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30 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes & Sayings

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Pregnancy has got to be the most exciting moment of your life. After all, you and your husband are taking your love to the next level, arriving in a human form. In a way, it is also an important decision because you have to take the responsibility of being a parent.  If your time has come and you are finally ready to reveal the secret that has been growing every day inside of you and cannot find the right words for it, here are some pregnancy announcement quotes. Let your family and friends join in the celebration with these well-thought-out messages.


Quotes For Pregnancy Announcement

My husband and I are so excited to let you know that our family is soon turning into a soulful trio. I hope the baby comes out safely into this world to fill all our lives with some much-needed happiness.

Quotes For Pregnancy Announcement


What could bring more happiness than a baby in a family of two? Yes, you’re right. Our baby is on the way out of this beautiful world. Patience is all we need now because I can’t wait to meet the baby.

Quotes About Pregnancy Announcement


We are soon going to be a family of three. The little pea residing in my stomach is soon going to turn into a bump. I couldn’t be any happier and would love for you to join in the celebration.

Quotes For Pregnancy Announcement


A little prince/ a little princess is joining the family to give us all the happiness that life can give. I know you all are as excited as I am and I hope to see you at the hospital when the little angel arrives.


God has always been there, listening to our prayers. And now, He is finally blessing us with what we always wanted. Yes, a baby! We are about to become parents! Our baby is on its way and we hope we can count on the baby’s aunty to be there for the baby.


People say that babies are the most beautiful blessing that anyone could get. We are happy to announce that we are one of the few lucky people to get this blessing. I know you are excited as well and I can’t wait to see your reaction.


The love that we shared is soon going to be divided into two. Because half the love will be received by the angel that we created, we will soon be a family of three.

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes


We are happy to announce the coming of a beautiful soul that we, husband and wife, created. I feel the irresistible happiness telling this to you all.


I already feel the overwhelming joy that I have never felt before, announcing this. We will have a little angel with us soon who will make us the happiest parents in the whole world.


A precious little one is joining the family soon. And I believe that he/she will make us happier than ever. I am really excited about this.


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Baby Announcement Quotes

People say that a family with a child is the happiest one, and I am delighted to announce that we will soon be the most fortunate little family. Yes, I’m pregnant!

Baby Announcement Quotes


The most exciting announcement of my life was announcing my wedding day, and now it’s my pregnancy! I am so happy to share this information!


We were teenagers when we fell in love and got married. We are now an adult and ready to take the responsibility of being parents.


I always wanted to have a mini-me with the hint if the person that I love the most. And I am happy to announce that it is finally coming true!


For the first time in love, we are experiencing such a delightful moment of overwhelming joy. It’s all because of our little one. We’re soon going to be parents.

Quotes about Baby Announcement


A new journey of life is starting soon, where we’ll have less sleep but more happiness because a little member is joining us soon. You guessed it right: I’m pregnant.


We feel like we are at the top of the world because of all the excitement and happiness growing in my belly. We are finally going to be giving birth to a miracle.


Our love has taken a new path where it only grows stronger and stronger because we are soon going to have a baby. Yay!


Cheers to a new responsibility: the responsibility of being the world’s best parents. We are happy to announce that our baby is arriving soon and is on its way!

Baby Announcement Quotes


We can’t wait to tell you the greatest joy of all time! Soon we are going to be parents! A beautiful little angle will be joining us soon.


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Pregnancy Announcement Wording

Although he is as small as a pea now, my love for him has already started growing in my heart. Yes, we are soon going to be parents, and our lives are going to change for the better

Pregnancy Announcement Wording


I’m going to be called a mom soon. I am happy that I made this decision because a little miracle will come with happiness in his first cry.


We have so much love in our hearts that we decided to take it one step further. We will soon be a mom and dad, and there’s a little muffin growing in my oven.


Till now, the love we had for each other was in our hearts. It is going to be in the form of a human being now. Yes, a baby is arriving soon!

Pregnancy Announcement Wording


We never knew how happy a small pea could make us until now. Two happy hands and two happy feet is what we’re expecting.


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Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

We are soon going to form the precious bond between a child and his parents. Our baby’s arrival is due very soon, and we are excited than ever.

Pregnancy Announcement Sayings


Accepting the responsibility of being a parent has to be the most important decision of our life, but I am happy that we could do it. I cannot wait to hold the little one in my arms.


Everyone will soon get to meet the sweetest angel that has been residing on my belly lately. We are finally going to have a child!


Heaven must feel empty as the most beautiful angel is here on earth, right inside my belly. Our baby’s arrival is due, and I would love for you to be a part of the celebration.


Happiness is going to live in every corner of our house as a little human is arriving soon. I couldn’t be any happier!

Pregnancy Announcement Sayings