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30 Inspiring Kindness Quotes For Kids To Learn Care And Share

Kindness is the most inexpensive yet most valuable gift. Kids are incredibly impressionable human beings who learn from our words and behavior.  If you are kind to animals, your kids will learn to be kind to animals. But if you are rude to your house help, your kids will learn to be rude to them. Children are reflections of their surroundings, so teaching them to be kind from a young age will make them better adults. So use our kindness quotes and never miss an opportunity to teach your kids the importance of kindness.


Kindness quotes for kids

Your little act of kindness can mean so much to someone. They may have had a terrible day, and your kind words can soothe their daily struggles.



Kindness doesn’t cost you anything. If you see a street dog begging for food, give him some of your biscuits to make him happy and full.


If your friend is sad that they do not have a toy to play with, you can share your toys to play with them. It would make them so happy.


If no one is playing with the new kid in school, don’t let them feel alone and sad. Be their friend and help them make more friends in your school.


Stop your friends from being mean to someone in school. Teach your friends to be kind to other people. Always help people who are being bullied.


Do things for other people. Sell lemonade of the sidewalk to raise money for the unfortunate. Give away your old toys and clothes.


Don’t look down on the unfortunate. Be kind to people who have less than you. They are not bad people; they just need someone to help them.


Always be helpful to people no matter what, even when they are rude to you. Their behavior shows their character, so always be kind to people.



Try to help people who have less than you. Ask help from your friends and family to collect books and clothes for kids in orphanages.


Visit seniors at old age homes. They rarely get to see and me new people. Make them happy for a day by visiting them and spending time with them.


Kindness does not always have to be materials. Kindness can sometimes be giving your ice-cream to the small kid who cannot buy one for themselves.


Instead of buying a new toy for yourself on Christmas, buy toys for orphanage kids who rarely get new toys.


Help your mom at home. Your mom works hard all day at home to feed you good food, help her out in the kitchen.


Appreciate your dad’s hard work. He must come home every day exhausted from work, give him a shoulder massage and tell him you appreciate his hard work.


Visit your grandparents often. They are old, and they are always delighted to see you. Spend time with them on holidays to make them happy.

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Kind quotes for kids

Be kind to your teachers. They work hard every day, trying to teach so many kids. Always be polite and helpful.



Your friend may be having a difficult time at home. Always be kind to them and ask them how they are feeling. Make them feel heard.


On teachers’ day, organize a thank you celebration for your teachers. Make them feel loved and needed. Tell them that their work is appreciated.


Make breakfast for your mom on mother’s day. Give her a day off from her responsibilities and cook her favorite dish with the help of your father.


Go out with your dad on father’s day and do his favorite activities with him. Go to an amusement park and do fun activities with him. Tell him that you love him.


Tell your friends that you love them and appreciate them. Help them with their homework and anything that might be bothering them.



Help your parents with technology. Also, Help them navigate new devices and new technology. Be kind and help them learn new things on their phone.


Go to animal shelters and volunteer to walk the dogs. The poor dogs are always in cages. They would love to go out and explore. Be kind to the shelter dogs.


Celebrate holidays with your parents without any electronic devices. Be fully present, and spend time with them. Enjoy every moment with them.


Always tell your loved ones that you love them. Sometimes in life, it may be the last thing you say to someone, so always let them know that you love them.

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Kindness positive quotes for kids

Giving is more fulfilling than taking. Don’t throw rocks at a stray animal. Put up food and water for the poor animal and make a shelter for them to stay in.



Always be respectful and kind to your elders. They may be wrong sometimes but try to be kind to their generation and try to open their mind to new ideas.


Kindness does not come with rewards. You should be kind to people because it is the right thing to do without expecting anything in return.


Be kind to your brothers and sisters. Don’t fight with them, help them in every way you can. This will even help your parents.


We are all here together. Sometimes people want your kindness more than your honest opinions. Human beings make mistakes, and they deserve to be treated with kindness.