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100 Love Quotes for Him – Romantic Love Quotes

Romantic Love Quotes

Love Quotes for Him

Expressing your love to your boyfriend or husband or family friend through Love Quotes is a very popular and a heartwarming way ever. Love should be expressed in the best possible way to let your loved ones feel and know that how much you adore them and how much they are important to you. Here, we have the best collection of the emotional ‘Love Quotes for Him’, that you can use to surprise and cheer up your man by letting him know about the intensity of your love, you have for him. You do not need to hesitate anymore that how to explain your feelings to your boyfriend or husband that you possess because the following quotes shall help you to describe your feelings in the most beautiful and perfect way.


Love Quotes For Him

‘From the first day when you entered my life, I knew you would stay forever, not only in my life rather in my heart also. You make me happy. I Love You!’


‘I believe that dreams do come true because mine did and I am with you now. You’re my world, my Love!’


‘I do not have appropriate words to explain my love for you, but I do know that I love you with all my heart and soul. You mean everything to me.’


‘My world is full of happiness now because I’m with you. I love you from the depth of my heart, and I can’t live without you.’

‘My feelings were pure enough to make you fell in love with me, and I’m sure we both will be together forever until the end of this world.’
‘I felt the beauty of Love by being in love with you. I have entered a dreamland of mine with you, which I never want to leave. I love you and will love you till my last breath.’
‘I’m like an empty pot without you; please be the honey for this pot so we both can make a perfect relation together. Love you baby!’
‘I fell in love with you once, and I’ll always love you my darling because I can meet no one better than you ever!’
‘I can’t thank you enough for making my life so colorful. You have always been there when I needed you. I love you the most.’
‘I am lucky to find the right man for myself. We both are made to complete each other. I love you and always want to be with you.’
‘I am in Love with YOU, and this is the best feeling so far that I don’t want it to end ever.’
‘Whatever I have accomplished till today is because of your support and love. Believe me; no man on this earth loves you more than me, my prince!’
‘You make me fell in love with you, day by day and I’m getting addicted to you. I think about you; I talk about you. I like you. I love you.’


Love Quotes For Him Event greetings

‘Let us promise each other always to be with one another for our entire life. You make me feel special, and I’m happy to have you in my life.’
‘You are like my drug without which I get nuts so always stay close to me. Thus people will not think that your wife is a mad lady. You are the best hubby in the world, my love.’
‘You are irreplaceable and an important part of my life. You have a lovely nature and an amazing personality. I LOVE YOU’
‘You are a blessing. May our love bond get stronger every day. I feel real comfort in your company. I feel pleasure when I’m with you. Much Love’
‘Only you make me feel the real Me. I love you a lot. You make me carefree, and you are the sweetest person I know in my life.’
‘Thankyou so much my love for coming in my life, for making it brighter than the sun and beautiful than a flower. I will always and always love you. You showed me how to live a life to its fullest.    Thanks, hubby.’
‘I’ll never let you go, baby. You melt my heart when you smile. You are a crazy love head who can’t be forgotten even for a second of my life.’
‘The distance between us does not matter; my love for you will always be the same. Hugs and Kisses’

“Romantic Love Quotes for Him”

‘Our love has a special bond which will never get weak due to any hurdles. We’ll be the happiest couple in the entire world. Love you do much.’
‘It was our destiny to meet each other, and we’ll never be apart because God made us best for each other.’
‘You changed me a lot. You helped me to be a better person. You are my well-wisher. I love you a lot, and I’ll always be grateful to you.’

‘You made me a lucky woman that I ever dreamed of. May we always stay together and may the love between us increase by every moment of our lives.’
‘I want to be your dearest thing because I love you more than anything. I can’t stop thinking about you because you are one handsome guy that I just met by chance, and I’ll never regret this incredible incidence.’
‘There is nobody except You with whom I would love to spend my time with, my whole life. You are my pride and loving you is my lucky thing.’
‘You are the only one that makes me smile without any reason. Your thoughts make me feel blissful. My love for you will never be going to fade.’
‘You are a charming prince, and I am glad to be your princess.’
‘Thank you for loving me and being with me.’
‘You are the best-unexpected incident that ever happened to me.’
‘I still feel tickling in my tummy when I think about you, though much time has passed until now.’
‘You are the only person whom I love to bits. I would choose you than life because you make my world beautiful.’
‘My love! You are the person for whom I used to dream to make sandwiches for, press clothes, cook and to clean. You are my dream came true.’
‘You are my crush, my love, and my world. Your personality and looks just fascinate me that I cannot live without seeing you every day.’
‘We fight, argue, hug, love and laugh together. We love to be with each other.’
‘You are my favorite pumpkin! I am glad that my heart is in the hands of my best man.’
‘I love God for sending you in my life especially, to make my life brighter and much happier than it was. My all love’s for you, my dear.’
‘You encouraged, appreciated and motivated me at every step of my life. I am nuts about you. You are my gentleman.’

