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34 Cool Happy Birthday Guy Wishes With Images

Happy Birthday Guy

1. Happy birthday, Man! Today you’re going to start a new journey of life and I hope all happiness and the blessings of God always accompany you! You have done a lot to make our friendship even better and I am so happy to share your friendship. Enjoy your day and have fun!

Happy Birthday Guy


2. My son, you’ve turned 21 today! Happy 21st birthday, man! Never forget that our destiny depends on our intention, deeds and on God’s wishes. So try your best to fulfill your desires and have faith in God. All the best!

Happy Birthday Handsome


3. You always accompany me in all the happy times and the time of distress. I feel so proud that I have a special friend as you. Happy birthday, my brother by heart! May this new year of your life filled with joy and peace!


4. For my beloved son-in-law, my heartiest congratulations! You know that I always consider you as my own son because you deserve. Not only my daughter but we are also lucky to have you in our life. I hope all your dreams become reality. Have a blessed life, dear!


5. There are many people who come into our lives and leave. But a true friend like you takes a special place in the heart. You always stand with me in every difficulty. Thanks for being such a great friend. My heartiest congratulations on your birthday!

Happy Birthday Guy


6. My lovely nephew, many congratulations! You’re a big man now! I hope God will always keep you happy but today you deserve to be a bit happier as it’s your birthday. Enjoy this day much without letting any second pass. Love you!


7. My dearest friend cum brother, the person I admire and trust the most after my parents are you. Just a few words can’t translate my feelings for you. Love you always. No matter how old we become we’ll remain like this forever. Have a blissful birthday!


Happy Birthday Guy Friend

8. Happy birthday, son! Our little boy is becoming a man. We’re really grateful to the Almighty that he sent you as our son. May God continue to light up your days! Many blessings to you!

Happy Birthday Guy


9. Every year I eagerly wait for this day. My beloved nephew, my first child, happy birthday! Never lose hope and always ready to fight for your dream. May all your day be enlightened!


10. It’s time to celebrate the date of birth of our handsome friend! Happy birthday! It’s really unfair to celebrate the birthday of a cool guy like you only once a year. Let’s party and have a lot of fun!


11. One of the most special days for me is your birthday. You are not only my brother, but you are also my that friend who does everything to keep me happy. I’m really lucky to be your sister. Many happy returns of the day, bro! Best wishes for the upcoming years!

Happy Birthday Handsome


12. Birthday is always special. But your date of birth is more special for me because I became a mother on this day. Happy birthday, son! I hope everyday life offers you many reasons to smile.


13. Today is the day you came into this world and for the first time, I became an uncle. And now, look at you, you have become a great man! I’m so happy for you. May your path of life become smooth and be blessed by God! Happy birthday!


14. Today is a great day for us because my son is entering the 20th phase! Congratulations my child! Today and always you deserve only the best things. May God pour out his blessings on you and keep you happy!

Happy Birthday Guy Friend


15. Happy birthday, dear! You are very special to me. In all my good memories you are there. I hope our beautiful friendship will always remain the same. May life offer you all the good things!


16. My best friend, many congratulations on your birthday! For me, you are like my brother whom I wished to have. You have completed another year of life and I wish all your days be prolonged. Cheers to your life!


Happy Birthday Handsome

17. Dear father-in-law, happy birth anniversary! Thanks for making me a part of your life and considering me as your own daughter. You are a handsome person with a pure heart. May God always bless you!

Happy Birthday Guy Friend


18. Congratulations my friend for entering the 3rd decade! You have become a more handsome man with less brain. Just kidding! I wish you become more successful and achieve all your goals! All the best!


19. My handsome brother, congratulations on your date of birth! More than a brother you are a great companion of mine whom I found on my side whenever I need. I hope our relationship becomes stronger every day. Love you brother.


20. Happy birthday to the most handsome grandpa! You are my best companion. Thanks for all the things you taught me and for guiding me to the right path. May God keep you healthy! Have a lovely day!

Happy Birthday Guy


21. Beloved uncle, happy birthday! For me, you are like my father who knows all my secrets and I know you also consider me as your child. Love you a lot. Wish you many years of happy and joyful life!


22. The most handsome son in this universe, happy birthday! I’m a proud mother of a successful son. I’m so grateful to God for making you a noble and respectful person. May God bestow his blessings upon you all the time!

Happy Birthday Guy Friend


23. Happy birthday, my handsome father! I can’t explain how happy I am to be with you on your 50th birthday. You’ve sacrificed your whole life to keep us happy. You worked hard to fulfill our needs. And you are the only man whom I found beside me in all the situations. Thanks a lot, dad. Wish you many years of happy and healthy life!


Happy Birthday Images For Guys

21. For me, it’s the most wonderful age of life. So, enjoy today and every day. Wish you a beautiful journey of life!

Happy Birthday Guy


25. My little son has become a man! Happy birthday, sweetheart! You are the son that every parent wish to have. Thanks for making me proud. Wish you a wonderful future!


26. Congratulations my nephew, for another year of life! I’m so happy to see that you’ve grown so well. May God protect you from all bad touch and enlighten the roads of your life! Good luck young man!


27. This year you have entered the 2nd decade of life. Congratulations! This period is so beautiful and also there are a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. I hope you will successfully win all the challenges. Wish you all the best!

Happy Birthday Handsome


28. Happy birth anniversary, bro! You have grown up so fast. I really miss my little cute brother. But it’s also great to see you becoming mature day by day. Have a day full of blessings, wishes, and gifts! I love you!


Happy Birthday Hot Guy

29. Dear elder brother, you are a matured man now. So stop fighting with me in every issue and learn to sacrifice things for your little ones. And yes, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Guy Friend

30. If anyone says that you’re gaining charm with the age don’t believe. These are all lies. Everybody is not fortunate enough like me to become beautiful day by day. Happy birthday!


31. Millions of people have birthdays today but I’ve remembered only yours. Just imagine how fortunate you are having a wonderful friend like me. Have a wonderful birthday buddy!


32. Happy birthday, brother! If anyone asks your age, don’t tell them, they won’t believe. Because though you are 23 but you look like the opposite.

Happy Birthday Guy


33. Before you light the candles I wanted to wish you. Happy birthday, old man!  I’ve already informed the fire brigade because too many candles can cause an accident. Just kidding! Have a great day!


34. Happy birthday, brother! All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. Because I came to know that today is your birthday through Facebook.