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Romantic Good Night Messages

Romantic Good Night Messages

We have a good collection of Romantic Good Night Messages. If you are looking for Romantic Good Night Messages, you are on the right platform. Wish a person you love every night in a very unique way. We all run out of words when we try to wish someone. Romantic Good Night Messages do this job for us and you can pick up the one of your choice and say it. This will show your love to a person whom you wish. So wish your girlfriend or boyfriend every night with some awesome and Romantic Good Night Messages. This will also make them feel more special and will make them love you more.

Here is our collection of Romantic Good Night Messages:



I wish that moon always stay bright and full and you always stay right and cool all your life. Always remember that I am wishing you a very good night whenever you are going to switch off the light.


I wish you a good night and sweet dreams. I wish you a lots of love as well. Have a peaceful sleep.


Distance between us doesn’t matter at all because you are always on my heart and mind. Always remember me when you go to sleep and remember that I wish you a very good night no matter we are in contact or not.


Everyday of my life is the best day because I spend it with you. I can’t wait for the morning and I am addicted to you now. Good night baby, have sweet dreams.


Good night my dear, sweet dreams and peaceful sleep. May your tomorrow be much better and may God bring us more close to each other. Good night my love.


Life is so simple these days. All I want from my life is YOU. I dream about you every night and my morning starts with your thoughts. Good night, have pleasant dreams.


I wish you a very pleasant and peaceful sleep. May you get peaceful sleep every night and may your every dream comes true. I wish you a very good night and may your every night be lovely and peaceful.


I am so lucky to have you in my life. My nights are difficult when you are not with me. All the time I keep on thinking of you. Have a peaceful sleep tonight and every night.


Moon is so happy but sun is very upset. You know why? Because Sun is going to miss you and moon will be with you all night long. I wish you a very good night and sweet dreams.


Good night. May you have sweet dreams and all your dreams come true.


Nights are for seeing the dreams and days are for struggling for the dreams to make them come true. I wish a good luck for making your dreams come true. May you see so many good dreams and may all of your dreams come true.



Another day is going to its end. It feels so good to have such person who makes my day so great, you are so loving and caring. Thank you for making my life special. I pray for you that may angels guard at nights.


My loving for you is getting more intense day by day and I love you more than anyone else in this world. Have sweet and pleasant dreams.


Have a good night. I miss you every night till morning and my nights are very difficult and unpleasant without you. You are my love.


I have not dreamed about you ever because all night long I stay awake and keep on thinking of you. Good night baby. May you have sweet dreams.


Good night to you my dear. Sweet dreams and sleep tight. I wish you a peaceful night will all my might.


I wish you a very good night will all my love and care. May your every night be peaceful and may you have pleasant dreams.


You are my first and the last love and you are the most important person in my life. You are my everything and I just cant think of living my life without you. You are the one who has made my life beautiful, peaceful and worth living. I love you for all this. May you have a peaceful night.


I love mornings because in every morning I meet you and that moment is the most pleasant moment for me. I love you more than anyone else. Good night, have awesome dreams.


I love to sleep because every time I sleep, I see you in my dreams. I love you and I love to see your dreams as well. Good night, sleep tight.


Stars and the moon are here to wish you good night. They all are here to guard you at night when you will sleep. Good night dear, have very cool dreams and do get up fresh in the morning because I love to see you healthy and fresh.



May you have a very good night and sweet dreams.


The first thing I do when I wake up is that I think of you, and the last thing I do when I go to sleep is the same. See, you are always on my thought and there is no time when I stop thinking of you. Have a great night ahead with lovely and pleasant dreams.

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I never want to give you a goodbye kiss because I don’t want to leave you and say bye. All I want is to give you a good night kiss every night before you go to sleep. Good night baby.


Make a wish and say goodnight, go to sleep and I will pray to God that may your every dream and wish come true and may you get all the desires completed.


Millions of stars are here to say you good night. So switch off the light and sleep well. I wish you a very good night and lovely dreams.


I have given my heart to you and now you are its owner, I hope that you will not break it. Baby, I want your love and care. Good night.


Every time I am thinking of you and every night when I go to sleep, you are in my heart. Good night. Have pleasant dreams.


I can keep myself busy in the day and time passes without you. But I really miss you very much in nights.


Good night my dear. May you have sweet dreams all night and may you wake up with all new spirit.


There were millions of yesterdays and there are millions of tomorrows, you have only one today. And all I want today is you and I let you know that I am thinking of you all the time. I love you so much baby. Good night, sleep well and have good dreams.



You are my kitty and my teddy. I love you very much. May you have a peaceful night.


All I want is a good night kiss from you every night. Good night dear.


May angels guard you all night long and may your every night be peaceful and full of lovely dreams. Good night.


Good night baby. I love you so very much.


You are my love baby, I wish you a very good night. I can’t wait for the morning because I feel so alone in the nights.


It’s warm, it’s long, it’s big. Before you get too many ideas let me tell you what it is. It is a good night hug to you from my side.


I imagine your kisses when the night breeze touches me. This makes me miss you lesser. Good night.


I wish that my dreams come true one day and I wake up in the morning having you next to me. Good night, pleasant dreams.