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25 Emotional Goodbye Message For Boyfriend

Goodbye Message For Boyfriend

I’ll cherish every moment that we spent together. You were loved, and you’ll always be loved. My love for you will never change even when we parted—goodbye love.



Thank you for teaching me what it feels like to fall in love. You are one of my favorite chapters and a lesson worth learning. Goodbye.



As much as I want you, I respect you. I respect that you want to part your ways. Though it breaks my heart saying this, goodbye love. You will always remain in my heart.



I won’t hold any grudges against you for leaving. I’m grateful that we happened. I’ll cherish the moment spent with you. Thank you, love, for everything.


Though we parted our way, you will always remain in my thoughts and memories. I hope you have a wonderful life ahead. Goodbye.


I may be the one to end our bond, but you are the one who gave me reasons. Now I have no reasons to be with you or to protect our bond. Goodbye love.


Giving up on our love was not easy but loving you was taking away my sanity. I choose me over you and our bond. Goodbye to you.

goodbye message for boyfriend


You can love someone and still let them go. For the love, I have for you, I choose to let you go. I wish you happiness. Goodbye.


Even though we parted our ways, a part of me will always remember you. A part of me will always wish things to be as it was before. Goodbye.


Our love died the day we lost our spark. As watering a dead plant is a waste of time, so is to try mending things. We should part our ways. Goodbye.


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Goodbye Quotes for A Lover

It is never easy to say goodbye. Yet we have to do this. Goodbye, love, you were everything I wished for, and you will be missed badly.



With this goodbye, I’ll let you go. I won’t be able to make new memories with you. You will be my past, and I’ll always cherish you.


This goodbye is historic. I’m waving goodbye to life with you and welcoming a life without you. It will tough, but life is all about adventure. Goodbye.


I’m not too fond of the feeling that after this goodbye, I’ll have to live a life without you. However, I’ll learn. I will get back to life before you. Goodbye.



It’s hard to say goodbye as you are the only thing I want, but I won’t force you to say. Goodbye, love. May you get everything you deserve.


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Goodbye Quotes For Him

As you leave, you are taking away a part of me, a part that was happy being called yours. I’ll be incomplete without you, but I’ll learn to find my own happiness without you.



I know I can’t stop you from leaving, but I can try living without you. Life won’t be as beautiful as it was with you, but I will make my life worth living.


I watch you leave, holding all the memories we’ve made to this day. These memories will always remain in my heart till the end of time.


I can’t look at you as you leave because I can’t watch my dreams walking away from me. You were answers to all my prayers. I wished for you in my every prayer.



I’m saying goodbye, clinging to every memory of you. You may leave me, but your memories will always remain with me, safe inside my heart.


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Goodbye Broken Heart Quotes

I felt complete when we were together. Now when you’re gone, I’m all empty. There is nothing left inside me. I am all hollow.



Losing you was the worst thing that has ever happened to me as I prayed for you every night. Now I have loosed faith, and all I can do is cry. I know tears cannot bring you back, but there is nothing I can do.


You hurt me in ways I didn’t deserve, but because of you, I have learned what self-respect is. I have become a better person, and I know I’ll find love again.


I always tried to be the perfect one for you, but now you are the one who broke my heart perfectly. My heart is shattered into pieces, yet every piece cries for you.



You were my everything, now without you, I have nothing, and I’m nothing. I’m only a waste of space, and my existence is a waste of time.