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30 Cute Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Boy And Girl

Happy 4th Birthday

The day you came into our life was the happiest day for us. Nothing matters more than your happiness, my child. Happy 4th birthday, baby. I love you.

Happy 4th Birthday


Happy 4th birthday, my baby girl. You are such a gorgeous baby, and I feel lucky to have you. I love you so much, my darling. You deserve everything in this world.

Happy 4th Birthday Quotes


To my beautiful child, happy 4th birthday. You are growing into a healthy and happy baby, and I wish you continue growing up into a healthy and happy adult.

Quotes on 4th Birthday


Happy 4th birthday, baby boy. I wish to fulfill all of your wishes and make you the happiest child in the world. My heart smiles when I see you happy.


Happiness has never left our side ever since you were born. You are the lucky charm that only a few are blessed with. I am happy to be one of them. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday, my child. It is such a joyous moment to see you grow each and every day. May Lord always protect you at all costs.


To my one and only child, happy birthday. You are such a charming and cheerful person to be around, which is why anyone would want your company.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes


Happiest birthday, dear. You are turning four today, and I am just so happy. Your four years of existence in our lives has brought us immense happiness.


Happy 4th birthday, love. I hope you know how much we all love you. You are really precious to us, and without you, this family would be incomplete.


Happiest birthday, my dear son. May every wish of yours come true, and I hope you get all that you want in life. May the Lord keep you safe from all the bad vibes.




Happy 4th Birthday Girl

Happy 4th birthday, baby girl. May you get all that you want and all that you deserve in life. I know one day, you will make your momma proud.

Happy 4th Birthday Girl


To my precious daughter, happy birthday. Your four years on earth have been fantastic with us. Always know that your mom and dad love you, unconditionally.


Happy 4th birthday, princess. Your adorable smile has been my strength lately. I feel like I can do anything for you when I look at that smile.


Everything that your mom and dad are doing it all for you. Happy birthday, my child. You always have our love and support.

Quotes on Happy 4th Birthday Girl


Happy 4th birthday, baby girl. You are such a beautiful child who is a little naughty, but that’s okay. We love you so much and only want the best for you.


Happy 4th Birthday Boy

To our smart and handsome boy, happy birthday. I hope you know that we always have your back. We will support you and help you achieve every little wish that you have.

Happy 4th Birthday Boy


Happiest birthday, my dear son. I might not be the best father in the world, but I will try to be the best version of myself for you.


Happy 4th birthday, son. Keep doing what you love; I am sure one day all these things will lead you to become a successful young man. I love you.


Happy birthday, my love. Your existence has made me the happiest person alive, and I never want you to go far away from me. Never forget that you are the most important person to me.

Happy 4th Birthday Boy Quotes


Happiest birthday, son. On your special day, I want nothing but the best for you. I will always be the person to cheer for you and to support you no matter what happens.


Happy 4th Birthday Images

Happy 4th birthday, princess. I hope you always remain the kind-hearted child that you are. I love you so much. May this world bless you with a lot of positivity.

Happy 4th Birthday Images


Happy birthday to our lovely daughter. Without you, this family would not know what pure happiness really is. I am thankful for your existence, my child.


On your special day, I want nothing but your happiness. Happy 4th birthday. I hope this day is full of surprises and gifts because we have the most wonderful party planned for you.


Happy 4th birthday. You have been a wonderful son to us, and I hope it always remains that way. I know one day you are going to be such a handsome gentleman!

Happy 4th Birthday Images


To my beautiful daughter, happy birthday. May your day be full of lovely wishes and gifts that you are waiting for. Have a blast, my dear!


Happy 4th Birthday Grandson

Happy 4th birthday, my first grandson. People say that you receive unconditional love from your grandparents, and I think it is true because I love you unconditionally.

Happy 4th Birthday Grandson


To my dearest grandson, happy birthday. I hope I can fulfill not all but most of your wishes because I want to see you happy. Love you, my child.


I am blessed to have a grandchild like you. Happy birthday. I would always want to live in your company. Your presence makes me so happy.


There are so many things that I want to do. I always thought of them when you were in your mom’s belly. And celebrating your birthday together is one of them. Happy birthday.


Happy 4th birthday, baby. I hope your day is full of happiness. I want you to be happy no matter how old you get, wherever you go or whatever you are doing.

4th Birthday Wishes for Grandson