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23 Goodnight Poems for Her To End the Day on a Great Note

If you are looking for a way to make the day of women you consider important in your life, then you have come to the right place. We have twenty best poems to wish them good night. These poems have been crafted while keeping in mind that the special woman here could be your mother, your sister or your love interest. So, there is a lot of variety to choose from. These poems will make sure that your loved ones don’t go to sleep with their heads filled with stress about what is going to happen tomorrow. So, here are the twenty poems:


Romantic Good Night Poems For Her:

Poem 1 –

Oh, here comes the night

And there comes your fright

I know you stress about

What would happen the next day

For now you have me wishing you good night

And tomorrow we shall face together

Come what may!

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 2 –

You have your favorite songs playing

And I have you with me

I have cooked your favorite dish

That’s what is your good night wish!

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 3 –

The night is long and getting darker

I know you have had a long day

But you must know that I’m here

To cuddle with you and do whatever you say!

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 4 –

I miss the times, mom

You used to sing us to sleep

You should remember that we do love you

However our love is unlike yours…

Yours was quite deep…

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 5 –

Here’s your pajama

There’s your T

Make yourself comfy and cozy

For tis a night you wouldn’t want to miss

Let me take you to your bed

Give you a good night kiss!

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 6 –

She fell asleep watching

Her favorite serial

I fell asleep watching her…

It is a good feeling to have her by my side

At the end of the day

It makes my life a lot easier.


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Sweet Good Night Poem For Wife

Poem 7 –

How did dad make this look so easy

Because I tried to take you to your bed

After you slept on the couch

Damn, sis, why are you so heavy?


Poem 8 –

Even with all the gloom and sadness

All the stuff that pushes me towards madness

I’m glad that I have mom with me…

Who’d caress my hair with my head in her lap

She is the reason behind my peaceful naps!


Poem 9 –

I wish I could be as good as you are

But the least I could to is to make sure

That you know we know your worth

So I wish you a very good night

To the cutest sister on the earth!


Poem 10 –

Mom is not home

Dad is out too…

You can come over if you want to…

I know your anxiety won’t allow you to come

But we can have a video call and call it a night

For you matter the most to me at this moment

And that’s something you should get right!


Poem 11 –

I know you’ve seen nights darker than this

But all you need right now to make yourself feel better

Is a warm good night kiss!

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 12 –

Hi, sis…

What have you been up to, miss?

I wish we could talk more but what can I say

Here is a good night wish from your brother

To make your day!


Poem 13 –

There is nothing more expensive than

Your smile on this Earth and

The smile that I love the most

Is the one you give

After getting a goodnight kiss from me!


Poem 14 –

We can be lying down under the stars

Sometimes we get to see mars

But your face glows brighter than any of them up there

Your moonlit face glows so pure

And your beauty knows no bars.


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Cute Good Night Poems For Girlfriend:

Poem 15 –

Everything was so depressing about today

You had told me in the evening

I’m too far to make it up for you

But here’s a link of animals being dumb for three minutes

And a goodnight kiss from your king!

Goodnight Poems for Her


Poem 16 –

Oh, so you slept in the middle of a conversation

And your boyfriend was annoyed

Well, sister, both of you should quit the angry act

And maybe next time wish each other good night!


Poem 17 –

I wouldn’t mind pushing you off the roof

To land on three meter high bed of flowers

What would make the night more memorable

Is you, me in a blanket by the window side

Enjoying coffee and then a late night shower…


Poem 18 –

I may not have the best vocabulary

But still I would like to say

Kiss the night a good bye

Sleep well and get ready for the next day!


Poem 19 –

Enough with the stress of work

Enough with the stress of life

You should get some sleep

For you’d explode worrying this bad

And I don’t want a new wife.


Poem 20 –

If I had a dollar for every time

I helped you get a peaceful sleep

You’d owe me 69…



Poem 22 –

Let me set the AC to 21

The temperature you find the best

And then I’ll get you some hot milk

While you get some rest.


Poem 23 –

Why do you want to sleep so early

Is it 12 already?

If not then stay a little longer

We hardly get to talk like this

Then I shall take you to bed

And read you a poem

As a goodnight wish!