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50 Best Happy 3rd Birthday Quotes And Wishes

Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd birthday! This year you really have learnt to talk well, haven’t you? You have such a curious mind and so many questions to ask!

Happy 3rd birthday


We hope that your 3rd birthday is going to be three times as awesome as your first two birthday celebrations! Happy 3rd birthday little one!

Happy 3rd birthday


It’s already your 3rd birthday? Time sure flies! It felt like just yesterday that you were barely the size of my hands in mommy’s tummy. We love you more than ever every single day!


My little baby girl is growing up more and more every day! I sure hope that you won’t rush growing up, but I know that this is not within my control! Mommy and daddy love you very much, baby girl. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday 3 Year Old


From 3 days old to 3 years old in what seems like just the blink of an eye! My baby child is growing up so fast these days! Happy birthday my beloved child.

Religious Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday 3 Year Old

Happy birthday to the cutest 3-year-old ever! Mommy and daddy were so proud when you went to the toilet alone for the first time this year! You’re going to grow up into a fine person, we can tell!

Happy Birthday 3 Year Old


Happy 3rd birthday to the future architect! You are building really fine buildings and structures with the lego blocks – who knows what you’ll be building another 20+ years in the future?


Aren’t you the fine little artist? Your abstract drawings all over the walls have driven your mom and dad crazy, but we know that you are full of potentials!


May your third birthday find you as adorable and happy as you always have been. You’re the apple of our eyes, and you are our bundle of joy! We love you.

Happy Birthday 3 Year Old


Happy 3rd birthday sweetie! I hope that you’re going to feel loved and cherished amidst all the gifts that we’re going to shower you with today!

Happy Birthday Little Brother

Happy 3rd Birthday Boy

It’s your third birthday today, baby boy! I hope that this birthday finds you with plenty of lovely gifts and a fantastic day out with your best friends. We love you so very much!

Happy 3rd Birthday Boy


Happy 3rd birthday boy! Don’t tell your siblings this, but you are our favourite grandson! I hope that you’ll love the gifts that are going to be given to you on your special day today, sonny. We love you!


Happy birthday to the cutest 3 years old boy today! You’re growing up to look so much like your father – we hope you’ll be just as awesome and caring!


Happy birthday to the most adorable 3 year old boy. There’s plenty of adventures waiting ahead for you, and so we’re gifting you useful gears that will help you in your future adventures!

Happy 3rd birthday


Hey there buddy! May your 3rd birthday celebration be as extraordinary as you are! Happy birthday to the most awesome 3-year-old that I know!


Happy 3rd birthday, little one! Time flies, doesn’t it? Every moment with you is so special, and we cherish them all. Hope your day is filled with fun!


Three years old and you’re already our little ray of sunshine. Happy birthday! Wishing you a lifetime of joy and lovely moments.


Can’t believe you’re already 3! Hope your day is filled with laughter, fun games, and lots of yummy cake. We’re so grateful for the happiness you bring to our lives.


Wow, 3 years old and you’re full of so much energy and talent! Here’s to celebrating the amazing little person you are. Happy birthday!


Cheers to the coolest 3-year-old in town! With each year, you shine brighter and make us prouder. Dive into your presents and have the best birthday ever!


Happy 3rd Birthday Girl

Happy 3rd birthday girl! You’re growing up to be the most adorable little princess! We love you to bits! May you grow up as kind and loving as you are beautiful.

Happy 3rd Birthday Girl


The best day of my life was when you decided to pop into it. You have brought nothing but joy and happiness into my life since you were born. We love having you around!


Here’s to the best little girl ever! For your 3rd birthday, you should have at least 3 lovely balloons and 3 gifts to make your birthday celebration 3 times more fun and memorable! Happy 3rd birthday our lovely girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday Girl


Three hugs, three kisses and three slices of cake for our favourite little girl’s 3rd birthday! Happy birthday to you and may you be filled with endless joy and happiness in the days to come!


The best 3 year old I know is celebrating her birthday today! Happy birthday my dearest girl – I wish you nothing but the best in this wide world.


Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet girl! Watching you grow has been the highlight of our days. Here’s to a future filled with more dreams come true. Shine on, our little star!


