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90+ Deep Being Single Quotes To Enjoy Life Yourself

If you ever thought that you are very unlucky because every one of your friends is in a relationship, yet you are still single then jerk that thought from your brain because being single is not as bad as we see it.

If you are single then there is nothing wrong with you or your face, rather you are somewhat unique and different. Have faith in yourself. This post contains all the inspirational and motivational quotes a person needs if he is looking down upon himself for being single.

Have some confidence, you will definitely find a girl who has the same mentality and mindset as you have. So sit back and enjoy reading these inspirational quotes.




Best Being Single Quotes

1. Even though I am single, I am not ready to mingle. I love my freedom and not letting it go anytime soon. So, if you want to date me, wait another 5 years, hun!


2. Hey girl, being single isn’t a bad thing. Put on your party shoes and get ready. We will party tonight and celebrate your single life.


3. Single? Don’t have a date? Well, date yourself. No company is better than a self-company. Enjoy your alone time while it lasts.


4. I thought I could never be brave enough to be alone. But here I am, single, alone, and empowered. Being single gives you a strange power from within. Ladies, find that power and start living a happy life.


5. It’s very rare that I stay single. However, now that I am single, I am enjoying my alone time to the fullest. Single life is growing on me; is it a bad thing?


6. You think I am single because I have no choice? Well, no. Being single is my CHOICE, and I am enjoying every second of it. I know true love will cross my way. But till then, I want to enjoy the serenity of my single life.


7. One advantage of being single I am enjoying right now is good sleep. Never slept any better in my life. Such peace tells me to stay single for the rest of my life. Getting my vibe?


8. Hey buddy, relax. Single life isn’t too bad. All your problems are gone in the smoke. Party, enjoy and get ready to mingle.


9. I thought being single was a terrible thing. But when I am single, I am starting to like it. No one always needs a partner for a happy life- and that’s the truth.


10. If you think I am single and miserable, you are wrong, darling. I am single and fabulous. I am dating myself now. It’s another level of peace and tranquility.

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Funny Quotes About Singles

1. I may be single, but I am not lonely. I enjoy being in my company. Nothing compares to the peace and freedom of a single life.


2. I am single. I am strong. And I am confident. Just because I don’t have a man holding my hand doesn’t mean I cannot walk alone. I know how to lead my way and walk toward success. So, stop staring!


3. Being alone is better than being in a toxic relationship. No matter how hard it might be, get out of that toxicity now and spend some “me time.” You will know what would be better for you.


4. When being single, give time to yourself. Find out why you are important, what you want to do in life, and where you want to be. Spending alone time and reflecting on your life would definitely help you to walk into a new relationship with confidence.


5. Even though I ended up being single and all alone, I still think that I am the gainer here. Spending time alone has helped me to discover my worth. It ain’t that cheap.

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I Am Single Quotes

Solitude is a best friend one can have sometimes. You just need to drown yourself into loneliness in order to find your true self again.


Being single is the only treatment one can have after having heartbreaks, lies and betrayal.


It is a thousand times better to be single and feel loneliness rather than being in a relationship and still feeling lonely.


If you are single, it does not mean that you are not good looking. It means that people are not smart enough to see what you really are.


Being single means that you do not want to be committed to someone yet. You need some private time for yourself and it is necessary.


For a broken heart, solitude and being single is the best cure.

funny quotes about being single


Being single does not mean that you are weak in finding a relationship, rather it is a strength that helps you wait for the right one.


I am single only because I have not found anyone who deserves my love.


I am not single because there is no one who loves me. I am single because there is yet no one capable of holding my heart.

being single quotes


Being single does not mean that you should let yourself down in front of your friends. A single person has all the time for themselves.


Being single does not mean that a person is alone and in solitude, there are many ways a single person can have more fun than being in a relationship.



Being single is a state and being in solitude is a feeling. We certainly can not change our state but we can change what we are feeling. So cheer up and enjoy being single.


A single person can do whatever he likes. He does not have to think about his girlfriend. He can party all night with his friends. And it is rather good than being at home watching TV with your girlfriend.


The difference between being single and being in a relationship is that being in a relationship you are in a cage and being single you are free to do whatever you like.


If it is about girls, then a single person can have fun with a lot of girls and the one who is in a relationship is stuck with only one. Similarly, a single girl can have fun with lots of guys, however, if a girl is in a relationship then she is stuck with a single person.
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By being single you are able to find time for yourself and it is the best time to find your soul. Find out what you really are by connecting with your soul.


I think only lucky people are singles. Because by being single you are free, strong, independent, lively and carefree.

quotes about being single


Being single means that your princess in still waiting for you to come and get her.


Being single means that your prince knocked on the wrong door. Be patient, he will come!

funny quotes about being single


You should never become someone else to be liked by people. Never change yourself for anyone. Be yourself, be different. The one who deserves you will like you as you are.


I am single not to get sympathies from the likes of you. I am single because I know what I am worth.



