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20 Best Happy Birthday Neighbor – Wishes And Quotes With Images

Happy Birthday Neighbor

I have heard plenty of stories about distasteful neighbours, but I haven’t imagined that I will one day be staying right next door to the most amazing one. Happy birthday!

happy birthday neighbor images


Thanks for all the times that you invited us over for celebrations and parties. You’re the best. Happy birthday and God bless!

happy birthday neighbor


Never would I have thought that I will build such a close friendship with a neighbour, but here we are! Happy birthday neighbour!


I think it’s cool that we live right next door to each other – There’s no better way for two good friends to meet each other everyday! Happy birthday neighbour!


Happy birthday, neighbour! You may have your own busy schedules, but you have never forgotten us even when you’re away on a business trip. Thanks for all the wonderful souvenirs, and happy birthday!


I love how we have a support system for each other – you take care of my plants when I’m away, and I feed your cats while you’re gone. Happy birthday neighbour!

happy birthday neighbor


Jesus has always preached for us to love our neighbours, and I sure hope that I have shown you enough love and care! Happy birthday neighbour!


Happy birthday to my dearest neighbour! You have been so kind and lovely from the first day you moved into our neighbourhood, and we love you for that!


Your old neighbourhood must have missed you! Your presence in our own here made everyone happy. Happy birthday!

happy birthday neighbor images


With you being so awesome, I must be one of the luckiest neighbours ever! Thank you for being so kind to us all the time. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Uncle

Happy Birthday Neighbor Funny

We visit each other so often, we honestly might as well just be living under the same roof. Here’s to being the best neighbour buddies ever. Happy birthday!

happy birthday neighbor images


I swear that I don’t just love you because of those delicious things you bake for us every week. I love you for so many reasons! Happy birthday dear neighbour!


If it weren’t for the celebrations that we had at your place, I wouldn’t have learnt about all the different cultures out there, especially yours! Happy birthday neighbour.


You are the one neighbour out of this entire town that I find to be bearable. Thank you for your kind hospitality always. Happy birthday!

happy birthday neighbor


The best neighbour is one that does not unnecessarily disturb each other, and when they do, they have cookies with them. That’s you! Happy birthday neighbour!

Religious Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Neighbor Images

You are the neighbour that I can always rely on for any emergencies. Thank you for being so kind and helpful to our family! Happy birthday and God bless.

happy birthday neighbor


A kind neighbour deserves one that is equally kind in return if not more. I hope that I have been as kind and helpful as you have always been to me. Happy birthday!


You’re too kind. You have always been giving to our family without asking for anything in return. Our family will always have you in our prayers. Happy birthday and may God shower you with plenty of blessings on this day!


Happy birthday to my amazing neighbour! Everyday, the lovely smell of your cooking will waft to us, and we can’t help but feel hungry. Do share your recipes with us one day!

happy birthday neighbor images


The best neighbours in town have got to be your family and yourself! Happy birthday neighbour, and may kindness and love come your way.