Three years and already stealing our hearts with every smile! Your laughter is our daily dose of happiness. Wishing the most wonderful 3rd birthday to the most charming little girl!


On this special day, we celebrate three years of your enchanting presence. With each giggle, dance, and hug, you light up our world. Happy 3rd birthday, our delightful angel!


To the cutest 3-year-old around, may your birthday be as unforgettable as the joy you bring to everyone. Dive into the cake, unwrap the gifts, and let this day be all about you!


Three years ago, we were blessed with a ray of sunshine in the form of a little girl. Today, we celebrate the warmth and joy you’ve spread in our lives. A very happy 3rd birthday to our darling girl!


Turning 3 Years Old Quotes

“Three years on Earth, but forever in our hearts! Here’s to the little one who’s turned our world upside down in the best way possible. Happy 3rd birthday!”


“When you turned one, we celebrated your milestones. At two, we adored your toddler talk. And now at three? We’re just blown away by the person you’re becoming. Cheers to three incredible years!”


“You know you’re three when your world is full of wonder, your pockets are full of rocks, and your heart is full of dreams. Keep shining, little star!”


“Three candles on the cake, but a lifetime of love in our hearts. Happy 3rd birthday to the one who’s made every moment count.”


“In just three years, you’ve given us a lifetime of memories. Every laugh, every tear, every ‘why’ and ‘how’ — they’ve all been worth it. Here’s to many more questions and giggles!”


“Turning three is a big deal! It’s the age of imagination, wonder, and the best bear hugs. Dive into this year with the same enthusiasm you show us every day. Happy birthday!”


“From baby steps to giant leaps, you’ve come a long way in just three years. And we can’t wait to see where your tiny feet take you next. Keep exploring, little adventurer!”


“Three years of laughter, three years of fun, and the best is yet to come! Here’s to you, the brightest 3-year-old under the sun!”


“You’ve turned our three years of parenthood into a timeless adventure. With every smile, every word, and every dance, you remind us of the magic in everyday moments. Happy 3rd, little magician!”


“Celebrating three years of YOU — a bundle of energy, curiosity, and pure joy. May you continue to light up our lives and chase after your dreams. The sky’s the limit for you, kiddo!”


How Do You Wish A 3-Year-Old happy Birthday?

“Happy 3rd birthday! May your day be filled with three times the fun, three times the laughter, and three times the love!”


“Three cheers for the fabulous 3-year-old! Wishing you a day filled with delightful surprises, yummy treats, and endless playtime!”


“Happy birthday to the world’s coolest 3-year-old! From your adorable giggles to your cute little dance moves, you light up our world every day.”


“Hey superstar! You’ve been on this planet for three fantastic years, and every day with you is a new adventure. Dive into your cake and let’s make today the best birthday yet!”


“It’s hard to believe you’re already three! With every hug, story, and game, you’ve made our lives so much richer. Here’s to the magical journey ahead. Happy 3rd birthday!”


“To our favorite little explorer, happy 3rd birthday! May your year be filled with new discoveries, dreamy adventures, and a ton of fun!”


“Three is a magic number, and so are you! From your infectious laugh to your boundless energy, you’re pure magic. Happy 3rd birthday, little magician!”


“Can’t believe it’s been three years of pure joy with you! Every day, you surprise us with something new. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our charming 3-year-old!”


“Happy 3rd birthday! May your day be as bright and bubbly as you are, filled with games, laughter, and all your favorite toys!”


“Roll out the red carpet because the star of the day is turning three! Here’s to you and all the joy you bring into our lives. Happy birthday!”


Final Words

Turning three is such a sweet time in a child’s life. It’s a year filled with new discoveries, fun adventures, and lots of giggles. Each day seems like a little adventure as they explore the world around them. Celebrating a 3rd birthday isn’t just about getting a year older but about all the little memories made and the fun times ahead. Whether it’s their adorable laughs or the cute things they do, a three-year-old brings so much happiness to those around them. Wishing ‘Happy 3rd Birthday’ is a way to cherish this special time of childhood and all the joy it brings.