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20 Adorable Birthday Poems for Moms to Feel Loved and Cherished

Wish your moms a happy birthday with the following twenty birthday poems meant for moms!

Mothers are called God’s best creation for nothing. They have done so much for us and continue to do so whenever they get the chance. From raising us right, feeding us and making us what we are today, moms deserve all the love and respect in the world.

They are beautiful and kind. They do not ask for much but we must do something to make them feel special for existing and being the best thing in our life.

So, here are twenty poems you can recite to your mother on her special day to make it even better.


Top Birthday Poems For Mom

Poem 1-

I remember the cakes, baked by you

Birthdays were fun, and I never thanked you

Let me fix my mistake

I’m going to bake for you, the best birthday cake.

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 2 –

The sun is up, the world is glowing

The birds are singing, the breeze is blowing

But time doesn’t stop, it keeps going

Now it’s time for me to tell you how I feel

I’ll get the food, Dad’s got the décor

You’ll get a long due rest and that’s the best birthday deal!

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 3 –

Oh, look! It’s here again

The sun is back at the same spot

Have you checked the calendar

Rise, mother, for it’s your birthday!

The day you get to rule

The day you get to do no work, the day we play it cool!

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 4

Cake is in the oven,  steak is on the grill

Chuck is in the market, he knows the drill

You and Dad are together and that’s all we wish

A birthday celebrated right with the right kind of peace!

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 5 

Saving the best for the best lady ever

When I ask you to sit and relax, today you don’t say “never”

I’ve tried to make the best for the woman I love the most

I wish you a happy birthday, mom

And now let’s have a toast!

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 6 

I may not be the best son

Or the best person to live with

But I owe whatever nice things I am to you

The least I could do is to wish you a happy birthday

Now that we are alone.


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Poem 7

They have the best cakes

The best flowers

The best gifts

But the best mom?


Happy Birthday, Mom!


Poem 8

Love is a four letter word, so is Mama

You are love and the love I have for you, mom knows no end

Your birthday is an opportunity

Where I can tell what I usually hide

I may come off as a prick but in you, my world resides!


Poem 9

God’s blessings are bestowed on me

For having you here

But you’re the vessel that stores the blessings

And gives me one when I need one

So, I’m borrowing one blessing to bless you on your birthday

May you never shed a tear may you always stay!


Poem 10

Selling you lies

Isn’t what I love

But the one lie I’d

Never shy away from telling you is

Your birthday doesn’t make you older

It adds charm to your ever charming personality!


Poem 11

I plan to wake you up

Get you some tea

It’s your day to seize

Happy Birthday Mom,

You live long and live free!

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 12

Dear Mom

I know it’s been a tough year

But it would have been tougher without you

As you turn a year older today

I express my gratitude for your presence in my life

Happy Birthday!


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Poem 13

There were times when I felt down

With nobody to look you up

But then I saw you in your smiling glory

And I realized life is all about you for what it’s worth

Happy Birthday, mom… keep making my life more livable.


Poem 14

Days will pass and time would flow

But I want you to be the only constant in my life

For I know not how to make the best of me

When you’re not around

Accept this lil birthday wish from me

As awkward as it may sound.


Poem 15

Craving for love yet source of all

Short of words but standing so tall

You are the best mom of all

Happy Birthday to you from other side of the wall.

Birthday Poems For Mom


Poem 16 

You should punish me

For waiting for your birthday

To tell you all the nice things I should tell you everyday

But I know you won’t punish me today

So, happy birthday, mom…

You’ll get to punish me someday.


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Poem 17

I know Dad’s been mean to you

And I’ve been too

But you must know

That you’re the queen of our world

And we bow to you!

May your birthday bestow divine powers on you,

To rule us like the queen you are and love us like a mother too!


Poem 18

I was thinking of presenting mom

With the best gift I can buy

But wishing her happy birthday sincerely

Was the first thing I could try!



Poem 19

365 days in the year

And I get to be special on every day because of you, mom

Today, however, is my chance to make you feel special…

Happy Birthday Mom!


Poem 20

Your favorite show

Your favorite movies

I’ve got them all ready and running

All you gotta do is sit back and relax

For it’s your birthday we’re celebrating

And you will never guess the surprise coming!