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Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

It’s your brother’s birthday and you’ve run out of wishes and you simply don’t want to keep your wish dry, then you’ve landed on the right page. These funny birthday wishes for brother are the ones that suit any brother-brother or brother-sister dynamics the most. With the shades of humor, these wishes are suitable for probably every tone you’d like to wish your brother in.

Brothers are annoying but the type of annoying creatures you deeply care about and love. However, the dynamics sometimes don’t allow you to be vulnerable with your words, but humor can help you do so. We assure you that you’ll find that one wish that you can resonate with! Check out for more birthday wishes in Wishes Expert.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

1.  May this year you get to have dozens of light ball moments as you’re in a major need for it. Happy birthday, brother.

funny birthday wishes for brother


2. Happiest birthday to you and to your 10 other personalities, you all are doing very well. Brother, may this one turn out well for you.

funny birthday wishes for brother


3. Happy birthday, brother. With all the love and support, I’m always here to kick you out if you don’t behave yourself this year.

funny birthday wishes for brother


4. May this year, you find a better coping mechanism than to soothe your soul and gut with excessive food. Happy birthday, brother.

funny birthday wishes for brother


5. Only if I knew how to lie I could tell you how intelligent and sober brother you’re, because I don’t want to hurt you today. Happy birthday.

funny birthday wishes for brother


6. I thought to surprise you but God has already done that by making me your brother and nothing can beat that. Happy birthday.


7. Cheers to all the truth you’ve kept to yourself and all the lies you’ve told to our parents and of course, to your birthday. Happy birthday.


8. Note to yourself: you’re 30 now but you can’t stop doing the stupidest and dumbest things to remain my best partner in crime. Happy birthday, brother.

funny birthday wishes for brother


9. Happy birthday, brother. I think the best birthday resolution for you is to not open a tequila bottle in the morning.


10. Please do yourself a favor this year by not falling for emotionally unavailable people so I can see you at least for once as a sensible human being, happy birthday.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother from Sister

1. How can I not be proud to have a brother like you whose bedroom is frightful, brain cells almost non-existential, and grades lower than my height. Of course, I’m proud of you! Happy birthday.

funny birthday wishes for brother from sister


2. My friend looks at me and she feels better about not having a brother, and I think that speaks volumes of something but I love you anyway, happy birthday brother.


3. Only if keeping yourself and your surroundings was not so frightful and an impossible task for you, I would have tried to like you but, it’s too late now. Anyway,  happy birthday.


4. Happy birthday, brother. I can’t thank you enough for your existence because you help me do social service by letting people know what they exactly should not be like.


5. Happy birthday. I look at you and often say, “merlin’s beard”! How difficult it might have been for God to give you any special talents and so I don’t blame him for skipping that task.


Funny Birthday Quotes for Brother

1. To have both a badass and dumbass brother in you is a way of God showing that perfection is a myth. Happy birthday, brother.

funny birthday quotes for brother


2. Adulting is unsafe and you, my brother, are the one who reminds me of that every day. In the hope that you won’t make me feel the same one day, I wish you a happy birthday.


3. A few moments of silence please for the efforts our parents put to exactly not make us what we’re right now. Cheers to brotherhood and your day. Happy birthday.


4. May you stop blowing all the chances you get and throwing clothes while dancing on the bar table; one to save yourself from shame and the other one to save us. Happy birthday.


5. Never have I ever seen a man who does so well for two days and then spoils himself for the week ahead as a reward. Lord bless him. Bless my brother Lord. Happy birthday.


Crazy Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

1. Happiest birthday to my brother who cannot in this lifetime lose his insanity or be sober or else forget to take me along his stupid rides.  I wish at least for once you do.

crazy funny birthday wishes for brother


2. May you stop running away from social gatherings. May you can bear to have small talks this year. May you stop being a psychopath. Happy birthday, brother.


3. Hopefully, your resistance to not growing fades as this year passes and your persistence to be an annoying brother vanishes. Happy birthday.


4. I wish you a very happy birthday and luck to those who are going to choose to be around you as you ought to have a joyous birthday and they ought to have a peaceful life.


5. Happy birthday, brother. The hardest pill to swallow for me is not that you’re my brother but your obvious and odious willingness to make me feel bothered for not bothering. May you change this year.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

1. Happy birthday, bro. As long as you do not take life seriously and keep on engaging yourself in the things that don’t make sense to you or anyone; I’ll be proud of you.

funny birthday wishes for younger brother


2. Happiest birthday brother. I wish I could say that I see a younger me in you but I can’t. What I see in you is ten times more notorious, hazardous, and freaky person than me.


3. You shall know that I will never feel guilty for being a brother who spoils you and let you do all the things that put you in trouble. Happy birthday, little brother.


4. Happy birthday, brother. If not for God’s sake at least for your sake, if not the whole year then at least once in a year, take the high road.


5. The only enlightenment I see you can have this year is a realization of your abundant luck to let you have me as your big brother. Happy birthday.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

1. Happy birthday, big brother. I wish I could say I look up to you but our mother has been warning me for the past few years to not do so.

funny birthday wishes for elder brotherfunny birthday wishes for elder brother


2. Happy birthday, brother. I cannot thank you enough in this lifetime for being a role model for me, for showing me exactly how to not be you.


3. Trumpet please, my big brother is about to enter into a new phase of his life with the weight of all the unhealthy patterns that he has been carrying with him for years. Happy birthday.


4. Happiest birthday to my big brother who’s resilient enough to stay emotionally damaged and broke even after going to countless hours of therapy sessions and making piles of money! How do you do it all?


5. Believe me or not but I remain mom’s favorite child and our dog’s favorite person. To save you from more damage, I suggest keeping your friends away from me. Happy birthday, big brother.


Let these funny birthday wishes invite giggles and peals of laughter on your brother’s birthday. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday without the flecks of fun and a bunch of puns. Covering every scenario and dynamic of a sibling relationship, this set of wishes is a complete one to find the wishes to wish your brother with. And that you might have realized as you’re reading this. Show your love to your brother in your way; a way full of sarcasm.