25 Heartfelt Miss You Mom Quotes And Sayings

by Nicki

I Miss You Mom Quotes

If you are apart from your mom and are looking for some quotes that put into words what you’re feeling right now, here are some miss you mom quotes. Mothers are the greatest blessing. They are the ones to create us, give us a heart that beats and a soul that feels. Without them, life would never be possible. Surviving with us inside the belly for nine years, going through all the mood swings and pain is what makes them great. And giving us the selfless love, care, support, and raising us with all the happiness we need is what makes them more remarkable. There is no love as pure as that of a mother towards her child. 


Miss You Mom Quotes 

MOM, three letters that look so normal and small but have a vast meaning and an enormous amount of love. I miss you, mom, more and more every day.

Miss You Mom Quotes


People say you go through the loss of your loved ones with time passing by, but mom, how do I tell them that I feel your absence in the depths of my soul. Miss You.

Quotes About Miss You Mom


Dear mom, I might not have heard your voice for years and years, but I always hold special conversations in my heart. You are always there in my heart, mom. 

Quotes on Miss You Mom


Mom, you bring out the best in me. I don’t mean better manners, or a sense of maturity, or anything else this tired world expects of me. You make me feel like the strongest person and worthy of love. I Miss You, Mom.


Mom, I look at you and see a walking miracle. You have always been there for me. I miss you so much. My words can’t describe how much love I have for you.


My mom, you are the only universe I know of.  You are my sun and the moon. You resemble the planets and all the wonders and everything beautiful that exists.


My mom, wish you were here with me. Not a day goes by without missing you. I can pretend to be okay but can never be truly okay until I’m with you again. I miss you, my mom.

Miss You Mom Quotes


You are a wonder woman, my mom, the strongest person I ever have known.  You went through a lot to give birth to me and raising me and you are the best person ever.I Miss You Mom.


My mom, I might have never told you how much you mean to me; you are the only person I have loved truly and will always love you.


My mom is my first teacher, my role model, my first love. You are everything I could ever ask for. I miss you, mom.


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I Miss You Mom 

Mom, I hide my tears when I say your name. I try to be happy, try to divert my mind, but nothing can make me forget to miss you. No one misses you more than me.

I Miss You Mom 


Missing you has become a daily activity of my day. No day passes by without you coming to my mind and filling my eyes with tears.


Everything in the world changes from day to day; our life changes every day, but my love for you and memory of you shall never change. I miss you.


If I could have a dollar for every time I missed you and had a thought of you, maybe I would be the wealthiest person alive. 

I Miss You Mom Quotes


Mom, you held my hand to teach me how to walk and left when I started running, but you never taught me how to live without you. I miss you a little more today.


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I Miss You Mom Quotes from Daughter 

Mom, you were always there to hold me up when I fell, cheer me up when I was sad, but now, who will be there to hold me? Miss you.

I Miss You Mom Quotes from Daughter 


In life, I loved you more than anything, and anyone would ever do. I still love you the same in death, and no one can equate the love I have for you. Miss you mom.


My dear mom, whatever I am today is all because of you. I know you have been taking care of me on your way and you are always here somewhere watching me.


I might look happy and joyful with days passing by, but my physical expressions cannot describe how sad I am from my soul. There is a missing piece of my heart that is built for you. I miss you, mom. 

I Miss You Mom Quotes from Daughter 


People say there are seven wonders in the world, but there are eight in my life. The eighth wonder is you, mom. You were and will always be the wonder of my life.


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Mom, I Miss You 

People say you get homesick in your home because you miss it, but I get homesick of you, my mom. I miss your voice and your warm hugs. 

Mom I Miss You 


People come and go from life, but mom, you stay in my life forever even though we are apart for now. No matter how far we are, you have a special place, no one can ever take.


You taught me how to live and how to be happy, mom. You are my happiness and my happy place. Today, tomorrow, and forever. 


I never realized why you asked me to stay strong throughout the whole path of growing up. You knew I needed strength to bear the pain of losing you. 


My mom, you know there are no goodbyes for us. You will always be there in my mind and my heart. I will always meet you in my dreams. I miss you, mom.

Mom I Miss You Quotes

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