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Personality Quotes – Quotes About Personality

Personality Quotes

Personality is when thinking, behavior, character, attitude and feelings are combined. Everyone likes a good personality and every person also wants one. Good personality is very important if you want other people to like you. Having a better personality is very important for everyone. You can never buildup your personality if you stop learning. We have a good collection of some personality quotes. You can use these personality quotes to tell your friends or any other person about their personality.Personality-Quotes-&-Sayings
These personality quotes can also be used as suggestions for friends. Read these quotes and pick up your favorite one. Here is our collection of personality quotes.

Quotes About Personality

Anyone can fall in love with your beautiful personality, your good looks will be a bonus.

You attracted me by your good looks, but you made me stay with you by your beautiful personality.

I have no attitude. I just have that kind of personality that everyone can’t handle.

Beauty of a person is temporary. But personality is permenant and lasts forever.

I do not care about temporary and un-important things. Good looks are not important to me, but only the good personality is.

I hate it when I meet a person with too good looks but having no personality at all.

Good looks and beauty are things worth less care. Personality is something that must be there with beauty.

Beauty and make-up are your plus points if you have very good personality.

People with fake personality are nothing.


God has not made anyone to be a copy of some other one. Live with the personality God gifted you and try to make it better.

The personality of a man is most attractive thing.

When you fall for their beauty, you get nothing. But when you fall for personality, everything about that person becomes beautiful.

I don’t hate people. But sometimes I have problems with their personalities.

No she is not hottest. But her personality is something that got me.

There is nothing to do with beautiful face if you have worst personality.

Beauty of person attracts eyes, but good personality attracts heart.

Guys date girl by looking at their looks. But a man will date a girl by looking at her personality.

When I see anyone’s personality come out, I like it because this is what they originally are.

Good looks are beauty are not every thing. But if you are beautiful but you have no personality, you are not appealing.


Good personality is not rare but you still need to find it out in a person.

The only thing that makes me closer to you is your beautiful personality.

Having a personality as yours is not less than a blessing.

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