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20 Funny I Miss You Quotes To Remember your Dearest One

Funny I Miss You Quotes

Sometimes, when things get hard, and I can’t seem to handle it, I remember your mood swings. That gives me the strength to handle such hard things very easily. I miss you.

Funny I miss you quotes


I miss you kissing my forehead and cuddling me to sleep. I miss watching movies together but most importantly, I just miss annoying you and irritating you.


I don’t care if you call me a clingy girlfriend, but I begin to miss you the moment you leave for work even though we just spent the whole night together.


I miss you every day. But remembering how you annoy me with every single thing makes me feel okay not to meet you. Haha! 


You were so shy when we first met. Now, you are so comfortable that you can’t stop farting in front of me. I miss you but not your smelly farts! Haha!  


I never imagined that I would say this to the most annoying person in my life. But I miss you. I do. I miss being annoyed. 


I miss you like a brick misses cement and like the rod misses steel. I know I can’t explain it better, but what else can an architect give an example of? 

Funny I miss you quotes


I know that I can’t be romantic at all. I can’t express it better. But sometimes I miss you so much that I want to run to you. Is this romantic enough? 


When I miss you, I smell your clothes. They are stinky because they are unwashed! I will make sure to gift you a perfume on your coming birthday. Hahaha! 


It is hard to miss you and not be there with you. But it’s easier than sitting next to you and listening to your endless dramas! 


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Funny I Miss You Like Quotes

I miss you like a bus misses birds like a road misses copy, and like a window misses doctors. That’s right; it just doesn’t make sense, just like us being apart.

Funny I miss you quotes


I miss you when the sun sets, and it gets dark. Because I always remember the day when you suddenly fell down the roof on our roof date. Haha! 


Missing you is like missing to be bullied, annoyed and irritated. But I don’t know why on earth do I still miss you? It is crazy. 


I miss you. Once I get to meet you, I will not waste even a second without kissing you. I agree that I miss you, but I miss kissing your adorable face more. 

Funny I miss you quotes


I miss you like the ocean misses salt, and the island misses the beach. I know it’s already there just like we are, just apart by miles. So come over already! 


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Funny I Miss You More Than Quotes

I miss you like a heart needs a beast. I mean beat. Oh sorry! I messed up. Sometimes I forget which one you are! You’re the beast to my beauty! 

Funny I miss you quotes


When I miss you, it feels like my whole world is gone because you mean the world to me. Don’t you ever forget that, honey. Okay? 


I miss you is just three words. In contrast, my feelings cannot even be described in words. I miss you so much, I could die instantly. Please meet me soon. I don’t want to die of missing you too much. 


I wish I were kissing you instead of missing you. I miss kissing your sweet face, which sometimes turns bitter when I get on your nerve.

Funny I miss you quotes


I met you when we were kids knowing nothing to do, naive and stupid. Now, I miss you when we are grown-up and know everything to do.