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Lonely Quotes – Quotes About Loneliness

Loneliness Quotes

Loneliness is a feeling from inside when there is no one with you. Many people whether girls or boys are very possessive about the one whom they love and have a relationship with. And when they are left all alone, they feel so lonely and broken. The loneliness quotes are something like an ointment that can heal the scar of loneliness up to some extent. Lonely people are very sensitive. Loneliness quotes are used by all the people who are alone owing to one reason or the other.



Loneliness is very disliked thing in my life. I worry most about being alone when there is no body around to care for me.


I had no idea about the loneliness until you went away from my life. I miss you so much


Sometimes I prefer to be alone because there is no one with me who can hurt me.


Whenever I close my eyes, I see the beautiful times when you were with me and I was not alone.


Whenever I see lovers sitting together or holding hands, I just do not look to them. This is not because I hate lovers, this is just because it makes me ask a question that no one can answer.. “Where’s mine?”



No one in this world can take away the loneliness that you gave me.


That was so beautiful time when you loved me, cared for me and then… left me all alone


Sometimes I feel so alone that I want to go to my get, get my blanket on and cry till I sleep. I can not share this feeling with someone because I know no body will understand.


Quotes About Loneliness

Being ignored and being alone is the worst feeling ever.

Sometimes loneliness is all over and around me. But then stop my mind to think of you and enjoy my loneliness.


People say that the worst feeling in this world is being alone. But I do not agree. The worst feeling in this world is when someone forgets you whom you love. You never forget this.


You have made me all alone and I am on a point where there is no one with me and my ceiling is my best friend.



We are together all the time but still, I die from inside because of loneliness that my love has given me.


Being alone is the worse feeling that I ever had. It is like I am crying constantly but without tears. It is like a storm with no rain.


All the time I just wish to be with you, I keep on thinking of you because I am so alone. and I miss you so much.


A lot of Valentines passed and I am alone. For me Valentine is just like all the other normal days.


My teddy bear do not hug me back but for the time being all I have is my teddy.


Walking alone and slipping and falling is very scary. Not because you do not have anyone to catch you. But because as always, you are all alone.


Depression and loneliness are my best friends these days. I am not alone, all the time they are with me.



I get so much fear when I think of my loneliness and feel comfortable having the same loneliness for the whole life.


If the love and trust can be found in home where you life. Then according to this, I am homeless.


There is a case when you are with someone and you are still feeling alone. Same is with me, I fell alone no matter how many people are with me.


I feel like I’m a bird in cage in this fake world where people are not when they seem to be. Many few people are true and just with you feel comfortable. With all the rest you feel as alone as there is no one.


Real friends never leave you alone. They do not make time to be with you, they give their own.


You left me and made my life so miserable. I die every moment without you.


Being Lonely Quotes

My smiles are not true. Behind these fake smiles lies a lonely and a sad heart.


Can someone like being alone? Do you think? It is not true, But yes I like to be alone then to be with a person who can not help me get out of the feeling of loneliness.


I do not know why my loneliness is with me all the time. You left me all alone and now my loneliness is very much on peak. No one can join me and make me happy.


Some people say that loneliness is something when you are alone. But for me, loneliness is a feeling when you know that you have no one around you who cares for you and loves you.


Whenever I meet anyone, I act like I am all okay. Everyone thinks that I am perfectly fine. But when the night comes and my tears start to fall. Only I know my condition that how alone I am.


Real loneliness is not when you are single. Real loneliness is when you broke up with your love.



I can not be alone for so much time. A day with 24 hours is very long if you are alone. So I take hours and moments and break my lonliness and fear into pieces. Because I can handle a piece of sadness, pain, illness and loneliness.


Loneliness is about the pain when you are alone and solitude is about the glory when you are alone.


Loneliness is very dangerous feeling. This feeling is like the worst poverty when you are alone and unwanted.


Language defines the word “loneliness” for the people to understand the feeling and pain of being alone. And the word “solitude” for people to understand the glory of being unwanted and alone.


Loneliness makes the like beautiful. It makes the nights smell better and makes the sunset look more beautiful by putting on a special burn.


Being alone is the worst  feeling in the world. When you are alone you don’t like anything and the life is all mess. May God never make anyone encounter this feeling.



Loneliness is all about the poverty. Being alone means that you are a very poor person. But solitude is all about being rich. You are very rich person if you are in solitude.


Life is a mess and it is full of loneliness, misery and sufferings. And soon it is all over and life will turn to a better point.


Negative emotions and negative things like loneliness, guilt and envy have a very much important role to play. These things are very important for a happy life. These are the signs that something in the life needs to be changed.


Language experts have very wisely defined the two words ‘loneliness’ and ‘solitude’.. One is for the pain of being alone and second is for the glory of being alone.


Failure, loneliness, discouragement, sufferings and all the sorrows are part of the life. But God give courage to his people to overcome all these sorrows and horrors because no evil can exist forever.


I have seen that so many great men are alone. This motivates me very much because all they have contributed is because of their loneliness. They have built their standards by being alone. And loneliness is the part of their life and the part of their ability to create.



Yes it is the loneliness that brings you out from yourself. Loneliness is enjoyed after a point when you get addicted to it and the you call it ‘solitude’


When friends and loved ones go far and disappear, there is the space left for the loneliness and sorrow that comes into the life and make it as the cold space between the planets.


Once you encounter the feeling of loneliness, it never diminishes from your life no matter how big friend circle you get or how many people start loving you. The scar of being alone heals very slowly.


Our every action is for some purpose. Nothing is done without any purpose. We make new friends and meet new people so that we can overcome the worst feeling of loneliness and to feel some emotions like to love or being loved and to avoid the worst emotion of loneliness. Same we eat different foods to enjoy their taste and read the books to think the thoughts of other person.


Loneliness is not same at all the stages of life. It get worse and worse as the we get older. The loneliness I faced when I was 16 was not that much intense that I am facing now when I am 25. And I hope that I will not get more such feelings in my life.


Poverty is one main source which make people suffer emotionally. But after that, there is another poverty called loneliness.


Loneliness is a very deep feeling and not a single person has discovered the depth of it.


People talk about the activities like what they do when they are alone. I just keep thinking while I am alone.


I want to write. It is not because I want people to read me and praise me. I just want to do it because I want to fight my loneliness and I do not want to handle this anymore.



Have a look on yourself and all you find will be rage, despair, decay, loneliness, hatred. And then see the God and try to find him your all the horrors will disappear.


Loneliness always attacks a person who is more possessive about the things and people. The only way to get out of this feeling is to keep ourselves busy.


I feel so lonely all the time but I have not enough courage to tell this to the people who love me.


Sometimes it is better for a person to be alone. Because you get time to enjoy being yourself.


This is true that you do not love me, you do not care for me and you have no concern with me. Because if it is so, I will not be feeling so lonely as I feel now.


I know the pain of going through the most terrible and worst feeling of loneliness. This poverty of being unloved is worst.


Whenever I think of you and the time we spent together, I cry and I just can’t control my tears.


I am alone from much time and now I am tired of being alone at my own place.


You left me all alone and my life is very dark without you.


The feeling of being alone when there are so many people around is very terrible. This feeling kills me from inside.