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25 Best Happy Birthday Week Quotes And Messages

Caption your picture or tag your loved ones with these happy birthday week wishes if you or they are having a birthday week and you simply wish to make it more special for yourself or them. No one can have enough of one day. And to have an opportunity to have people around you who are there to celebrate your birthday week with you is a blessing. And if you don’t have such people, be your own people, but don’t hold back in celebrating your birthday week.

These happy birthday week wishes are well-rounded with tones that resemble the ride of emotions perfectly. Hence, to go with them would be a choice that you can never regret.


Happy Birthday Week Wishes

#1. As your birthday glow has taken place, to keep it radiant till the special day arrives, I wish you a happy birthday week.

happy birthday week wishes


#2. How can I keep it calm? Where can I find a hiding spot for all my excitement? I simply can’t. 5 days to go for your day, let the fun roll in. Happy birthday week.

happy birthday week wishes


#3. Let’s not wait for any further to rollick the streets. Let’s not wait for your birthday to have a birthday bash. Let’s not delay the fun by starting celebrating your birthday right away.

happy birthday week wishes


#4. 6 days to go. I can’t wait to see you all glam up and myself drunk on the floor, celebrating your day. Have a blasting birthday week.


happy birthday week wishes

#5. Does anyone hear a birthday song playing in their head? I do because the countdown for my sister’s birthday has begun. Happy birthday week to her.

happy birthday week wishes


#6. I tried to stop myself from buying your birthday gifts and baking your birthday cake. And failed terribly. So, let’s celebrate your birthday in advance by cutting your cake and opening up the presents.


#7. 6 days to go honey. I’m all pumped up to make your birthday week such a success that you treasure it greatly and love me a little more till your next birthday arrives.


#8. The countdown is on. The countdown for the portal to open up and lead you to the new beginning that’s filled with happiness is on. Wear excitement on your sleeves as it’s your birthday week.

happy birthday week wishes


#9. Here comes the week we all have been waiting for. Haven’t you been? Well, it’s still not late to join the ride to celebrate my birthday week. Happy birthday week to me.


#10. It’s my best friend’s birthday week. All we’re going to do this week is to dive into the pool of wine and not wake up till her birthday arrives. Happy birthday week, my bestie.


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It’s My Birthday Week

#1. Mindfulness is the approach I’ll take this week. As it’s my birthday week, I’m going to make each hour, each minute count. However, I don’t give a word once my birthday is over.

it's my birthday week


#2. I already feel I’m on cloud 9 and in 4 days, you’ll find me on the 11th as my birthday arrives. Happy birthday week to me.


#3. I’m persuaded by my friends to whoop it up as my birthday’s coming. And I don’t commit to doing horrifying things such as not listening to them. So, let the ball roll in.


#4. Let’s honour God as he’ll be giving me another year to live and celebrate life. Let’s honour him by living it up each moment this week. Happy birthday week to me.


it's my birthday week


#5. It’s my birthday and I’m already seeing signs to celebrate it without any limits. So are you all ready to have fun without holding back? Happy birthday week to me.


#6. Can everybody feel the new air? Can you all sense that something exciting is approaching us? I hope you all do as it’s my birthday week. Happy birthday week to me.


#7. Update: It’s my birthday week and I’m going to be occupied manifesting my dream birthday. Happy birthday week to me.


it's my birthday week


#8. No one can have enough of one birthday. Hence, we’re celebrating my existence and another extended lifespan this whole week. It’s my birthday week, make some noise.


#9. A long-awaited period ends. Here comes my birthday week and we’re not going to keep calm nor take a chill pill. We’re set to set the city on fire.


#10. Only drama, fun, dance, music, food, and wish-fulfillments can take over this week as it’s my birthday week. Nothing of boredom can last or simply exist this week as it’s my birthday week.


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It’s Your Birthday Week

#1. It’s your birthday week and here I’m to give you a spoiler alert: The location of your birthday celebration will sweep you off your feet and birthday music will make you groove in another dimension.

It’s your birthday week


#2. Dear friend,

I’m seeking your permission to start marching forward to your birthday with margaritas and sheet-style meat tacos. Respond if you agree to do so.

-Your best friend.


#3. It’s your birthday week. And because of terrible memories and lack of energy, we’ll start rehearsing and practicing for your birthday bash from today to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.


#4. They say perfectionism is a myth. And we’re going to prove them wrong by throwing you a perfect birthday party. It’s your birthday week, are you ready?


#5. It’s your birthday week. And this week, we all are going to have a shamelessly tunneled vision of celebrating you making it to another year. Buckle up for a fun surprising ride.


These are all the happy birthday week wishes that can save you from getting cringy. These wishes are the ones that express the emotions and the aspects that surround a birthday uniquely. And hence are well-suited for anyone who cannot compromise with mundane wishes and greetings.

Birthday is special but birthday week is more special as it contributes to building up the excitement for the ultimate day of celebration. Keep that excitement alive and hype up yourself or your loved ones by using or sharing these birthday week wishes.

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