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Have A Nice Trip – Quotes To Wish Healthy And Happy Journey 

Have A Nice Trip

Have a nice trip! Finally, you’re on your well-deserved holiday and vacation. Remember to relax and leave all your worries behind!

Have a good trip


I wish you well on your trip and I hope to hear your return healthy and happy. You will be missed by all of us until you come back two weeks later!

Have a great trip


Sending you the best wishes for your family and yourself on this beautiful journey. Have a nice trip!


I know that you’re going to have a memorable trip ahead – do bring back some photographs and memorabilia to remember the wonderful trip you had!

Have a good trip


Have a nice trip! I know that you have planned ahead for this one and you have been looking forward to it. Have fun and pace yourself through the trip!


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Have A Good Trip

I’m so glad that you have finally decided to make this trip happen! We had too many planned trips that didn’t happen, and this is finally it! Have a good trip ahead, won’t you?

Have a nice trip


It’s time for you to fully immerse yourself in this trip that you have planned for yourself! I hope that you will have a good trip, and I mean everything included! The journey, the food and everything else!


Have a good trip where you’re going my friend! I hope that you’re going to have the trip of your life with this vacation. Let me know all about it once you’re back!

Have a nice trip


A vacation means the time for your Instagram skills to shine! Be sure to take plenty of good pictures while you’re there, okay? Have a good trip my friend.

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Have A Great Trip

I’m so excited for you about this trip! I know that you have always wanted to visit Japan. Be sure to have a great trip and come back feeling refreshed!

Have a great trip


Every trip is going to be awesome when you have your loved ones with you. Have a great trip and happy holidays my dear friend!


How amazing it must be to be taking a trip that most people can only dream about! I hope that this trip is going to be one of the best experiences in your life!

Have a nice trip


Have a great trip ahead of my dearest. Remember that your friends and family members are going to miss you plenty while you’re gone. I’ll miss you too!


Have a safe flight and an amazing trip! I hope that you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying this experience as your friends had in their past trips!

Have a nice trip


Unique Have A Nice Trip Wishes

We heard you’re going on that trip you’ve been yammering about at long last! Have a nice trip and don’t forget to take plenty of photos along the way!


Have a nice trip where you’re going! We’ve heard that it’s a lot of fun to visit this time of the year, and it better be fun to make the trip’s expenditure all worth it!


Have a nice trip with your loved ones! Remember to be cautious while you’re abroad and do your research in advance so that you don’t fall into the tourist traps!



Ah, the trip is going to be amazing and we just know it! Have a lovely trip and enjoy your vacation there – you deserve it after these long months of hard work!


It must be so exciting to be finally going on that trip! Wishing you a smooth trip and a lovely vacation while you’re there! Do update us when you’ve landed safely, alright?


Have a lovely trip and an amazing time when you’re there! Remember to try out all their unique local cuisines – that’s what you should be enjoying there!



Going on that trip at long last, eh? Wishing you an enjoyable trip and a lovely vacation with your friends and family! Maybe bring some souvenirs back afterward, eh?


Have a nice trip abroad! So happy that you’re finally venturing outside the country for once – Hoping that you’re going to love the experience, the sights and everything else!


Let’s hope that the trip you’re having will be wonderful and memorable! Wishing you the best as you head on to a new place, and may everything sail smoothly while you’re there!



Have a pleasant trip and a few memorable days out! We’ve talked about that vacation together for so long, and I’m glad that at least one of us is actually headed for that place at last. Have fun!