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Birthday Poems to Wish Your Loved Ones

Birthday is a special occasion and you would not want to miss the chance of greeting your folks with the happy birthday poems we are going to share with you. People tend to remember words more than they remember gifts… Whether it’s a kid, a teenager, an adult or an oldie; words have a deeper impact than objects. So, why waste your hard-earned money on temporary things like a gift when you can give them a memory of a lifetime with our forty happy birthday poems which are specially curated for you! The following poems would surely melt the hearts of your dear ones :


Heart Touching Birthday Poems:

Poem 1

On your big day, my friend

Your glory everyone must hail

You go and seize the day

Win every moment without fail!



Poem 2

You won’t even notice

For it’d be a moment before

I come back

I don’t want you to rock your birthday

Without your favorite party snack!



Poem 3

Nobody knows you better than me

On your big day

I knew you’d wear black

But we got party-mongers incoming

You better prepare for their attack!



Poem 4

What a time that used to be

The visits we made to amusement park

On your special days

Now that we’re old and rusty

Every good memory of ours

Is all blur and full of haze.



Poem 5

Hey, dad

We don’t talk much

Because of reasons unknown

But I couldn’t keep myself from

Wishing you a happy birthday

Have a blast, you’re the strongest there is!



Poem 6

Happy Birthday to you, son

On this particular day

All the memories we have together

Follow me and I try to cherish them

To no avail

I just wish things didn’t go the way they did

I wish our relationship wasn’t a fail!


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Short Birthday Poems

Poem 7

This day last year

While fixing the table

You broke your nail

Pardon me for telling this to your friends

On your birthday

But even you must agree

For it’s a hilarious tale!


Poem 8

You might disagree

But you knew I always cared

Under my protection

Your birthday cake was safe

To eat it, no one would’ve dared!


Poem 9

We’ve had our issues

But let the past stay in past

It’s your big day, my friend

Party hard and shake a leg, if you must!


Poem 10

To welcome you in my life

Could’ve been a bad idea

But I won’t let you feel that way

Because I remember your birthday

Even after we parted our ways

So, a happy birthday to you, dear ex

Have a blast and a great life ahead!


Poem 11

What are the odds

Your birthday and prom night

Is on the same day

So, let’s call it a date

And make it a day to remember

For it couldn’t get any better in any way!



Poem 12

Your gleeful eyes

Have never seemed so beautiful to me

Was it my gift or the birthday wish

Or is it just the way you’re meant to be?


Poem 13

Saving the best wishes

For the girl who shines bright as moon

I’ve got her a birthday gift so good

That’d make her head swoon!


Poem 14

We could’ve done it better

But I didn’t know any other way

For all I wanted on my birthday

Was a bit of cake and you to stay!


Poem 15

Let me wish you

A very happy birthday

For there is nothing that can compare

To what you mean to me!

I love you, baby!



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Poems About Birthday

Poem 16

Is there any way that I could

Make your birthday memorable

For I’m ready to cross

Any boundaries if I should!


Poem 17

You will rock your birthday

Because you always know what to wear

For you have an amazing dressing sense

Of that thing, you should be aware!


Poem 18

I love you

And I cannot stress this enough

Happy birthday to you, love

For I’ve bought you the right stuff!


Poem 19

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated

And memories are created here

I want to hug you so tight on your big day

You’ll feel its warmth to your last layer!


Poem 20

Stay at home

For I want us to spend the night together

As you grow older

I want you to be with me

And know that I’m here for you

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I love you!



Poem 21

I’ve got a portrait of you

Fixed in my heart

For I don’t know how to wish happy birthday

To someone who’s truly a living piece of art!


Poem 22

Say whatever you want to

I won’t mind a bit

For it’s your big day, tiger

Burn your haters just like the candle lid!


Poem 23

We were all set to see you

Grow old and grow strong

And boy we are proud of you today

As you didn’t let our expectations go wrong!


Poem 24

It feels good to see you grow

A year older and wiser

Happy birthday, my son

I know words might seem good to you

But a gift would’ve been nicer.


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Poems On Happy Birthday

Poem 25

Forgetting all the fights

We have had

I take this moment to thank you

For being with me when I needed you the most

Happy birthday, my friend

I hope we get to see each other again!



Poem 26

Enough has been said about you

And I know how you have been

I wish you a happy birthday, sweet guy

Don’t bother about people who are mean!


Poem 27

What are the odds

I share my birthday with my best friend

I couldn’t have asked for a better gift

Than to wish our friendship never sees an end!


Poem 28

We won’t let you move a finger

As it is your special day, mother

I know we might seem stubborn to you

But save the trouble for next day or the other!


Poem 29

Let’s go grab your favorite coffee

But god knows where you’re stuck

It’s my treat on your birthday

And I wish you never run out of luck!


Poem 30

We could’ve been the best couple

But it’s okay

For somethings aren’t just meant to be

I wish you a happy birthday

After all these years

For that’s how much you

Used to mean to me.



Poem 31

Wake up and seize the day

It’s your birthday and you must rise

Oh, and don’t forget to look in the fridge

Or you’d miss what you may call a surprise!


Poem 32

Where is your smile

That you always carry

And why would you hide it on your birthday

You shouldn’t think that I forgot

To bring you a gift

Because I knew what you want before you even said.


Poem 33

Time is running faster than us

Winning this never-ending race

But it’s your day to live the best

And it awaits for your embrace!


Poem 34

As weird as your music taste is

I know you’d like what I’d play

But you’re in for a surprise, big guy

For me and party would sing happy birthday!


Poem 35


On this auspicious occasion

I wish you all the happiness in this world

May you live a life long enough

To achieve all you aspire for

Happy birthday, dear son!

On this auspicious occasion I wish you all the happiness in this world May you live a life long enough To achieve all you aspire for Happy birthday, dear son!


Poem 36

Say the words I just want to hear

What you want as a birthday gift

If you don’t say anything

I’ll buy you anything I’d deem fit!


Poem 37

Love is confusing as hell

But mine is not

I wish you a happy birthday

My lovely tiny tot!


Poem 38

Happy birthday to the

Best wife in town

I can’t wait to see you sport

My favorite royal blue colored gown!


Poem 39

Even if your birthday is over

You’d still be the most special

For I love you more than anything

And your love is my medal!


Poem 40

I cannot emphasize it enough

That you are the best thing

That has happened to me

So, I wish you a happy birthday, wifey

May god bless you

And I love you!