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35 Best Good Night Prayer For Peaceful Sleep

Good Night Prayer

Father, thank you for always keeping me safe and letting me see another beautiful day. Thank you for showing me the rays of hope even when it was hard to. I am grateful for all that I have today.

Good Night Prayer


Dear God, I am thankful to you for giving me second chances when I didn’t deserve it. I am not perfect and I make mistakes. But I am trying to be a better person. May your presence help me to do better in life. Good night, Lord.

Good Night Prayer


Even though I had a bad day today, Lord, thank you for giving me the strength to overcome my fears. I will forever be grateful for your faith in me. May the battle of today bring a bright tomorrow. This is my good night prayer.


God, I am blessed to be your child. You make me believe in myself because you believe in me. I will always thank you for that.


I am ending my day here but before that, I want to thank you, my Lord, for a beautiful day. Your constant love and support have always led me to a better place and a better life.


Lord, who loves all His children, I ask you to ease the burden on my shoulders which always seems to drag me down. And also a peaceful good night’s sleep. Please hear my good night prayer.


God, I always feel your presence around me and I pray for you to empower me to become a good human being. Thank you for looking after me when it was hard to do it myself. Amen.

Good Night Prayer


Lord, I long for better days. I am having a hard time. Help me ease the pain that my heart carries. Help me move on from my past. Help me see a little hope in life.


Dear God, being your child, I see hope in life every day. Your presence has done wonders for me. I believe in you with all my heart. Thank you for always being someone I can look up to. Amen.


Lord, thank you for always protecting us when we crumble under the weight of our shoulders. Your faithfulness has helped us stand up when we fall. Good night.


Dear Lord, thank you for being my guidance and someone I could always trust. I believe in myself a little more because of you. May my life be blessed always with your presence.


Thank you, Lord, for giving me a hope of a new tomorrow with your rays of sunlight every day. Each day I pray for healing and happiness. May you always protect me.

Good Night Prayer Quotes


Thank you, God, for our well-being. Bless our family and all the loved ones. You are divine, and we are blessed to be your children. Thank you for your existence.


I pray that my family is happy always. I pray that there is food on the table every night, clothes to shelter us, and faith in our hearts. Thank you for all the good times that you have blessed us with


Dear God, thank you for being our shield to protect us. Help us find a path to success and goodness. We are always grateful to you.

Best Good Night Quotes For Him

Good Night Prayer Quotes

Father, who has always blessed me with good things in life, I am thankful to you. I ask you to forgive me for all my mistakes. I am constantly learning and growing from them. Amen.

Good Night Prayer


Dear Lord, thank you for the life lessons that helped me grow. You are special. You have provided me with everything I could possibly need. I am grateful to you and for everything I have. Thank you for making my life a blessing.


Whenever my heart hurts, I remember you and I feel your presence. You show me your power when life is harsh on me. Thank you for always watching over me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Lord, help me calm my anxious heart. I ask your help in controlling my anger. I don’t mean any hard to anyone. I promise to be a better person. Good night.


Grant me a good night’s sleep tonight so that my anxious heart calms down and my mind feels at peace. May I wake up with a happy face and a happy mind in the morning. I am forever grateful for your blessings.


Dear Lord, I will always be your child who will respect you and seek help whenever I fall into the traps of my own mistakes. Thank you for the food, the shelter, and this beautiful life.

Good Night Prayer Quotes


Lord, I often fear the people I dearly love will one day be so strange that I barely know them. I have a lot of fears that creep me down every night. Help me overcome them. Amen.


God, I seek peace because lately, my mind has been a mess. Grant me a good night’s sleep tonight so that my heart feels much lighter. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


Dear Lord, your presence helps me get through all the difficult situations that I am stuck in. I get the strength and hope that this too shall pass. Thank you for your existence.


Father, you fill me with hope and desire to chase my dreams. I know I have failed sometimes but you make the journey beautiful and memorable. I will always keep trying to reach my goals. Thank you, father.

Good Night Friends

Good Night Prayer For Him

I pray to Lord to keep you safe throughout the night and bless you with a good night’s sleep that will wash away all your stress. May your heart be at peace.

Good Night Prayer For Him


May Lord bless you tonight with the strength to go through another hectic day tomorrow. I pray for your good health and happiness. Your better days are coming.


I pray to the Father above to show you the path and take you out of the misery you are going through. Father is great; He will make everything alright. Just keep your faith and endure.


To my dearest, I pray to Lord to fill your heart with hopes and happiness as He grants you a good night’s sleep tonight. May your soul be at ease as you get the rest that is required to feel better.


My love, may the God above forgive you for all your mistakes and help you become a better person. We learn from our mistakes and I hope your life lessons will lead you to a beautiful path.


Good Night Prayer For Her

Dear one, I pray to the Father above to heal your deep wounds and scars as you close your eyes and rest yourself tonight. May you wake up with happiness and renewed hope in the morning.

Good Night Prayer For Her


Dear Lord, please watch over her as she sleeps soundly. Help her overcome the hardships that she is facing and give her the power to fight against them.


May the God of love bless you with His precious blessings as you rest your eyes tonight. We are His children, and we believe in Him to watch over us.


My love, may the God above send you tons of love and blessings as you rest your head on your soft pillow tonight. Praying for a good night’s sleep for you, my love.


To my love, may the Lord blow away all the negative thoughts residing on your mind tonight. Only He has the power to destroy everything negative and fill our hearts with hope.