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51 Best Single Mom Quotes For Strong Mother

Life is not easy, especially when you are a single mom. You sure did go through the pain of heartbreak, and now you have to raise your child alone. But have faith in yourself and trust the action of God. Everything happens for a reason, and there might be a reason for this happening too. You gave birth to your child, keeping them inside of you for nine months bearing all the pain alone. And you are doing a fantastic job of raising your child on your own. If you feel overwhelmed and low, here are some single mom quotes to motivate you to keep going.


Single Mom Quotes

It is a tough job to be a mom, and it gets more challenging when you have to play the roles of both the father and the mother. It takes a lot of strength and courage to do that. The world is proud of you.

single mom quotes


Even if no one sees how difficult it was for you to take care of your child being a single parent, your child does. I know your sacrifices and love towards your baby. We’re all so proud of you.

quotes about single mom


So much courage and bravery are present within you to raise your child on your own. May you get all the pure love and support from your child. God bless you!

quotes for single mom


When the night is dark, and you sit beside your child to take care of him, a strength is building within you to be independent and happy on your own. Not many can have that power.


Believe it or not, there is something powerful hidden inside of every single mom. The power of being free and the power to protect your baby no matter what.


Trust me, the struggling days will be over, and you will finally see yourself at peace when your child makes you as proud and happy as ever.


Single mom means taking care of the little things of your child, managing your time to do everything for good, and loving your child like no one else. Do you see how powerful that is?

single mom quotes


The struggle of being a single mom will finally be worth it when you recall all the small beautiful moments with your child. That is what life is all about.


Sometimes, life teaches you a harsh lesson and makes you realize that all you have is yourself at the end of the day. So, love yourself enough to love your child the way she deserves.


Life is not always about finding the right partner. Sometimes, you have to be the right one for yourself and fight the world for your precious child.


Appreciate yourself enough that it makes you happy from within because you are the one who was responsible for raising such a beautiful child. Take all the credit and give yourself all the love.

single mom quotes


I know the struggle of being a single mom. But can you imagine the day your child will finally make you proud of all that she is? All of it will be worth it.


To the single mom, I hope you find all the happiness in the little world that you have created on your own. And I hope your child be healthy and happy always.


Of all the tough things in the world, one is being a single mom. There will be highs and lows in a single mom’s life, but it will make the bond between mom and child stronger.


Never see yourself as small because if you were enough to raise a child alone, then there is nothing that you cannot do in this world.


Every single mom deserves immense love and happiness. Life is so much more than finding the right man for you. All you need is yourself, and your child, and the world will be enough.


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Single Mother Quotes

Being a single mom is quite tough. You have to pour out all your energy and love towards your child. But the fact that your child will pour out all his love towards a single parent makes it all okay.

Single Mother Quotes


When you feel bad about how alone you are, think about all the times you have fought alone for your child, giving all you can. You are enough, a thousand times enough.


The hard work and dedication will pay off one day when your child becomes healthy and happy as ever. He will make you a proud momma, and that is all that you ever need.


Not everyone is capable of doing all that you are. God chose you to be a single mom because he knew that you are strong enough to handle it all. He is proud of you.


Happiness comes from your child’s smile and his joy. So, why does it matter if you are a single mom? Look at how happy your child is with you.

Quotes about Single Mother


Having your child inside of you for nine months bearing all the pain is not an easy task. If you could successfully go through that phase, then you can be a single mom too.


Dedicating all your time to rearing a child is a task not all can do. Never think of yourself less than a superwoman because you deserve to be called by that name.


It doesn’t matter if you are a single mom as long as you and your child are happy. After all, what is more important in life than to be happy?


You are your child’s mother, tutor, father, a protector, and what not? Do you see how much strength it takes to be the all-in-one person? You deserve to be praised.

Quotes for Single Mother


No one knows your child like you do because you have spent all your life raising her from a cry baby to a person she is today. We adore your strength.


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Inspirational Single Mom Quotes

Superheroes are those who protect their child at any cost and never lets them be upset. And in your child’s eyes, you are a superhero. For the world, you are a supermom.

Inspirational Single Mom Quotes


It is amusing how you can manage time for all the important things in your life alone. It’s never easy to do that, but you did it with so much grace and love.


You must be feeling like you are alone. But there are thousands of women like you who are struggling to raise a child alone. Set an example so you can inspire them.


Life as a single mom can be a struggle, but I know somewhere in your heart, there is a strength that says that you can do this. And that strength comes when you look at your little princess.

Inspirational Quotes for Single Mom


Women are often looked down upon, thinking that they are not as capable as men. But all the single moms prove them wrong. So, more power to you if you’re one of them.


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Being a Single Mom Quotes

Life is tough. Sometimes, you lay in your bed, questioning your existence while sometimes you’re in the clouds flying with happiness. But it will all work out in the end.

Being a Single Mom Quotes


As long as your kids are happy, there is nothing to worry about. Your kid is as happy as the one with both parents. It’s okay, even if it’s just you and the kids as long as they’re happy.


Being a single mom is being an inspiration. You inspire thousands of women into believing that they do not need a man to feel complete.


Some things in life are unimportant, just like a father who never played any role in the healthy raising of a child. And it’s not worth having him in your life.


One day, you will reach where you need to be. God will eventually figure out the way. For now, have patience and enjoy every single moment with your precious child.

Quotes on Being a Single Mom


Enjoy your motherhood, the small joy in making your child happy. It’s sad that her father couldn’t be here to watch him grow, but you have done such an amazing job.


I know being a single mom is overwhelming. But remember that it is also overpowering and selfless. It is having the confidence that only a few people have the capability to achieve.


Life might seem hard for now, but it won’t be hard forever. Have faith in yourself and trust the action of God. It will be alright, my love.


You are doing what a normal mom would do; in fact, you are doing much more than that. You are seeking the best for you and your child. And there is nothing to be ashamed of for that.

Being a Single Mom Quotes


Life will eventually find its way. And so will happiness. It will find its way back to you because Lord knows that you deserve every bit of it, single mom.


Single Parent Quotes

Being a single parent means being your child’s best friend. It means taking care of him as no one else. Motherhood is not easy, but it is worth it.

Single Parent Quotes


There is something about a single mother that is not found in anybody else. She is full of power and confidence in fighting the whole world alone.


Negligence is not attractive. Do you know what is? Time, dedication, effort, and sacrifice is. You have all these qualities, and you are an amazing mother.


There are always two sides to everything, the positive and the negative. So something which brings you happiness is worth all the struggles in life.

Quotes for Single Parent


Nothing is easy in life, but it’s up to you how you perceive things. Make things easy by visualizing it in your mind, and it’ll all be worth it one day.


Strong Single Mom Quotes

You empower other women and help in changing the world and its mentality. We are proud of you, super momma.

Strong Single Mom Quotes


If you ever feel like you are struggling a lot, talk to someone in the same situation as you. It really helps ease the stress knowing that someone else is facing too.


Taking responsibility for something is not easy, especially when you take the responsibility of raising a child alone. So, be proud of yourself. You are the change that this world needs.


Hitting rock bottom is how you will appreciate each and every step upwards. I believe that one day, you will reach the top.


You play the role of every personality possible. And that is amazing. I am sure your child will look up to you as an inspiration when he grows old.

Strong Single Mom Quotes