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New Baby Birth Messages And Quotes

Birth Messages And Quotes:

New Born Baby

There are many happy moments in anyone’s life. But no happiness can be compared for a mother and father on the birth of new baby. Birth Messages And Quotes are all about congratulating the parents on the arrival of little angel in their home. This is a very happy moment for everyone and it becomes more happy when one is wished by their loved ones, their family members and friends. You must wish and congratulate anyone in your family and friends or anyone you know.

Because being wished with Birth Messages And Quotes will surely make them more happy. Moreover Birth Messages And Quotes show your concern and your intense love for the person to whom you wish. So choose the best among all the Birth Messages And Quotes and wish a person you want. We have an awesome collection of Birth Messages And Quotes. Upload a quote on Facebook and tag a new mommy or daddy to make them feel special and to increase their happiness.


Birthday Message and Quotes

You can also write to them by sending them using your phone. You can also use any other idea you want.

Here is our collection of Birth Messages And Quotes:


Congrats on becoming parent. Being parents must be very good and a moment of becoming parents make one realize that here is the meaning of life.


Feeling of becoming parent is like all the battles in life are something meaningful and worth fighting for. I congratulate you on the happiest moment of your life.


There is no scale that can measure the feeling of happiness after you get a cute little angel. You must came to know the real meaning of your life. Congratulations on becoming a parent.


Here you became a parent. I hope that you will be the best parent in the world and will love your kid to the limits. Your kid is the luckiest kid in this world because he has greatest parents. Congratulations.


Nursing and taking good care of your new born baby will make you realize the real love and real feeling of life. You will love your life now because of this new angel in your family. I wish you a very happy life ahead and congratulate you on becoming a parent of little angel.


You will now fell the real essence of life and your life will totally change because of a new cute family member. Now you both are no longer just husband and wife, you are parents now and you are responsible for your new baby and I hope that you will complete your responsibilities in a very good way.



Congratulations, you are a parent now. You will have to change your behavior and your routines forever. I hope that you will take good care of your baby and your life will be more happy.


Congratulations on getting a new family member. Life keeps on changing but I think that this will be the most happy moment of your life. I congratulate you both on becoming mother and father. May your kid gets a long and happy life.


Congratulations on turning into three from two. I wish you a very happy life ahead and may you three get the real enjoyment of life.


There are many changes in life and life keeps on changing all the time. There are very few things that remains same throughout the whole life and one of those things is your love for your child. I congratulate you very much on becoming parent. May you both and your child be happy for all the life.


New Born Baby Wishes

A sweet little baby with cute hands and feet and an adorable face will surely make you love him the most. I hope that this kid will be very good for you. Congratulations on getting a new family member.


I hope that you will be the best parent and your kid will be very lucky to have an awesome and loving parent like you.


Your new baby is so lucky to be born in a very loving family. I am sure that you both will be his inspirations and his favorite people as well. I congratulate you very much of becoming parent and getting a best gift from God.


Your life was difficult from last few months because of the morning sickness and the food carvings during pregnancy. And now your life has changed to the changing the nappies and feeding your baby in midnight. xo xo. Congrats



The love of parents for the children is something that never ends. And you must came to know about this love now. I hope that you will love and understand your child forever and you will be his best friend. He is so lucky to have such awesome and loving parents. Congratulations on becoming a parent of cute little prince.


I pray to God that may this kid be lucky for you and may your life changes and becomes more happier. May your new family be very happy and may there be no worry and tension in your life. I congratulate you very much on becoming a parent and getting a very cute gift from God.


May the smiles and laughs of your cute little baby fades away all the tensions and worries from your life and may you get all new life with happiness all the way. I wish you a very happy life ahead and may you have a wonderful life ahead with your new child.


Your life will now filled with the happiness and cheers because you have a new family members and you all are now three musketeers. Have a very happy life ahead. Congratulations on becoming a parent.


If life is measured in the giggles and cute laughs, you are on the best stage then. I wish you and your child a very good and prosperous life.


Your new girl must be so sweet and beautiful because she is the daughter of a very handsome father and a very pretty mother. May she get every good thing in life.



You have became a parent now and you will come to know that life is not a race. It is a beautiful and cheerful journey which has phase by phase happiness. Your life will be very serene and bright because of your new born baby. Have fun with your baby and cuddling little angel in your arms all the time. Congratulations.


Congratulations on becoming a parent. I wish that your baby get a more bright future than the sun and may his all dreams come true and he get a wonderful life.


You will not feel tired anytime doing anything for your baby. You will not get tired cleaning up the room and cleaning the mess made by your little one. Congratulations for having a cute baby.


Your life will be more beautiful because angels always make the life beautiful and worth living. Your little kid has given a new meaning to your life and you must be very thankful to God for this amazing and priceless gift. I congratulate you from the depth of my heart on the birth of your baby. May he get a bright future with success all the way.


Congratulations on getting into that part of life where you have to change the diapers and wake up in nights to feed your little one. I hope that you will enjoy with your baby and will love him the way he need.


I know that you will take good care of your little kid. I wish a better life for him and may he get everything in life he wishes for. And I congratulate you on becoming parents of such a cute and lovely kid.



So you have become Mommy and Daddy now and life will keep on passing, your son will grow up and will have his own family and children. I know it sounds funny but its true that you have taken a step towards becoming Grandpa and Grandma. Ha ha.