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21 Romantic Birthday Poems for Her

Hello! We have the best collection of twenty birthday poems for her! Birthdays are a special occasion in our lives and therefore it demands special attention. You may have planned a big surprise for the woman you adore on her birthday but apart from that, these poems to wish her a happy birthday would really come handy. Also, these poems are written for that special “her” in your life. It can be your mom, your girlfriend, your wife, your sister or your daughter. So, there is a lot of range to choose from. Here are twenty birthday poems to make their birthdays memorable:


Heart-touching Happy Birthday Poems For Her:

Poem 1 –

The day you waited for

Is here at last

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Go have a blast!

birthday poems for her


Poem 2 –

So you tell me what you wish for

Is it a teddy bear or is it just me?

You pick the teddy bear as your birthday gift

But you don’t get to leave me!

birthday poems for her


Poem 3 –

The sun shines on this

Particular day of March

I wish you a very happy birthday

And going to help you make it large!

birthday poems for her


Poem 4 –

We have had our disagreement

We have had our fights

Let’s keep them behind us

And go for a long walk

To celebrate your birthday week nights!

birthday poems for her


Poem 5 –

Mom, I’ve left you a gift

Right beside your bed

Oh, it isn’t an expensive jewelry box

Just a framed picture of you and Dad!


Poem 6 –

I promised tell you a story till the day

You turn eighteen

I’ll do that even after today, daughter

For you’ll transform from a princess to a queen!


Poem 7 –

I may not be the best boyfriend in the town

But you must know that I love you

With every inch of my body

So here are your birthday wishes baby

Now don’t be upset from this clown.


Poem 8 –

Four words, eighteen letters

That’s the easiest way to wish you

But why should I miss the opportunity

To hug you tight and kiss you!


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Special Birthday Poems For Special Girl

Poem 9 –

I used to eat your ice cream

And your chocolate bars

Here’s me repaying them in bulk

Wish you a happy birthday, sis

May you shine the brightest among all the stars!

Poem 10 –

Call it a day

And sit with me

We shall plan what we are gonna do

For it’s your birthday, dear

We can either go to the cinema

Or let’s just see the zoo.

Poem 11 –

You’re the best wife one could wish for

But I am lucky to have you

I wish you a very happy birthday

May you live longer than that tortoise at the zoo!

birthday poems for her


Poem 12 –

Dad told me to wait till you turn two

So I could play with you

Now that you’re nine

You play with me just fine

Happy birthday to the sweetest sister

I am with you

Till the end of the line.


Poem 13 –

Love is a four letter word

And so is your name

I am going to wish you happy birthday with a cake and wine

Now you know what’s my game.


Poem 14 –

Every time I see your face

I thank god for being with you

Happy birthday, dear!

I love you!


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Poem 15 –

There’s a disease out there

So I’m going to bake a cake in house

You have fun as it’s your birthday

Have a seat and watch Mickey Mouse!

birthday poems for her


Poem 16 –

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful lady in my life,

I’m so lucky to have you as my wife

But now I need you to get calm

And put down the knife

For I’ll bring you what you asked

The next time…


Poem 17 –

The sun shines brighter on this particular day

The breeze seem more soothing

You quit the shy act and come out

For it’s your birthday and it’s gonna be amusing!


Poem 18 –

I’ve the playlist ready for tonight

Dad will decorate the home

Sis shall bake a nice cake

Then we shall celebrate your birthday

With Aunt Mary and Uncle Jake.


Poem 19 –

I am not much of a writer

But I want you to know

That I know this day means a lot to you

And it means a lot to me too

So happy birthday, dear.


Poem 20 –

Let me get some flowers

Maybe jasmines or tulips?

Why don’t you tell me

What you want for your birthday

I won’t mind hearing it from your lips!


Poem 21 –

Can you be a little more excited

For I’m more excited than you

I know it’s your birthday

But I can help you celebrate better than anyone else could do!