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25 I’m Sorry Quotes For Him – Apology Quotes For Him

I’m Sorry Quotes For Him

I know that I mess up very often, but I apologize right away too. Please understand that I never meant to hurt you. I am sorry, babe. Forgive me for my mistakes, and know that I love you.

I'm Sorry Quotes For Him


People make mistakes very often. And me? Make them more than anyone could imagine. I am sorry for this time and feel very bad for breaking your heart and making you cry.

I'm Sorry Quotes For Him


I am such a stupid person to hurt your feelings, but I honestly didn’t mean to do that and would never do anything to cause you harm. I am sorry.

I'm Sorry Quotes for Boyfriend


I am sorry for my mistake. Admit that it was my fault, and I shouldn’t have done that to you. But always know that, no matter how many times I mess up, I will always love you.


Every person makes a mistake, and it takes a big heart to forgive them. I believe that you’ve got one. I am so sorry, babe.


It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you have made because it’s more important to realize from them and never repeat the same blunder. I have learned my lesson, so; please forgive me.


Life itself is a big lesson to learn. So what are my little mistakes? I am sorry, love. I know you are mad at me. But I accept my mistake.



I am sorry. I promise not to repeat my mistakes. I love you, and I always will. I hope you don’t stay mad at me for a long time. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.


Hello handsome. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for what I have done to make you mad. I know that I am dumb. Forgive me, honey.


I am sorry for my mistake. It was my fault, and I totally admit it. I shouldn’t have done that. I love you, baby. Please don’t be mad.


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I’m Sorry Quotes for Boyfriend

No matter how many times we fall into the darkness, I am never giving up on us. We will eventually find the light, which will make our relationship stronger. I am sorry.

I'm Sorry Quotes For Him


No relationship is perfect. Every relationship has its ups and downs. It is essential to be there for each other when the relationship is on its own. I am sorry.


All I can say is I am sorry for my fault. Never want to do anything that will threaten the precious bond that we have.


I am sorry for my mistake and promise to make it up to you. I know I have messed up, but we all mess things up every once in awhile, don’t we?


Good things come to those who wait. So, if you wait for me to fix my mistake and make it alright, everything will be okay. I am sorry.


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Sorry Quotes For Him

It’s never too late to start over. So, I hope we can make things right this time. I am sorry for my fault. I love you.

I'm Sorry Quotes for Boyfriend


I know the silly mistakes that I make will never be the cause of separation unless it’s too big of a deal. But it’s important to apologize. I am sorry.


There are so many dreams to fulfill, and we cannot end this yet. We promised to be there for each other until our last breath. So, please forgive me for my mistake.


I am terribly sorry for letting you down. I promise always to think a hundred times before I speak to make sure not to offend you. For this time, forgive me, babe love you.


Although I have made a huge mistake, I believe that your heart still wants to give me a second chance. I am sorry, honey.


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Apology Quotes for Him

I want you to know that I am really sorry for making you sad. We always promised to be with each other, no matter how hard it gets. So, I will not give up this easily, and I hope you won’t give up on me too.

I'm Sorry Quotes For Him


Like life, relationships have their ups and downs too. If we are on the down today, we’ll be in the up tomorrow. I am so sorry for the sadness that I have caused.


Please accept my apology for letting you down. I admit that it was my mistake. But know that the love I have for you will never change.


I am sorry. I believe that our love is stronger than any argument that we have and won’t let this one be the reason for our distance. Hope you will let me in again.

I'm Sorry Quotes for Boyfriend


All I want is your happiness. And I am sorry for the days that I caused you sadness. I never meant to. I am sorry, and I love you, honey.

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