiful, deep eyes can penetrate through the hearts and souls of people in a single blink. and my heart was nothing more but soft cardiac tissue. There was no chance that I could ever resist it.

Flirty Text Messages For Her


Your body feels like a temple, your face is like a goddess, your mind like a holy book, and your spirit like a prayer. You are my favorite deity and loving you would be my religion.


I do not think that heaven always means a place to go to when you die. Sometimes, it’s simply to be with the person you love and for me, my heaven resides with you.


I must confess that I have had romantic fantasies about you and each of those fantasies begin with a candlelit dinner. In case you want to know more about them, you can always join me at the dinner and we will start from there.

Flirty Text Messages For Her


I don’t know what you think of me and how you see me but I have all kinds of weird imaginations about you. Most of them include hugging and kissing but some of them maybe even more romantic.


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Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her

Good Morning, sunshine. I am just texting to know if I could book a seat in your heart if I have to wait in a queue. I am good with both as long as you promise to see me in the end.

Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her


You stole my heart without my permission and I fell in love with you without your permission. Now, I cannot stop thinking about you. Here’s a good morning text to let you know that I already am thinking about you.


Good morning, beautiful. Just realized early morning that my life would be so useless without you. I don’t want to live with the regret of never having you in my life.


Good morning to the prettiest girl I know. Just cannot stop thinking about your full lips, beautiful legs, and a gorgeous face that lights up the room. I am so glad that you are there in my life.



Hi, pretty babe. It’s early morning and I am sure you’re already busy taking care of all the beautiful things about you. I would love to be the caretaker of the same. So, ping me if you want to hire me.


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Flirty Messages For Her

Right now, I can see so many beautiful girls around me. But, none of them equal the beautiful lady that you are. I am so happy that you are there in my reality and not just in my dreams.

Flirty Messages For Her


I have been thinking about making my Life a little spicier and more packed with romance. So, here’s a preposition. How about I start calling you my bae from now on?


I was wondering if I should buy a new bed cover for my cozy bed. But then I thought it would be completely useless because I have the perfect back cover for it. So, can you please come tonight?


You have such little idea about all the things that you have done for me. You have stolen my sleep, stolen my heart, and invaded my thoughts. Come to my place tonight so we can discuss all the ways you can make it up to me!

Flirty Messages For Her


Consider yourself extremely lucky because being gorgeous is still not a crime. Had it been a crime, you would have been the first woman to be facing a trial right now. And I would be the first one to hand you over to the law.