I am sick of all the lies, betrayals and heartbreaks. I just want a break. I am single because I need time for myself. I not find my worth. I need to find my soul.


One should never feel sorry for his solitude and loneliness. Feel it while you still have the chance. You are really going to miss it when it’s gone.


Sometimes, leaving everything and drowning in solitude is the best option one has after tasting life misfortunes.

Being single is special. Don’t waste it on pity.


Being single and alone is always better than being taken for granted. Sometimes you are just tired of all this and you want to be alone.


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Quotes About Single

Being single means that you are yet to meet the love of your life.


Being single means that your love story is so perfect, that it is taking too much time to develop.


Being single means that you are special, and the person who deserves you is like one in a million and you will have to try harder finding him/her.


Being single means you are free from all sorts of tensions. You can live your life however you want.


Being single is the only phase of my life that I enjoyed really very much.


Being single does not mean that you are not worth a relationship. It means that you are special and there has never been a single person good enough for you.


I simply love being single because it is like freedom. I ever truly felt free is when I was single.


Being single and in solitude is much better than having a relationship that makes your life difficult.


If you are single it does not mean that life is not fair to you. It means that you are lucky that you have not tasted those flirts and heartbreaks. You will directly find the love of your life.


If you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, eat whatever you want and say whatever you want then being single is a blessing.



After a heartbreak, the only way to get yourself together is to be alone. To realize that you don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not. Be true to yourself and others.


You don’t need someone else to tell you that you are really beautiful, awesome, and sexy. You know that already.


If being in a relationship tells you that you are beautiful, gorgeous and amazing then you can find the answer to that in solitude too.

being single quotes


Some people just love to be alone, but no one in this world can bear solitude. You are special if you are single.


Try thinking about all the heartbreaks you and your friends had in their relationship to calm yourself and your nerves while being single.


Being single makes you understand the real meaning of a relationship. While being in a relationship, your eyes are closed and you end up hurting each other.


While being single you understand the value of a relationship and while being in a relationship, you understand the importance of being single. Life teaches everyone a lesson.


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Happy Being Single Quotes

Being single is an important lesson. It teaches you to control yourself and get a hold of yourself while being in a relationship you lose your own value.


Being single means real freedom. You are the king of your own kingdom, you don’t have to speak before anyone. You can do whatever you like and you find your true self.

quotes about being single


You tend to be in a relationship for someone to love you a lot while being single you have all the time in the world to love yourself.



When you are single, you have all the time in the world to get to know yourself better. What do you like, what is your passion and what do you want with your life?


Being single is a lesson that life gives to know your own value. Respect your own self and know your worth. It is life’s way of reminding you that you are your top priority.


Being single is not a bad thing, but being single means that you are tired of living for others and you want time for yourself.


Don’t look down on yourself for being single. Rather have some confidence that you are different from all others and they are not worth you.


If you are single then it means you have the strength to stop compromising and live your life the way you want it.


Solitude is a best friend one can have sometimes. You just need to drown yourself into loneliness in order to find your true self again.


You are single only because you have not found anyone who deserves your love.


There should not be a status called single, rather it should be called “independently owned and operated”


While being single, you should not look for love. Being single is the time when you have to be able to learn how to be independent.


Single is not a weak phase of your life. It means you are strong and you have the strength to wait for what you deserve.


Don’t pity me for being single, I am not lonely. This is my choice. I know what I want and I know what I deserve and I will wait for it.


Being single teach me one important thing. Don’t ever chase someone rather get chosen.


I am single and if you want to change that then you have to be an awesome person.


Single, Taken! Who cares about all that. I know I am amazing and only an amazing guy can take me!


I have been single for a long time and I have to admit I am more than happy to be single than in a relationship. Things are working out for me. I like this life.


I like being single because it helps me to prevent heartbreak, cheated on, and disrespected in every way.


False relations are worse than being a lifetime single.


Remember that, if you are unhappy while being single. You can never be happy while being in a relationship. You need to find yourself first. Find your life and then share it with someone else. And one can only find himself in solitude.


I do not know what single means or what taken means. I only know that I am still waiting for something that is real and not fake.


I want to change my social status to ” Yes I am single, No I am not available”. 🙂


Keep calm and enjoy being single.


Sometimes you just have to stand alone in order to prove that you can still stand.


Want to know what is the best thing about being single? You can sleep all over your bed alone.


I want to replace the word “being single” and I would rather write down as “too busy enjoying life”.


Not all the persons being single are drowning in loneliness and not all the persons who are in a relationship are happy. It is just a matter of choice.


I miss my good old single days.


I love being single, I can come and go as I please. I can watch anything I want. I can sleep anytime I can. I can stay up all night long. This freedom is special.


When I say I am single, I do not mind it, rather I like it.

being single quotes


Whenever you are telling your relationship status to someone say it with pride. You are happy in your life and let them know too.


Being single means real freedom. You are the king of your own kingdom, you don’t have to speak before anyone. You can do whatever you like and you find your true self.


 I am better to be far away from all the drama and nonsense. I love being single.