50 Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes And Quotes With Images

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Happy Birthday Niece Wishes

If you are looking for Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes then you are on the right platform. It is the nature of human beings to love children specially if the children are relative. We provide you Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes. Wish your niece on her special day to make more special. Everyone loves their niece so much and all nieces also love their uncles and aunts. To make this relationship more strong use Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes on the birthday of your niece. Our collection of Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes is just awesome and you can use any quote or wish you like.

happy birthday to my niece

Here is our collection of Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes:

Happy Birthday Niece With Images

Whenever you are in bad mood or you are down or you are angry on something like being grounded my mom or punished by teacher. Never feel alone and down because your aunt is always here for you to hug you and encourage you. Happy Birthday to my cute little niece.

happy birthday niece images


Without a niece like you who is my best friend, I feel that my life would be incomplete. I wish you a very happy birthday and a long life. May God bless you


I love you so much my cute little niece. My love for you is so intense that even Google and Wikipedia can not measure it.


Being you aunt, I think that it is my duty to wish you a very happy birthday first of all. Happy Birthday little princess

happy birthday niece


Being an aunt of a girl like you is joyous and real fun and it is not less then being a mother. Happy Birthday cutie.


Happy Birthday To My Niece

I love you so much mu cute little princess. The reason is not that you are my niece, but the reason is that you are such a beautiful and awesome human being. A very happy birthday to you.


I tried to search a perfect birthday wish for you on google but there was nothing special that could grab my attention. So I am sending you just few words with a strong meaning. Here is a wish for you “Be happy Always”. And I pray to God for your happiness and long life. Have a wonderful day

happy birthday niece images


I wish that you stay happy forever. You are the one who make me feel like a wonderful aunt and you make the word ‘aunt’ very special for me. I pray for your success and long life. May you live long


The relationship between me and you is not ordinary. You make me feel like I am most amazing aunt in the world. And sometimes I feel so lucky to have a niece like you. You are my favorite and like my best friend. I Love You. Happy Birthday, may you have many more.

happy birthday to my niece


The best gift life gave me till yet is YOU. Enjoy blowing the candles and eating cake. Have a very special birthday.


As I am your aunt, so I can surely ask for a grand treat for your birthday. Have a bash. Happy birthday


I wish you a good luck and pray for your success on your special day. May you have a great one, many many happy returns of the day.

happy birthday niece images


I can not be a PERFECT AUNT without a PERFECT NIECE like you. We are perfect for each other. That is why we are best friends. Happy Birthday. May your life be filled with the happiness.


The most important thing to be an awesome aunt in the world is to have a wonderful niece like you. May you get all the wishes completed and achieve every goal in life. Have a wonderful birthday


Birthday Quotes For Niece

When you were born, I was so happy.. But now, I am even more happy because you are the best niece in the world. Very very happy birthday to you

happy birthday niece images


My life would not have been this much happy and joyous if I was not having a perfect niece. You are the best. May you see many birthday and all your days become as special as your birthday. Happy birthday my princess


There are less great things in the world and I am having one of those great things. And that is YOU. I Thank God for he has gifted me with such a wonderful thing. Happy Birthday my dear

happy birthday to my niece


You came into our life like an angel. You filled our lives with colors and made it far better than before. My life would not be this better if you were not here. Happy Birthday


I never believed my sister that she can do anything great. But now I believe her that she can do anything. The greatest thing that she has done in her life is giving birth to you. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you be happy all your life. Your aunt’s prayers are always with you.


Never feel alone or down. You aunt will always be there as your perfect companion. I will hug you as your best companion to make you feel better. Happy Birthday

happy birthday niece


The thing I care for most is your happiness. I can not compromise on it. Being best aunt in the whole world doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is to be perfect aunt for my niece. I wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart. I Love You


Together we are a perfect example of perfect pair of aunt and niece. I am like your mother because I love you the same way I love my daughters. I Love You sweetie. Happy Birthday


I think that I can never grow too old because I have a perfect niece who will remain young forever.


Having a wonderful niece like you makes me feel the luckiest person in the world. Have a wonderful birthday party. May you have many more

happy birthday niece images


Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece

The best niece one can imagine can not be better than you. So I can proudly say that I have a perfect niece in the world. No one can be compared with her. Happy Birthday my cute little princess. May you enjoy every moment of life and may your all dreams and wishes come true.


You are my niece but I love you more than it. I love you like a daughter and I can not think my life without you. Happy Birthday

happy birthday to my niece


I wish you a splendid birthday. You are in the core of my heart and the person I love most in my life is you. May you see all the pleasures of life and may God be with you on every single step. Happy Birthday


You gave me the best memories of my life. You are the most precious thing in my life and I can not even think of spending life without you.


The happiest and the most emotional moment of my life when you were born. I can not describe how much I was happy at that time. May you live long and see all the happiness in life

happy birthday niece


You are the best person I ever had as a friend in my life. Our friendship is like something that will never end. So as a friend, I ask you for a treat. Ha ha. Have a belated birthday. Many many happy returns of the day.


I haven’t make any best friend in my school life. I made my best friend the day you can into this world. I Love You dear. Happy Birthday to you. May your life be filled with happiness and joy.


Have a lot of fun and celebrate your birthday in a way you never did before. Eat cakes and be happy. May you see more than a hundred birthdays. Love you my sweet little niece.

happy birthday to my niece


I was waiting for a niece and my sister was expecting a daughter. Look, how kind God is that he fulfilled our dreams. Have a wonderful birthday.


Amazing Happy Birthday Niece Quotes

Happy birthday to my dearest niece! I never expected to have my own niece so soon, yet here you are! Wishing you everything nice and more for your birthday celebration!



Happy birthday to you! You may still be very young yet, but I know you’ll grow up to be an amazing niece – just like your mother! May you have the birthday celebration of your dreams!


When I first knew that I was going to have a niece, I already knew that she is going to be a lovely person. That’s because I know my siblings are just as amazing, and their offspring must be too!


Happy birthday to my adorable little niece! I wish you well in your studies, your health, and many other factors of your life. May you always find a reason to smile every day!



There are many wishes that I would want to wish upon you, but most of all, I want to wish you a happy birthday! Here’s to your next few years making wonderful childhood memories!


Happy birthday to you! You’re still a young child, but we can all see the potentials in you as you grow up. Here’s to you staying jovial and happy even in the years to come!


Happy birthday to my beloved niece! You may not know it yet, but you are very well-loved by your mom, dad and aunt right here. We wish you nothing but the very best in everything you do!


When I went abroad for work a few years ago, I remembered you as a little child. It’s so hard to believe that my niece is now all grown up as an amazing adult! Happy birthday to you!



Happy birthday to my little niece! As your aunt, you can be sure that I’m going to shower you with plenty of love and gifts as you celebrate more and more birthdays. Look forward to it!


You’re the first niece that I actually grew to love so very much! Happy birthday, my niece. I’m sorry I can’t make it to your birthday, but I promise I’ll throw you an even bigger birthday party!

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