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25 Keep Your Head Up: Quotes to Boost Your Resilience

When life throws lemons, not every time we can make lemonade out of it. When things fall apart, we usually feel helpless and hopeless. Use these keep your head up quotes for the people whose lives have been stagnant or save them for yourself to give yourself a pep talk when no one else can. In either case, the below-mentioned sayings will help anyone reclaim power. Let these words filled with motivation refill your soul to get realigned with life.


Keep Your Head Up Quotes

1. Strokes of hard luck won’t roam longer in your region if you seek improvement and not a cry for help. Keep your head up and laser focus on the region of improvement.

Keep Your Head Up Quotes


2. Forge the suit of a warrior to knock down an array of hurdles and march ahead keeping your head up.

Keep Your Head Up Quotes


3. To win on the battlefield, keep your heart rooted in-ground and your head up.

Let the act of balance help you escape the oblivion to stay cheered up.

Keep Your Head Up Quotes


4. Even in the times when life keeps on throwing bricks at you, wear a smile with a courageous heart and keep on moving.

Keep Your Head Up Quotes


5. Don’t let your fears and past failures keep you stuck in the spiral of misery. Believe in yourself, get back on your feet, and start moving forward keeping your head up.

Keep Your Head Up Quotes


6. When it rains and you see no ray of hope, either you can sit with agony keeping your head down in darkness, or walkway to keep your head up toward sunshine.


7. Feel your pain and anger but don’t let them drown you in the water of pity. Move to calmer shores of healing without any baggage to keep your head up.


8. Keep everything you believe in close to your heart and protect it with everything you got, ‘cause that everything defines you!

Keep Your Head Up Quotes


9. Look at the trouble straight in the eye and don’t let its terror terrify you.

Keep your head up and don’t let it become mightier than you.


10. In the field of opportunities to fetch the one that can lead you to the land of your dreams, keep your head up and heart open to see it.


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Quotes on Keeping Your Head Up

1. In the times when everything crumbles, take time to ramble around with a head-up and high hopes, and everything will fall in its place.

Quotes on Keeping Your Head Up


2. To let the light in you guide, let the stillness in turmoil and calm in the chaos take place.

Hold yourself together to let movement in your stagnant era take place.


3. For the times when the path ahead gets blurred, let your inner voice be in charge of you and move ahead on the paved path keeping your head up.


4. When they can’t see the best in you, you believe in yourself anyway.

See the rare in you and keep your head up while walking away.


5. Keep your head up. Keep the nerve alive, only to never settle for anything less than what you truly deserve. Keep on moving on the lands of uncertainty to find what you yearn for.


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Inspirational Quotes About Keep Your Head High

1. Stand tall. Stand your ground.

Keep your head up and hopes high.

Keep an open mind and heart.

It’s the key to soaring high.

Inspirational Quotes About Keep Your Head High


2. Illusions die. Everything of the facade falls.

In a world where judgment never dies,

Confidence can only let you avoid downfalls.


3. Burn the bridges. Don’t walk around the eggshells. Anything or anyone that makes you look down on yourself is worth leaving. To do so is worth it to keep your head up.


4. The tides of ebb will not let you survive if you whine.

To survive, you must sail through them.

Those who learn to navigate can only sail through life.


5. Drop a tear. Tear down the walls.

Don’t let the vulnerable in you suffocate, open the floodgates.

To walk with your head up, let your soul be rooted deep in the soil.


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Keeping Your Head Up Sayings

1. Let your head stay hung up among the stars, ‘cause it’s better than hell and

It still lets you sloat and helps you see the terrains that others can’t.

Keeping Your Head Up Sayings


2. To look beyond what’s visible, seek something others don’t. And to do so you’ll have to start with keeping your head up.


3. For the damage is high when you listen to the voice of the devil on your shoulder and the evils of your surroundings, choose to listen to your heart, and keep your head up.


4. Don’t let the revenge take the driving seat on the route to your dreams. For they’re so pure, let your inspiration take over to have a ride of a lifetime, keeping your head up.


5. To let the seeds of hope sprout into the best version of you, keep your head towards the sun and nurture it with all the love you’ve got within.


These keep your head up quotes are meant to boost your confidence and re-ignite your passion for life. In these angsty times, when we can’t hang in there and find ourselves caught in the misery of life; we need to give that reassurance to ourselves that everything will be alright.