‘I know a man who is handsome, wealthy and sophisticated; he is my man.’
‘You deserve the best of the things in the world. You are my cupcake, honey.’
‘I started to love myself after I met you and saw you loving me so well.’
‘I love it when you call me, text me and especially when you wait for me at a place to meet me.’
‘My sweetheart, you are flawless and the most beloved person in my life.’
‘My man gave me respect, and I respect him as my man now.’
‘I f you were a lipstick, I always would have worn you.’
‘Our love bond is sweeter than a bird’s song and I can not, at all think of replacing you.’

“Cute Love Quotes for Him”

‘You are the pump to my heart. You mean the world to me.’
‘My heart may forget to beat but never forgets to miss you.’
‘You are the only source of joy to my heart. My life becomes dull and boring without you. The every bit of mine loves you.’
‘When I say; I love you, so it doesn’t mean I am telling you, I rather remind you. You are remembered with every breath I take.’
‘I have found my paradise in this world because I have found you, my love.’
‘Where ever I look, I see You. I see you in the clouds, in the trees. I see you in me. Love You!’
‘I have got one cute hubby whom I like to cuddle and tease because you mean the world to me.’
‘My baby! Thank you for being the rainbow for me in my cloudy life.’

‘My world, I want to be with you for my whole life. I miss you when you are not around. I love it when we spend time together.’
‘Everything looks beautiful when we are together.’
‘The world seems so fantastic when you hug me so tight. I want you to be beside me on every journey.’
‘You may be a mere individual to others but to me, You are my Life, my whole world.’
‘Many things keep on changing in this world, but only one thing that I can assure you of, which will never change of is my Love for you.’
‘My day becomes pleasant all of a sudden when I see you. You are like a bright candle which has changed both of our lives, and I hope we live a prosperous life ahead together.’
‘I think of you during the day and during the night, I think of you before sleeping, and after waking up. I just think of you  every time.’“My heart starts beating so irregular when I think of you. Love you to bits. Nothing can be compared to our love”
“I believe that to my every illness you are the cure. I love you too much that I don’t have the exact words to explain my feelings for you but I know that you understand and that’s where my heart finds pleasure”
“Being with you is my favorite activity because you make me forget every worry and every problem and that is what makes you special. I love you sweetheart”
“You may not be perfect to others yet you are the greatest person to be in my life. You make me feel special. You make me feel confident. You make me feel happy. I couldn’t thank God enough for His greatness to have you. Love you so much”
“A boyfriend like you is an endowment to enjoy the world the other way around. You made me see the life with the lens of beauty and charm. You made feel the love so deeply. You are an amazing creation of God. Love you for what you are”
“I am blessed to have a boyfriend like you who keeps me motivated, encouraged and uplifted to survive in my life. I am blessed to fell in love with you because you are worthy of praise and love. Heaps of Love from me”
“Baby you light my world like nobody else. You have added colors to my life. I love you with all my heart. My love for you is limitless. I cannot imagine living a day without you”
“Oh my Love! You are the oxygen tank to my heart. We are made to be with each other. I love you. I am fortunate enough to have you”

“I want to make the best of the memories with you. You are my perfect match. I miss you so much when you are not around. I Love you from the core of my heart. I hope we stay together always”
“I have no enough words to describe the intensity of my love for you. I would rather choose to stay silent than to take the entire time to let you know. I love you with all of my soul”
“Since the day you met me till today, I feel brilliant. My heart beats so fast when I see you in-front of me, I feel like I can get no better than you. Love you and want to be with you always”
“Our love bond will get stronger day by day because we both love each other extremely and that is the power that can bring changes in the world. A world becomes a happier place. Love you and will always going to love you”
“Loving you brought a sudden change in my life and I wish that this change may never change because a boyfriend like you is a prince that makes her girl feel like a princess. I Love you my dear”
“I live in a world where it’s only me and you, where I dwell in fantasy and we both enjoy our time together. I like my world because of you. I LOVE YOU and that’s all I do in my life”
“I love you! I never knew I would ever meet a person who is so pure inside and out. You are a true definition of love. I want you to stay like this forever. We’ll be the happiest couple of this world”
“I love you because you love me for the way I am and that’s what a girl always desires for. I am affirmative that our love will last forever because we respect each other and care for each other and that is the only key to a successful relationship. Love you a lot. ”