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25 Short And Funny Friendship Quotes For Friends

Funny friendship quotes are all about this wonderful relation everyone is ambitious for. If there’s one relationship that you can count on forever, it’s a good old friend. Less complicated than any other relationship, a true friendship is your safe haven in rough times and a place to celebrate when things are going great. That’s exactly why it’s important to cherish your friendship time and time again.

The best way to do that is with your words, so your friend always knows that they are important to you. Whether it’s their birthday or you’re just recalling a good memory of your friendship, a nice, heartfelt quote with a little bit of comedy can go a long way.

Here are the 25 funny friendship quotes that will celebrate your true friendship perfectly.


Funny Friendship Quotes

A best friend is a person that you never judge, but spend a lot of time judging others with.



I will be as protective as a brother, accepting as a sister, supportive as your parents but once I am done laughing at you when you fall.



True friends don’t let you fall, but if you do, they are the first ones to pick you up. Once they are done laughing.



My friend, you are priceless. Otherwise, I would have put you up for sale at a garage clearance.


[Add number] years ago we became friends and have been inseparable since then. I hope we become ghost buddies once we die and spook others out.


Your best friend won’t let you indulge in stupid stuff… without him.


We have been best friends for such a long period of time that is hard to tell who the devil was and who was innocent.



You know you have found your best friend when you can tell what the other one is up to just with the mysterious look on their face.


A friend will ask before taking a bite from your food. Your best friend will eat all your fries up on the way back from the checkout.


The best part about sharing your problems with your friends is that they will come up with solutions which will make you forget about the problems you had.


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Short Funny Friendship Quotes

We all know that one loud friend who cannot whisper to save his life.



Finding a best friend means finding a person who is equally as messed up and crazy as you.


There is nothing better in this world than a friend that offers you food late at night.


Friendship is missing your friends like crazy that you met a few moments ago.



You have not experienced real fun till your best friend is as crazy and weird as you.


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Crazy Funny Friendship Quotes

Dear friend, whenever you feel down like nothing worse can happen after this, make sure to give me a call. I will sing for you to make you realize that it sure can.


If anyone listens to me and my best friend talking, they are going to call for mental help.


Friends come and go, but the best ones stay. It’s like stepping on a piece of gum.


I have the kind of friends who will panic if their phone falls, but laugh their lungs out if their friend falls.



If you and your friend don’t have the same level of sarcasm and dark humor, then you can’t be best friends.


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Friendship Quotes Funny cute

My best friend and I should be awarded life-saving awards. We have saved each other from the troubles we get ourselves into.

Friendship Quotes Funny cute


I am scared to lose my best friend. After all, he is the one who knows all my secrets.


My friend could be a complete crack-head but his presence is all I need to be happy.


I think me and my best friend will be friends forever. Because both of us are too lazy o find a new one.



My friend and I live by a simple rule: If we ever get caught, one of us is blind and the other is deaf.