Birthday Prayers For Myself To Thank God

by Nicki

For many people, the annual date of birth is a very good opportunity to connect with God and to thank Him for all the knowledge and talent bestowed upon them. Acknowledging spiritual blessings and praying for a better future is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Here are some written prayer quotes for yourself that you can use on your birthday to request His grace on you.


Birthday Prayers For Myself

Oh heavenly father, today is my birthday and I thank you for all the years and the talent that you have bestowed upon me. I ask you to keep supporting me and to help me share the goodness in my heart with the world.

Birthday Prayers For Myself


I know that today, being my birthday, is dedicated to me but I want to take a moment to thank you, God. You have made me turn into the person I am, a person worth receiving a few places. I hope you grant me a long and healthy life.

Birthday Prayers For Myself


Dear God, my special wish on my birthday is that you bless me with the favor of knowing you, your are resources, and your never-ending kindness towards me.


Dear God, it is my birthday today. I invite you to hear me of whatever diseases my body holds and my soul is plagued with. I hope I can approach you throughout my journey of life in perfect health.


Dear God, I hope that by next birthday, when we will have the same discussions again, you would have blessed me to address myself as a millionaire!

Birthday Prayers For Myself


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Thanking God For Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and it means another day to praise you, God. Thank you for keeping me alive for another year and helping me cherish the greater things in life.

Thanking God For Another Birthday


The only truth that matters to me is that I am still here and let me know that my life still has some purpose. I beseech that you reveal my purpose on my birthday so that I can share my compassion, my kindness, and my optimism for the greater good.


Heavenly Father, I pray to you on my birthday that you make my life on earth a practice for the eternal life that I wish to spend by being by your side.


I am starting this day with every ounce of faith in my God that this year, my prayers will be answered, and He will bless me with a magnificent favor of a breakthrough.

Thanking God For Another Birthday


Dear God, all I have to ask for this birthday is that you never stop supporting me and always help me find my way through the gloominess and the negativity to the happiest times in life.


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Thank You God For Another Year Of Life

Thank you, God, for bringing to me another year of life in this new age. I hope this year, too, will be marked by the several manifestations of the goodness that You have in our lives.

Thank You God For Another Year Of Life


Thank you, Lord, for delivering to meet this day and another year of a blessed life. I pray that you will grant me with many such occasions where I can thank you with all the gratitude, I feel towards you.


I appreciate every day of the life that you have given me. And I must thank you, my God, for helping me find my way to another birthday despite all the struggles and obstacles.


Another year has passed and I am dedicating this new beginning of my life to my God. I want to be someone He can be proud of, and I hope I am worthy of His sacrifices.

Thank You God For Another Year Of Life


Here’s another birthday. I don’t know what lies ahead of me. But, I know, as long as God is there, I will be protected and loved no matter what.

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