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Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Girl And Boy With Images

Happy 12th Birthday

Today marks your 12th birthday, dear son! How quickly you have grown. I wish you all the best things in life. Let us now celebrate!

Happy 12th Birthday Images


Exactly 12 years ago, on this very day, a bundle of joy was gifted to me, and I thank the heavens every day for the same. Let us toast to our good fortune today! Happy birthday to you!

Happy 12th Birthday Images


As you grow up, I hope you understand that all those times I scolded you was for your own good, and not for anything else. I love you and hope that you grow up to be a fine man. Happy 12th birthday to you, son!

Happy 12th Birthday


You are growing up quicker than I can keep up. Happy 12th birthday to my handsome young man who is fit to be a Hollywood Hero! I love you loads.


On this auspicious day, I pray to god to give you sensible thoughts that will guide you throughout your life. Happy 12th birthday, my beautiful and lovely daughter!


I have arranged the best birthday cake, the best toys, and decorations and also invited only your best friends to his party. Enjoy yourself today dear daughter as birthdays are meant to be enjoyed


Soon enough, 12 would stretch to 20, and you would be on your own way, making your own decisions in the path of life. I wish you a Happy 12th Birthday, sweetie. Loads of love from your mother

Happy 12th Birthday Images


You and I share the same birthday! Our friendship has to be quite a rare one, right! Let us both forget school and homework for one whole day and celebrate. Happy 12th birthday to you, dear friend!


Today is a special day for you, and because you are my favorite student, I want you to take the day off from tuitions today and celebrate your birthday to the fullest extent possible.


You are so lovable that no one can ever stay mad at you, including me. Today on the occasion of your 12th birthday, I pray that you never change and always remain this lovable!

Thank You Note For Birthday Wishes

Happy 12th Birthday Images

The fact that birthday comes after 365 long days means that it deserves to be celebrated. Today, as you celebrate your 12th birthday, I wish you a long and meaningful life.

Happy 12th Birthday Images


You are already 4,380 days old! It blows my mind as to how so many days have passed by, but it seems only like yesterday. I love you to pieces, and I hope you enjoy your 12th birthday to the fullest!


I still remember the day you were tiny and used to jump around me all the time in search of chocolates! Happy 12th birthday and I will be there soon with your favorite gift of all time. Love you loads.


These are your foundation years; hence it is important to build your base. But today is your birthday, so everything is forgiven for today! Happy 12th birthday to you, dear.

Happy 12th Birthday


Never think negative thoughts as they adversely affect your life. Today on the day of your 12th birthday, promise me that you will always be optimistic and think positive thoughts.

Happy Birthday Son

Happy 12th Birthday Girl

With every passing day, you are turning out to be more and more intelligent. I am proud to watch you grow every day, bit by bit. Happy 12th birthday, dearie!

Happy 12th Birthday


I am lucky to have a sister like you, and today being your 12th birthday, I would like to thank you for being there for me always. I know I can always count on you. Lots of love.


It is your birthday today, and therefore you have to look at the prettiest amongst all your friends! Happy 12th birthday to my dear niece, the most beautiful girl in town!


Another year-old means another year of experience gained. I bless you to have all the good things in life, my dear child. Let us cut this delicious cake without delay!

Happy 12th Birthday Girl


My granddaughter’s 12th birthday is a very special day for me. I love you more than anything else! Let us celebrate today like no other!

Happy Birthday Nephew

Happy 12th Birthday Boy

Today is a day of fun and frolic, for it is my best friend’s 12th birthday today! Let us start the celebrations today by you cutting the cake

Happy 12th Birthday


As you blow out the 12 candles atop the cake for your birthday, remember today marks a new meaningful year of your journey. Make your parents proud!


Congratulations on your 12th birthday, little one! A surprise awaits you, but I am not going to reveal that right now! May you enjoy your upcoming birthday’s just as much.


You are all of my happiness bundled into a being. I hope you a lot! Happy 12th birthday, my sweet boy.


Today is an eventful day; even the birds are chirping and signing for you as it is your 12th Make the most of it, dear!

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

12th Birthday

You are the most amazing kid that I know of, and today is your 12th birthday! How awesome is that! Stay happy and joyful, kid

Happy 12th Birthday


Who would have thought that the little boy who used to jump around like a monkey is now 12 years old! Happy 12th birthday, may god fulfill all your wishes forever.


Of the several hundred wishes that you might have already gotten today, I want to make a deviation as I want to wish from my heart. No one wants to see you grow and mature like me. Happy 12th birthday!


Today is the day you turn 12 years! Time does fly by fast, and for me, you are the living example. Don’t change ever and always be your happy self.


A rollercoaster ride awaits you as you step into adulthood year by year, and I hope you have the strength to face all challenges of life. But for now, enjoy as it is your 12th birthday and I hope you like my gift!

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