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25 Long Distance Friendship Quotes For Your Friend Forever

Missing your friend and looking for some long-distance friendship quotes? You’re in the right place! Friendship can become the strongest bond when you take care of it well. So, what is true friendship? It is knowing each other the best, the feelings they feel, the tears they cry, and the laughter they laugh. It is counting them as a family rather than a friend because, at some point, they become a family to us. A family doesn’t need to be made only with blood. Sometimes, love is enough. If you have someone like that, take care of them, love them, and support them. And if they live a thousand miles away from you, tell them that you miss them with these Long distance friendship quotes. 


Long Distance Friendship Quotes :

No distance of place or difference of time can separate the friendship of those who love each other by heart and acknowledge each other’s value.

Long Distance Friendship Quotes


No matter how far you are, you will always have a special place in my heart because you are my best friend today, tomorrow, and forever.

Long Distance Friendship Quotes


Though we are separate and far from each other, I will always consider you present here because you are always there in my heart and my mind.

Long Distance Friendship Quotes


When I see other people laughing with their friends, I get jealous for a while, but then I realize that we will have lots of fun when we are together.


Although there are thousands of miles between you and me right now, we will never be apart because we are connected through our love for each other. 


Togetherness and daily conversation are not the requirements of a strong and true friendship; pure love in the heart is what defines friendship. 


Everyone says happiness starts with ‘H,’ but why does mine start with ‘YOU?’ Our friendship is what makes me happy and strong on difficult days.

Long Distance Friendship Quotes


When I go through a difficult time, I realize that if I can bear our long-distance friendship, then I can face any difficulties in the world. 


When people say distance breaks everything and everyone changes, I say to myself: maybe they haven’t seen our friendship, which grows every day despite our distance.


Being your friend made me realize that life can be fun, and happiness can be found in a person. I will always cherish our friendship more than anything. 


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Funny Long Distance Friendship Quotes :

You were, are, and always will be my go-to person whenever I need someone. I know you might not be here with me, but you will always be here for me. 

Funny long-distance friendship quotes


You are my best friend, my soul mate, and my forever favorite person. I am always connected with you, no matter where we are.


I always thought we get homesick to be back at home, or when we miss our home, I never knew we get homesick for the one we keep close to our heart.


Distance between us cannot create even a small scratch in our friendship and love because I love you much more than the miles between us. 


I am not the one who gets jealous of other people, but now I am jealous of the people who get to see you and talk to you every day. 

Funny long-distance friendship quotes


Nowadays, I like sleeping a lot because that is the only time when I can dream of us being together and living our life to the fullest. 


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Distance Friendship Quotes :

I might not be there with you, but I will always be there for you in your gloomy days and your happy days. I promise that.

Distance friendship quotes


Despite the distance between us, you make me happy and make me feel better than most of the people who are right beside me. 


Our friendship is what gives warmth to my heart on cold chilly days. It is what makes me believe that love can create wonders.


I might have never shown you or wrote something sweet for you when you were here, but I hope you know in your heart that I am the luckiest person to have you by my side.



They say real friends shouldn’t stay away from each other or leave each other; I say true friendship is where nothing changes even if they get separated.


The difference in time, the difference in miles cannot create space between us because our heart is there, connected today and forever with our love.


Our friendship is like the mirror and the shadow; just like the mirror, we never lie, and just like the shadow, we never leave. 

Distance friendship quotes

When we were together, I thought we were having fun, but I didn’t realize that we were creating memories as well. Those were the best days of my life.


We never knew we loved each other so much when we were together, but I can now proudly say that distance showed us that we love each other more than anything.