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25 Cute Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Wishes And Messages

Pregnancy Congratulations

Congratulations to the lovely couple that everyone adores. I pray to Lord for the healthy arrival of your baby with all my heart. May the baby be healthy, happy, and safe.



Deciding on having a baby is a huge step to make. There are nine months of struggle and pain but it will all be worth it in the end. Congratulation to you both.



Nothing brings more happiness than the day you know that a baby is arriving in your family and the day he/she finally arrives. Many many congratulations to you.

Pregnancy Congratulations


I am happy that a little princess or a handsome prince is soon going to join our family. I am sure our family will be happier with the baby’s arrival. Congratulations.


Congratulations to the soon to be parents. May you have a healthy delivery of your child. May the baby bring you true happiness as you have never experienced before.


A hearty congratulation on the good news. With the baby’s arrival, your family will be complete. May the Lord watch over you and your child.


Women are truly a blessing. I believe they are reincarnations of the real God for being able to create a soul with nine months of suffering and pain. More power to the soon to be a mother. Congratulations.



I am as excited as you for the arrival of a tiny member of the family. I can’t wait to carry her in my arms and pamper her with my love. Congratulations to you both.


With the baby’s arrival, there will be cries that feel like a scream and there will be laughter that feels like an unlimited supply of happiness. I hope you are ready for both. Congratulations.


I was so happy to hear the news of the arrival of the baby. Congratulations to the love birds. I am sure you are going to be the most loving parents.

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Congratulations on Your Pregnancy

I find the world very magical. Don’t you think so? Our footsteps, our heartbeats, and most importantly two heartbeats in one soul. Congratulations on your pregnancy.Congrats-on-Pregnancy


I know it is a bittersweet experience to keep your baby inside your tummy for nine months. But I can’t wait to see the tears of overwhelming joy when you finally hold the tiny baby in your arms. Congratulations.


Congratulations on your pregnancy. With the baby’s arrival, your life will take a new turn. I hope your little family will make a lot of memories together. I’m happy for both of you.


You are soon going to be a wonderful mother, not just an awesome wife. Congratulations on that. I hope your child brings you all the happiness that one seeks for.

Pregnancy Congratulations


A baby will make you realize the importance of life and love. He is a creation of both of you. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous your child will be. Have a happy pregnancy!


God has blessed you with a new soul in your body. May her little kicks inside bring you a never-ending feeling of happiness. Congratulations on your pregnancy dear.


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A miracle is how I define the first time when you hold your baby after nine months. She/he will look half like you and half as your husband. Isn’t that magical? Congratulations on your pregnancy.


To a strong woman who will soon be a mother, congratulations! The battle between life and death during your delivery will be all worth it after you hear your baby’s first cry.



Mothers are the one who keeps this world, this generation going. I am proud of you for deciding to be one. Congratulations on your pregnancy.


Congratulation to the soon-to-be mother. I hope the baby has a smile just as pretty as his father and eyes just as beautiful as his mother. I am excited about the baby’s arrival.

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Congrats on Pregnancy

How lucky you are to be able to have a baby inside you. Congratulations on your pregnancy, love. I hope the baby is just as beautiful as you.



Sending you a warm hug and lovely kisses along with my congratulation message. I must say that your baby is going to be very lucky to have amazing parents like you.


A hearty congratulation to you on your pregnancy. A new life is growing inside you. She will come with dreamy eyes and a pure heart and she is sure to fill your lives with a lot of happiness.


May God bless you with a healthy pregnancy. I hope you are ready for a life-changing experience. The baby will take you on a new journey of life where you will feel peace, love, and happiness.

Pregnancy Congratulations


Thank you for such great news and congratulations on your pregnancy. You are soon going to take the responsibility of being a mother. It comes with some pain but also overwhelming joy.