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Good Night Wishes (Good Night Quotes Messages)

Good Night Wishes:

Good Night Messages

Use inspirational Good Night Wishes to say good night to your loved ones. You can wish your friends and someone your are in love with. Say good night in a special way and make them feel their importance in your life. Sending Good Night Wishes and Good Night Messages is really a unique way to say good night. It shows your concern to a person. Pick up the Good Night Wishes of your choice and wish any person you want and you care about.

We have a very good and unique collection of Good Night Wishes. These are romantic good night messages and best for the lovers. Send a different message every night to make him/her feel more special. Send using your phone or social media or whatever you want.


Good Night Wishes

Read the wishes and good night messages and pick up the one you like.


Be thankful for the every good thing that you have got in the last 24 hours before going to sleep. Every night I thank God that I have you.


I like nights because without dark, we would not be able to see stars.


The cool night breeze blows through my hair and its touch is reminding me of your sweet kisses. I wish you were with me and I have not missed you this much.


Every night I feel so alone and wait for you. I like the stars but stars in your eyes appeal me more. I think of you while sleeping every night. Good Night


Another day is going to end. It is so good to have a friend like you who makes my day so good and exciting. Thank you for being my friend. Good Night and have sweet dreams.


I whisper because I don’t want to disturb you while sleeping. I know you will read my message tomorrow. I just want you to know that I kissed you. Good night.



Good Night Wishes

I can not text you for 24 hours because I am not clock. But my heart is like a clock for you who keep on loving you, caring for you and praying for you non stop. You are very special to me. Good night and sleep well.


I can arrange a bed of clouds and the stars as your table lamp and angels from heaven will come to sing lullabies for you. Sleep peacefully my dear. Have a good night.


We come in this world with nothing with us and same is the case when we go from this world. The only achievement we can do is to take some place in someone’s heart and some remembrance in someone’s mind. Have a good night, sleep well.


May god shower his blessings upon you each day and every night. Good night. Have sweet dreams.


Make a wish when you see a falling star in the sky at night. I have a belief that when you do this, your wish is completed, because I made a wish and I found you. I love you. Have a wonderful night with lots of lovely dreams.


Good Night Quotes

Nights are silent, lovely, full of dreams, stars and peaceful. But my night is not complete by wishing you a good night. Sleep well my dear.


Welcome to my Good night restaurant.

You will get cool pillow, bed and a hot blanket here.

And the discount on bill will be free sweet dreams and good night wishes.


One of the greatest gift that someone can give you is their time. Because time is that thing that will never ever come back. Have a good night full of lovely dreams.




For those people who dream, night is longer as compared to a day. And for those people who make their dreams come true, day is longer as compared to a night. I hope that your all dreams will come true one day. Good night, have a peaceful one.


May be you are sleeping, that is why I am walking slowly. I have a message for you and I just came here to say that, Good Night


The bad news is that there is no special key to the happiness and the good news is that the happiness is not locked. Be happy always and make other people happy as well. I wish you a good night with lots of sweet dreams..


Night is the time to forgive, to sleep and to dream. So forgive all the people before going to sleep then you will have a very peaceful night and sweet dreams.


Night is like a very beautiful gift from God. And you open this gift by closing your eyes. It is full of peaceful sleep and sweet lovely dreams. Have a very good night.


May God always lightens up your as the candle do in the dark. May you get all the blessings. May God always keep you safe and bless you with his best. Good night. Have lovely dreams.


You know why stars and the moon arrive? They are here just to say you good night. Let the dim light of the moon to enter your dreams and make them more romantic and lovely. Have a very good and peaceful night honey.


Good Night Wishes

Good Night Wishes

I hope that your sleep is also as beautiful as you are. Here the moonlight is dim and it’s time to take some rest. Go to your bed, sleep well and have lots and lots of good dreams.


I have sent something too big, fuzzy, romantic and warm. I know you are getting too many ideas about this but let me tell you that I have sent you a good night hug. I wish you a wonderful night with sweet dreams.


I wish bed sheet made of clouds for you and the stars to lighten up your room. And I wish that while you are sleeping, the angles from heaven play beautiful melodies to help you get the brightest dreams full of love. Have a very sweet and romantic night. Good night. Lots of love


Before you go to sleep, I want you to know that you are very amazing and one of the most important persons in life. Always remember that I so much care for you and love you. May you have a peaceful night.


Enjoy you day with doing whatever you want and doing your favorite things. And enjoy your night with the best dreams and peaceful sleep. So here night comes, enjoy it by sleeping well and going into the beautiful valley of dreams.


Black sky with beautiful moon and lots of stars on it are the indication that its time to sleep now. So get to your bed and sleep well seeing beautiful dreams.


Night is to sleep and see the dreams. Day is for struggling and making them true. So sleep well now and see the dreams. I pray to God that your all the dreams come true and you get all your desires. Have a very good night and a peaceful sleep.


I know that you are tired now. Close your eyes and let your eye lashes hug each other and take rest for few hours. May you sleep peacefully and wake up with no worries and tensions.



Good Night Wishes

Nights are for completing the quota of sleep and seeing beautiful dreams. So sleep well to start new day with fresh mind and body.


I wish a very good night to my very special friend. You are the best friend I ever had and I will ever have. May your new day brings lots and happiness in your life and may you your all the dreams come true.


Good night, Have sweet dreams. I hope that you forget all the tensions and worries, and start you new day with all new spirit and freshness. May you have a peaceful sleep every night.


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