Happy 1st Birthday Wishes And Messages For Babies

by Nicki

Getting to wish your child a happy 1st birthday is the sweetest pleasure of life. The newborn is finally turning one. Your baby is your family’s charm, who brought with him happiness when he entered your life. He also makes sure that everyone is happy every single year and celebrates his existence. It is often said that with the birth of a newborn, the family becomes complete, and there is happiness in every corner of the house. And it is true. So, celebrate the precious moment of your child’s first birthday with these happy 1st birthday quotes and messages.


Happy 1st Birthday

It’s not important that you remember this message, only that you have a happy 1st birthday! I’m so glad you were born one year ago today! I love you!

Happy First Birthday


Your first birthday is such a joyous occasion. It reminds us to celebrate the gift of your birth every single day. Happy 1st birthday, Precious One!

Happy First Birthday


You are such a light and a joy to your mom, dad, and everyone who meets you. Happy birthday to the happiest baby I know!

Happy 1st Birthday


You will have many future birthdays full of cake, parties, and friends. Today, we simply get to hold you and sing with joy. Happy birthday!


One year ago today you cradled your beloved bundle for the first time. I’m sending you so much love and warm wishes on baby’s most happy 1st birthday!


How can words express the happiness I feel when I think of your birth one year ago? You are an amazing gift and I just want to shout it: happy 1st birthday to you!

Happy 1st Birthday


Nothing can compare to holding your baby and marveling at the wonder of her birth. Today we celebrate baby’s happy 1st birthday with you!


I know you’ll get many gifts for your first birthday. But I hope you know that you are the greatest gift of all! Happy birthday!


The occasion of your birth is one I celebrate with sincere gratitude and joy. You bring so much happiness to our lives. Happy 1st birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday


It’s hard to believe you’ve already been with us for one year. It seems like only yesterday we were holding you for the first time. I’m sending you so many hugs and kisses on your birthday!

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Happy First Birthday

Today is one of my favorite days because it’s the day you were born! You bring everyone so much happiness just by being you. I hope you have the happiest first birthday ever!

Happy 1st Birthday


Your beautiful baby is such a precious addition to our family. I want to wish you so much delight as you celebrate a happy first birthday!

Happy First Birthday


Could there be any happier occasion than this? One year ago today the world was made so much brighter and warmer by a very special bundle of joy!


I am so delighted to send all of my love to you today! Hope your baby’s 1st birthday celebration is an occasion of laughter, love, and great cheer. I love you!


What a blessed day! One year ago, our lives were enriched and our love was multiplied by your wonderful birth. Today, we celebrate a happy 1st birthday!

Happy First Birthday


They say no one is perfect, but I swear they haven’t met you! The moment you were born, it was love at first sight. Happy first birthday!


All babies are beautiful, but when I first saw you I was over the moon with adoration! You bring so much delight to every one of our family and friends. Happy 1st birthday!


I can’t believe it’s been a year since we got the amazing news. I hope your celebration is filled with abundant love and you experience a nice happy 1st birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday


Little Baby, there’s no one on earth like you! Today we celebrate a supremely happy 1st birthday. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and tell you myself!


Every year on this day we will honor the wonderful soul that is you! It’s the first of many cheerful, celebratory occasions. Happy first birthday, Little One!

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Happy 1st Birthday Boy

One year ago today the most beautiful baby boy arrived in our midst. I can’t wait to watch you grow into a noble young man. I hope you have a very happy 1st birthday boy!

Happy 1st Birthday


Little Boy, you won’t remember your very happy 1st birthday. But the love you receive will be with you your whole life through. All my hugs and kisses on this special day!

Happy First Birthday


Someday you’ll be learning to ride a bike, tie your shoes, and read your favorite books. Today, you just get to receive love! Happy Birthday Boy!


Little boys are such a treasure, but you are especially precious. Sending you all my love and best wishes on your happy 1st birthday boy!

Happy First Birthday


As you grow, you will have many firsts. Today is especially wonderful, baby boy, because it is your happy 1st birthday! It marks the splendid occasion when we first laid eyes on your angel face. I love you!

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Happy 1st Birthday Girl

Little girls like you are the apple of their mom and dad’s eye. Today, I want to wish you a most special and warm happy 1st birthday girl!

Happy 1st Birthday


A baby girl as special as you deserve all the best on her happy 1st birthday! Wishing you much laughter, smiles, and kisses from all of the people who love you most.

Happy 1st Birthday


I’m sending you all my love on this, your very first birthday! You are such an adorable, sweet little girl. I can’t wait to share all your birthdays with you and watch you grow in beauty!


Your mommy and daddy must be so excited to celebrate one year of having their baby girl in their arms. Happy 1st birthday, Little One!

Happy First Birthday


Baby Girl, you are a bundle of joy and a gift from heaven. I wish you blessings and joy on your happy 1st birthday! We are truly blessed to have you in our family.

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