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25 Wedding Wishes And Messages for a Friend

Sending wedding wishes for a friend is a joyful moment because you’re truly excited for them to start this new chapter in their life with their soulmate. When you wish them a happy marriage, it lets them know that you support them wholeheartedly in this endeavor and are happy to see them start a new life with their partner. In the end, that’s all you really need, right? Wish your friends true happiness on their special day with any of these 25 wedding quotes and your warm words to make this event an even more memorable day for them.


Wedding Wishes for a Friend:

I couldn’t be happier upon hearing the news of your wedding and I want to be with you every step of the way! Wishing you the happiest conjugal life.

Wedding Wishes for a Friend


You two finding each other was like fate and your love is an inspiration to those around you. I’m so excited to see you on the most important day of your life!

Wedding Wishes for a Friend


Congratulations on finally tying the knot, you’re my favorite couple! I wish you both the truest happiness for the rest of your lives.



I’m so happy that you two found each other and made the best of that fateful moment. Wishing you endless happiness on this special day!


It seems like just yesterday that you two were simply crushing on each other, and now you’re tying the knot! I’m so lucky to have been with you throughout this journey, happy wedding!


Congratulations on this wonderful, blessed day! The love you have for each other is heartwarming and inspiring, I hope it always stays the same.


Much like your relationship, may your marriage shine bright and set an example for others pursuing love. Congratulations to both of you!



May you have a wonderful marriage filled with bliss, smiles, and all sorts of happiness. Happy wedding and best of luck!


Life as a wife/husband can often be tricky and testing, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day when you see a smile on your partner’s face. Wishing you a happy marriage!


May your love stay as bright and exciting as it is now for the rest of your life because you two truly deserve the best. Happy wedding!


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Friends Wedding Quotes:

Wishing you the happiest of marriages, my friend! Remember; the best thing you can gift your partner is love and appreciation, always.



Happy wedding! No matter how tough it gets, as long as you remember to keep love in your heart, everything will be okay. May your love for each be eternal!


Marriage isn’t simply a beautiful bond that changes your life, it’s also a glorious adventure that brings a new excitement every day. Stay happy!


Congratulations on your happy day! You’ve come together with hope, happiness, and immense love, and I pray it always stays this way.

Friends Wedding Quotes


Congratulations to the newlyweds! Welcome this wonderful new life with open arms and have faith in God to shower you with happiness and blessings.


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Wedding Message for Friend:

You’re married! I’m so incredibly excited for you on this special day and can only wish you the happiest of days ahead in this new life.

Wedding Message for Friend


As a married couple, you’ll be writing a wonderfully moving story that I just can’t wait to read. Congratulations on tying the knot!


Congratulations on finding a partner that loves you endlessly and giving them the same love as well, if not more. I’ve got nothing but well wishes for you!


I want to wish the happiest of days to the beautiful couples. May you enjoy a lifetime of laughter and happiness together!



Warm wishes to the two people that found happiness within each other and made the perfect decision of tying the knot on this wonderful day. Congratulations!


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Wedding Wishes for Best Friend:

I don’t know any two people who are more deserving of this happiness and love than this heartwarming couple. Congratulations to my best friend and their partner!



You’re so beautiful and happy today, my dear friend, that it brings a tear to my eye! I couldn’t be happier than I already am for you and your soulmate on this beautiful day.


I’m so mesmerized by this beautiful ceremony and the love you two share. May you two spend a lifetime of laughter and happy tears, congratulations!


You are the most deserving of a loving partner and a happy marriage, and you’ve finally got it. I’m so incredibly happy for my best friend, I could cry!

Wedding Wishes for Best Friend


Congratulations on finding a partner that returns all your love and laughter and kindness equally, you truly deserve it all. Best wishes!