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25 Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Sister

It’s your sister’s birthday and the dynamic of your relationship with her is such that only funny or sarcastic wishes can do the justice to it. These funny birthday wishes for sister are then the ones you should go with. You surely will be the one to wish your sister the best way if you go with these wishes which carry a hint of love and a touch of sarcasm.


Funny Birthday Messages for Sister

1. It’s good to have at least one day dedicated to having a spotlight on you. It makes me feel less bad about having it on me for all the other 364 days. Happy birthday, sister.

funny birthday wishes for sister


2. God already has blessed you by giving you a sister like me with a brain who actually knows how to use it, so that you can rely on me. Happy birthday, sister.

funny birthday wishes for sister


3. Your birthday gives our mom and dad a false hope that you actually are growing! I hope God enlighten them with clarity or you with the ability to grow. But happy birthday.

funny birthday wishes for sister


4. Happiest birthday, sis. I hope, you can give a break to the amazon delivery guy today at least and give your fingers a little rest from not scrolling on the product pages!

funny birthday wishes for sister


5. Let the insane in you take over the sane in you today to let others know how much of a daily struggle we go through but happy birthday, have a lovingly insane day.

funny birthday wishes for sister


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Funny Happy Birthday Sister Wishes

1. As today is your day, I assure you that I’ll be nice even if I have to tell you lies. And I’ll start it by saying that you look absolutely stunning today Happy birthday sister.

funny happy birthday sister wishes


2. I can be honest and tell you that you seem like adopted but because today is your birthday, I’ll let you have your moments and feel at home. Happy birthday, sister.


3. All of our family and friends are going to bring gifts, and I ought to be different so, I thought to surprise you with empty hands waving in the air saying happy birthday to you.


4. Before the day ends, I want to promise to be nice to you and as the day ends, I want you to forget my words as I might! Happy birthday, sister.


5. You’re a shining lighthouse in the bay of stupidity, but today is your birthday so I will not take into account that fact, but only for today! Happy birthday, sis.


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Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister From Brother

1. You’ve grown so much in these years that I cannot be more proud! And if you believed what I said then you confirmed to me that you definitely are not any smarter. But happy birthday!

funny birthday wishes for sister from brother


2. Rip to those countless hours you took to choose an outfit. I choose to not blame the outfit for not making you look any better; it tried its best! Happy birthday, sister.


3. I’d rather vanish into the abyss than gather the courage to tell you the sweet lies. Or should I say terrible lies like I’m so glad to have you as a sister? Anyways, happy birthday!


4. Hold the present I bought for you. Feel all my love while holding it and now throw that empty box out of the window. You get my emotions, right? And that’s what matters! Happy birthday.


5. Sister, as your big brother I advise you to let those baby brain cells run to save you in this lifetime, I won’t be there to save you always! Happy birthday.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister From Sister

1. The best part about being your sister is that I don’t have to go shopping alone. But when I own your wardrobe, who needs to go on shopping anyway?.  Happy birthday, sis!

funny birthday wishes for sister from sister


2. Today is the day to have a sister’s day out and you can be as usual floppy drunk and I’ll be as always a funny one!  Happy birthday, sis.


3. Happy birthday, sis. To see you dance at your birthday party makes me anxious. I don’t know if I don’t want my eyes to get hurt or you! You can learn from experts though(me)!


4. To let us celebrate your day peacefully and to let yourself have a blast, can you please only for today put the dramatic in you on vanish mode? Happy birthday, sis.


5. May all your haters find themselves in the depths of hellfire to miss the instances to drag you down from your cloud 9 and let you have your moment. Love you, happy birthday sis.


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Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister on Facebook

1. Today is my sister’s birthday and I dare not to upset her. It’s the toughest task to do and I’ve never succeeded at it, but let’s hope for the best today. Happy birthday, sis.

funny birthday wishes for sister on facebook


2. Sister today is your day. You can totally live in a different dimension today and forget how disappointed our parents are in you. Happy birthday.


3. She blooms like a wildflower wherever she gets planted. The only trouble is that for us it’s troublesome to do a lot of work to ground her uptight soul, but we’re getting there. Happy birthday.


4. And there she is getting into her forties with a radiance of the sun in which you can totally not see the tangled wrinkles(don’t zoom in,) happy birthday to her.


5. Sister, it’s okay to cry over a guy who you never dated, use filters, and lie about never using them; it’s totally okay if I find you drunk tomorrow morning on a sidewalk. Happy birthday.


Yes, you can surprise her by distracting her and smashing a cake on her face with the other hand but it’s her birthday. And you do not want to do anything that holds the potential of upsetting her or boiling her with anger. At least on her birthday, be on the safer side and wish her these harmless funny wishes.